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Volume II - McLean - Mercer, David

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

McLean Adjutant Gen 426 II
McLinden Lucy C 429,430 II
McLinden John J 450 II
McMahon Marian Underwood 200 II
McMaster Mary McDonald 226 II
McMaster Lee Mrs 226 II
McMillan Ed 262 II
McMorris Floyd 172,366 II
McMorris Jack 172,173 II
McMorris John Dr 172,173 II
McMorris Nellie Mrs 172,173 II
McMurray Duncan 404 II
McMurtry J S 402 II
McNeal Tom 335 II
McNee Agnes Gow McNiven 396 II
McNee Billy Evans 86 II
McNee George 372 II
McNee George 405,407,409,428 II
McNee George A 372 II
McNee George Mrs 430 II
McNee J D 400 II
McNee James 214,396 II
McNee Jas 395,406,407 II
McNee Robert 86 II
McNulty Rev  432 II
McPhail Albert 150 II
McPhail Dolly 150 II
McPhail Elmer L 150 II
McPhail Glen 150 II
McRae Burials 303 II
McRae Denia 105 II
McWilliams J W 389,390,391 II
McWilliams Louise Walker Mrs 413 II
Mead Tillie 101 II
Mead Charles A 307,310 II
Mead P A 311 II
Mead Roy 311 II
Mead Sidney 337 II
Meade Leila 243 II
Meade Sylvester 331 II
Mealey Anna C 179 II
Mealey Annie 179 II
Mealey Benjamin F 179,180 II
Mealey Clara 180 II
Mealey Effie 179 II
Mealey Frank 180 II
Mealey Fred 180 II
Mealey George  179 II
Mealey Grace 180 II
Mealey John 179 II
Mealey Minnie 179 II
Mealey Olivia 179 II
Mealey Ollie F Crouch 180 II
Mealey Ollie F Hatter 180 II
Mealey Phoebe Woodward 179 II
Mearys Mary 57 II
Meckel F A 445,447 II
Meckel F A Judge 414 II
Medary Samuel 7 II
Medary Governor 7 II
Medley A I 20 II
Medley Eliza 20 II
Medley Fatima 20 II
Medley Hester 20 II
Medley Jabez 20 II
Medley James 20 II
Medley John 20 II
Medley Lucretia 20 II
Medley Reuben 20 II
Meehan M T Rev 382 II
Meeker J 276 II
Mehl Josephine 77 II
Meirhoff Adolph 148 II
Meirhoff Arnold 404 II
Meirowsky James Mrs 107 II
Meirowsky Robert James 107 II
Melligan Jacquelena 184 II
Melville Emma 266 II
Mendell I S 347 II
Mendenhall Hannah 50 II
Mendenhall Lewis 185 II
Mendenhall Produce and Feeds 418 II
Mendenhall William  185 II
Mercer Brothers Farm 46 II
Mercer Alfred 116 II
Mercer Alfred Charles 117 II
Mercer Alfred J 112,113,115,156,368 II
Mercer Beeie 116 II
Mercer Bertha Bell 115 II
Mercer Bessie 115 II
Mercer Betty Deloris 115 II
Mercer Cra 116 II
Mercer Creek 401 II
Mercer D W 106,113 II
Mercer Darlene Lucile 115 II
Mercer Dave 197,342 II
Mercer Dave W & Mrs 319,331 II
Mercer David 115,155,325,336,337 II
Mercer David Mrs 317 II
Mercer David W 113,156,313,314,315 II
Mercer David W 320,349 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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