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Volume II McDill - McKnight

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

McDill Agnes 16 II
McDill Amanda 16 II
McDill Elizabeth 16 II
McDill John 16 II
McDill Kenhappuch 16 II
McDill Samuel 16 II
McDonald Susannah 16 II
McDonald Charles 241 II
McDonald Claude Mrs 226 II
McDonald Edward 241 II
McDonald Effie Kennedy 241 II
McDonald Elizabeth Rettiger 240,241 II
McDonald Elsie Ruth Rice 226 II
McDonald George 363,364 II
McDonald Gertrude Wiebrecht 226 II
McDonald Leslie 226 II
McDonald Major 364 II
McDonald Mamie Carby 241 II
McDonald Marie Mrs 379 II
McDonald Mary McMaster 226 II
McDonald Matt 240,241,363,364,394 II
McDonald Post   364 II
McDowell Anna Mary 62,177 II
McDowell Bella M Tice 210 II
McDowell C C 438,447 II
McDowell C C Lumber Co 397 II
McDowell C L Mrs 339 II
McDowell Charles 177,210 II
McDowell Charles  Sr 447 II
McDowell Charles and Mrs 210 II
McDowell Ellen 177,209 II
McDowell Harman Lumber Yard 408 II
McDowell Harmon Lumber Co 402 II
McDowell J L 412 II
McDowell John 177 II
McDowell May 252 II
McDowell Mr 339 II
McDowell Mr & Mrs 177 II
McDowell Place 177 II
McDowell Pond 334 II
McDowell Robert  177 II
McDowell W D Dr 177 II
McDowell William D 177 II
McElfresh John 432 II
McElfresh John Rev 278 II
McFarland Col 426 II
McFeaters Ralph C 348,353 II
McGee J W 326 II
McGhee Anna Eliza 72 II
McGhee Esther 363 II
McGinely R Oles 390 II
McGinley and Sons 390 II
McGinley Celia Mrs 45 II
McGinley Dan 379 II
McGinnis Alsephus 288 II
McGinnis Farm 268 II
McGlynn Nellie 382 II
McGrath Elsie 421 II
McGraw Mr 298 II
McGuire Francis Rev 381 II
McGurrin Mary 163 II
McHarg June V 163 II
McIntire Frank 363 II
McIntyre Lumber 331 II
McKay Daphna Underwood 194 II
McKee Brothers 177 II
McKee David 177,178,317,329,350 II
McKee David Mrs 177 II
McKee Edna 133 II
McKee Edna Carpenter 179 II
McKee George 53,54,141,177,178 II
McKee George Mrs 36 II
McKee Lula 179 II
McKee Martha (Mattie) 179 II
McKee Martha J Kelly 179 II
McKee Mary Carnes 326 II
McKee Mary Mrs 53 II
McKee Mary Prather Carnes 179 II
McKee Mary Thompson 178 II
McKenzie Alex 365,393 II
McKenzie Ernest 346,399,407,409,412 II
McKenzie Ernest 414,416,422,437,414 II
McKenzie Ernest Funeral Service 418 II
McKenzie Ernest Mrs 117 II
McKenzie Ethel 267 II
McKenzie J W 275 II
McKenzie M G 275,323 II
McKenzie M G Rev 346 II
McKenzie Sawtelle 407 II
McKinley Chas Dr 377,378 II
McKinley Charles Dr 419 II
McKinley Chas Dr 374 II
McKinley Dr 299,366,395 II
McKinley R A Rev 434 II
McKinley William 216 II
McKinney Dr 299 II
McKnight Bernice 129 II
McKnight Carl L 129 II
McKnight Shirley 129 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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