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Volume II - Moffitt - Moore

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Moffitt A D 187 II
Moffitt A D Kellog 187 II
Moffitt Agga Keller 187 II
Moffitt Amy 187 II
Moffitt Amy Cooley 187 II
Moffitt Ann Frazier 185 II
Moffitt Anna 185,187 II
Moffitt Anna Wheeler 187 II
Moffitt Bros 404 II
Moffitt Carrie Bell Wesner 185 II
Moffitt David 185,186 II
Moffitt Eliza Jane 185 II
Moffitt Eliza L (Elizabeth 185 II
Moffitt Emma 187 II
Moffitt Esther 187 II
Moffitt Esther Hoover 187 II
Moffitt Eva Ella 140 II
Moffitt Eva Ella Jones 185 II
Moffitt Eva Jones 184 II
Moffitt Hannah 185 II
Moffitt Hannah Osborn 185 II
Moffitt Jessie Vermish 185 II
Moffitt Jessie William 185 II
Moffitt John 185 II
Moffitt Joshua 185 II
Moffitt Libni 184 II
Moffitt Lucy 187 II
Moffitt Lucy Selves 187 II
Moffitt Lyda 185 II
Moffitt Margaret 185 II
Moffitt Mary 186,187 II
Moffitt Mary Ann Smith 185 II
Moffitt Mary Asenath Stevens 185 II
Moffitt Mary Frazier 185 II
Moffitt Mary Stone 185 II
Moffitt Phoebe 186,187 II
Moffitt Phoebe Mendenhall 185 II
Moffitt Priscella 185 II
Moffitt Robert W 185 II
Moffitt Ruth E Shellenbarger 186 II
Moffitt Samuel 185 II
Moffitt Sarah  185 II
Moffitt Sarah A Murphy 185 II
Moffitt Suzannah Keemp 185 II
Moffitt Thomas Elwood 186 II
Moffitt William 185 II
Moll Katherine 148 II
Mollohan Esther 38 II
Molo Catherine  154 II
Molo William Lantry 154 II
Molo William S Jr 154 II
Monroe George 409 II
Monroe Lawrence 405 II
Monroe Lawrence  R 25 II
Monroe Mr 440 II
Monroe William 403 II
Monroe William Allen 401 II
Montgomery Charles Dudley 190 II
Montgomery Chas 365,395 II
Montgomery Greve 190 II
Montgomery Inez W P Mrs Bridle 189,190 II
Montgomery Joe S 190 II
Montgomery Johnson 188,189,190 II
Montgomery Joseph 191 II
Montgomery Lucy L Brooks 189 II
Montgomery Margaret 191 II
Montgomery P D Capt 188,189,190,398 II
Montgomery Robert 191 II
Montgomery Sarah J Brooks 190 II
Moody Charles N 191 II
Moody Clay P 191 II
Moody Cora L Munn 191 II
Moody Fred S 191 II
Moody Leah 191 II
Moody Nathaniel 191 II
Moody Sadie G 191 II
Moody Sally 191 II
Moon Goldie 295 II
Moon Newton 199 II
Moon Sadie Perry 199 II
Mooney Isaac Rev 319 II
Mooney Sarah Margaret E 131 II
Moore Joseph 21 II
Moore A B 79 II
Moore Aggie 78 II
Moore James 160 II
Moore John 79,296 II
Moore Lida 79 II
Moore Oliver B 184 II
Moore Osta Crouch Mrs 67 II
Moore Roy & Mrs 94 II
Moore Samuel T 79 II
Moore Thomas D 346 II
Moore Will 79 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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