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Volume II - Mann - Matti

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Mann Abbie Mrs 85 II
Mann Dave 391 II
Mann J A 410 II
Mann John 401,405 II
Mann Madge 37 II
Mann Merle 428 II
Mann Owne 358 II
Mann Place 142 II
Mann Sam 327 II
Mann Samuel O 120,317 II
Mann Tina 358 II
Mann Tiny Shipley 178 II
Mann 155,343 II
Manning 80 II
Manz Joseph Rev 381 II
Mapes Rev 225 II
Maple Grove Stock Farm 76 II
Marcel Burials 303 II
Mardin E R 436 II
Markley Morrie 283 II
Markley Taylor 288 II
Marks A 78 II
Markwell Nettie 120 II
Marriott Frances Mrs 83 II
Marriott MaryAnn 218 II
Marselle Miss 118 II
Marsh Cyvilla Marcelina 200 II
Marsh Ella Perrigo 197 II
Marsh Hazel Becker 200 II
Marsh Marian McMahon 200 II
Marsh Russell 200 II
Marsh Wanda Lee 200 II
Marsh Wanda Lee Schreiber 200 II
Marshall Annie 139 II
Marshburn Lawrence 33 II
Marshburn Mary Elizabeth 33 II
Martin Adrian 340 II
Martin B F 421 II
Martin Burials 303 II
Martin Charles I Brig Gen 25 II
Martin Dry Goods 397 II
Martin Dry Goods Company 418 II
Martin Eleazer 303 II
Martin Emma 324 II
Martin Florence 71 II
Martin George 412 II
Martin Grant 330 II
Martin Grant 340 II
Martin Harley A 160 II
Martin Helen 107 II
Martin Irene 107 II
Martin J C 230,330,391 II
Martin James 161 II
Martin James Warfield 160 II
Martin John H 138 II
Martin Leroy 391,393 II
Martin Margaret Maloney 381 II
Martin Margaret Stubenhofer 225 II
Martin Michael 381 II
Martin Nellie 225 II
Martin Sarah 22 II
Martin Ula 160 II
Martin Ula M  160 II
Martin W P 364,433 II
Martin Warren 22 II
Martin Wayne 107 II
Martin Wayne 348 II
Martin Web Mrs 107 II
Martin Will J 366 II
Martin William 18,381 II
Marx Dorothy Jean Hynsen 226 II
Marx W F and Mrs 226 II
Masey A Rev 433 II
Mason Bent Mrs 357 II
Mason Edwin 214 II
Mason Ida Schimpff 214 II
Mason L A 409 II
Mason 155 II
Massey Bertha 266 II
Massey Charles 397 II
Massey Laura Penny 434 II
Matfield Hotel 184 II
Mathews Ike 362 II
Mathews Isaac Mrs 119 II
Matthews Medora A 362 II
Matthews Medora A Mrs 72 II
Matthews W F 434 II
Matthews W S Rev 308 II
Matthews 330 II
Matti Albert 161,162 II
Matti Betty Ann 162 II
Matti Brothers 161,401 II
Matti Carl 162 II
Matti Clarence  162 II
Matti Ernest 429 II
Matti Ernest F 161 II
Matti Ernest Frank 162 II
Matti Ethel 162 II
Matti Harriet 162 II
Matti Marilyn 162 II
Matti Marvin 162 II
Matti Robert 161,162,407 II
Matti Walter 162 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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