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Volume II - McCabe, Mary - McCurry

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

McCabe Mary 166 II
McCabe Mary Ellen 171 II
McCabe Mildred 168,170 II
McCabe Opal   171 II
McCabe Opal C 145 II
McCabe Opal Kirk 301 II
McCabe Owen 166 II
McCabe P B 166,303,292 II
McCabe Pat J 379 II
McCabe Patricia 171 II
McCabe Patrick 20,166,289,296,372 II
McCabe Patrick B 23 II
McCabe T H 416 II
McCabe Thomas Edward 103 II
McCabe Thomas H 102 II
McCabe Tutt 170 II
McCall Eliz. 19 II
McCall J L 19 II
McCall John 19 II
McCall Samuel 19 II
McCall Wm 19 II
McCallom Agnes 251 II
McCallom Doug 242 II
McCallom N A Dr 361 II
McCallom N D 373 II
McCallum Charles 172 II
McCallum Dean 135 II
McCallum Donald 326 II
McCallum Donald Keith 135 II
McCallum Gene 326 II
McCallum Gene Elaine 135 II
McCallum Geraldine Mrs 86 II
McCallum Hugh 172 II
McCallum Jean Elaine 135 II
McCallum John 171,364 II
McCallum Katherine Trenore 172 II
McCallum Mary 172,445 II
McCallum Mary Maude 172 II
McCallum May 172 II
McCallum N D 410 II
McCallum Neil 172,359,374 II
McCallum Nellie 172 II
McCallum R D Mr & Mrs 135 II
McCallum Rodney Mrs 150 II
McCandless W G 174 II
McCandless Anna 174 II
McCandless Anna Mary 175 II
McCandless Anna Rogers 177 II
McCandless Arch 177 II
McCandless Arch J 176 II
McCandless Barbara Jeanne 176 II
McCandless Bessie 175 II
McCandless Byron Wood 176 II
McCandless Clarence H 176 II
McCandless Clarence Hewitt 176 II
McCandless Elin Kay 176 II
McCandless Frank 176 II
McCandless Harry 174,177 II
McCandless Harry P 175 II
McCandless J Park 175 II
McCandless Lizzie  177 II
McCandless Lizzie Bell 175,177 II
McCandless Mary Jean 176 II
McCandless Park 174,177 II
McCandless Velma 174,177 II
McCandless Velma H 175 II
McCandless W G 433,448 II
McCandless W Guy 175 II
McCardell G W 360 II
McCarty John 82 II
McCauley Elsie 37 II
McCleave David Rev 237,253,434 II
McClellan Bessie Stanbough 220 II
McClellan Burials 303 II
McClellan G B 301 II
McClellan John 405 II
McClellan John I 25,413,414 II
McClellan John I Mrs 220,329 II
McClelland H L 354 II
McClelland James 78 II
McClure J A 448 II
McCord Courtney 223 II
McCord Durwood 223 II
McCord Maxine 223 II
McCord Nettie Stowers 223 II
McCorkle Alice 22 II
McCorkle Celia 22 II
McCorkle Eliza 22 II
McCorkle John 22 II
McCorkle Oesey 22 II
McCormick Fanny Soden 282 II
McCoy Sadie Mrs 67 II
McCoy Taylor 409 II
McCracken Frank 69 II
McCracken Irene Shaw 200 II
McCracken Mary Mrs 69 II
McCready J H 368 II
McCrum Robert 369,376 II
McCulloch O J Rev 433 II
McCullough C A 29 II
McCurry Buena Ryan 209 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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