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Volume II - Mack - Manley

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Surname Given Name Page # Volume
Mack Annie Lavue Proeger 274 II
Mack Clarence E Mrs 274 II
Mack John 17 II
Mack Sarah 17 II
Mackey Jessie Evylma 229 II
Mackey Joe   229 II
Maclean R E 387 II
Maclean A R 323 II
Maclean John Rev 433 II
Maclean Robert Rev 387 II
Macy Ora 92 II
Madden and Doolittle 397 II
Madden Dennis 399 II
Madden Edward Jr 155 II
Madden Edward Mrs 155 II
Madden John 289 II
Madden Lizzie Walker 244 II
Madden Mary Elizabeth 155 II
Madden Olive 244 II
Madden Olive Mrs 317,320,401 II
Madden Robert C 244 II
Madden 155 II
Madden 343 II
Maddox Burials 303 II
Maddox Dennis   245 II
Maddox Edward 245 II
Maddox Gwendolyn Lou 245 II
Maddox Martha Walker 245 II
Maddox Orea Russell 207 II
Magee 114 II
Mahan James 445 II
Mailen Burials 303 II
Mailen Edith 90 II
Mailen James 373,409 II
Mailen John 370,406,407 II
Makemson Barclay 269 II
Makemson Charles 284 II
Makemson Dentlar 269 II
Makemson Don 269 II
Makemson Ernest 269 II
Makemson Ernestine Williams 269 II
Makemson Harry 365,395 II
Makemson Harwood H 269 II
Makemson Jack 269 II
Makemson Jeannette Mury 269 II
Makemson John A 284 II
Makemson John Henderson 267 II
Makemson Josephine 265,266,295 II
Makemson Linsey 267 II
Makemson Louise Jones 269 II
Makemson Martha E Crest 267 II
Makemson Martha Elizabeth 267 II
Makemson Robert 269 II
Makemson Susan Ann Henderson 267 II
Makemson Virginia ImMasche 269 II
Makemson 282 II
Maken Ben Mrs 201 II
Makin Burials 303 II
Makin Maggie 324,346 II
Maley 371 II
Mallahan Esther 348 II
Maloney Bridget 225 II
Maloney Ed 208,209 II
Maloney Ed Mrs 371 II
Maloney Emma Ryan 208 II
Maloney J J 369 II
Maloney J J Mrs 371 II
Maloney John 208 II
Maloney Mae Chabin 208 II
Maloney Michael 225 II
Maloney Nora Teresa 225 II
Maloney Richard 208 II
Maloney William 381 II
Maloney 369 II
Malvaney J L 275 II
Manbeck Elizabeth Miss 101 II
Maner Freda Mrs 243 II
Manley Alonzo Mrs 435 II
Manley Ann Yeager 291 II
Manley Billy Uncle 293 II
Manley Burials 303 II
Manley C J 294 II
Manley Charles Rev 298 II
Manley Farm 48 II
Manley Joey 294 II
Manley John 296 II
Manley Lucian 286,291 II
Manley Mary 298 II
Manley Mary J Birly Morris 192 II
Manley W H 296 II
Manley W R 294 II
Manley Willie 293 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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