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Volume II - Leppo - Lowther

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Leppo Harriet 16 II
Leppo Richard 16 II
Leppo Sarah 16 II
Lewis Albert 240 II
Lewis Burials 303 II
Lewis Don B 39 II
Lewis Don Mrs 39 II
Lewis Donloe Bocook 39 II
Lewis J W 445,446,447 II
Lewis Katherine Perrigo 340 II
Lewis L W 140 II
Lewis Lois Irene 447 II
Lida Post Office 79 II
Lidsy Thomas Rev 433 II
Lidzy Ren 275 II
Limeberry Abram 19 II
Limeberry Deviet 19 II
Limeberry Jemima 19 II
Limeberry Rachel 19 II
Limeberry Velma 19 II
Linck Mary Miss 400 II
Lincoln H S and Mrs 431 II
Lincoln Harvey S 314 II
Lincoln Herbert S 350 II
Lincoln Hervey S 316 II
Lincoln House 328 II
Lincoln Mary Sabina Riggs 316 II
Lind Andrew 158,159 II
Lind Betty Nell 159 II
Lind Charles 158,159 II
Lind Christine 158,159 II
Lind DuWayne 159 II
Lind Fred 158,159 II
Lind Gene 159 II
Lind Hannah 158,159 II
Lind James 158,159,185 II
Lind James A 159 II
Lind Jeanetta 158,159 II
Lind Jens 159 II
Lind Jens Hansen 158 II
Lind John 158,159,373,410 II
Lind Leslie 159 II
Lind Margarethe 159 II
Lind Marjorie Belle 159 II
Lind Melvin 159 II
Lind Nell 158,159 II
Lind Peter 158,159 II
Lind Russell 159 II
Lind Sarah 159 II
Lind William 158,159 II
Linds 127 II
Link Ephraim 296,355,356 II
Link Irene Thompson 234 II
Link James 98 II
Link Lewis 296 II
Link Loretta 296,356 II
Link M 234 II
Link Maggie 296 II
Link Margaret  356 II
Link 155 II
Linnens G L Mrs 310,311 II
Linners Ralph 309 II
Little Cedar 401 II
Little Opal Arlene 54 II
Little W T Dr 322 II
Littlefield Arthur 89 II
Littlefield Phoebe Fagg 89 II
Litzelswaub Joe 82 II
Lloyd Minnie 294 II
Lloyd Richard Captain 80 II
Lokin Almanon 23 II
Lokin Florence 23 II
Lokin Morilla 23 II
Lokin Theodore 23 II
Loney C A 404 II
Loney Harry 441 II
Loney Mr and Mrs 435 II
Long Andrew 14 II
Long Emily 14 II
Long Frank 218,307 II
Long George 14,405 II
Long H D 416 II
Long Harriet 14 II
Long Henry Dry Goods 398 II
Long J Grier 345 II
Long Mary 14 II
Long Mary Ella 218 II
Long Sarah 14 II
Long Spencer 414 II
Long Susan 14 II
Loose D A 394 II
Lopez Father 382 II
Loshbough Albert 193 II
Loshbough Henry 192 II
Lossner Rev 383 II
Lott Mary G 121 II
Loucks Charles A  437 II
Loughnecker James 18 II
Low Mildred Starkey 248 II
Lowe Harry 66 II
Lowman Lannie 348 II
Lowther Lloyd A 91,421 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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