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Volume II - Murray - Naylor, Mary

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Murray John 15 II
Murray Charles 265 II
Murray Etta Miss 159 II
Murray G A 302 II
Murray James Patrick 200 II
Murray Joan Amarylis 200 II
Murray MaryAnn 288 II
Murray Naomi 200 II
Murray William 288 II
Murray 282 II
Mushrush Blance Mrs 428 II
Mushrush Lois June 396,444 II
Mushrush Pat 114 II
Mushrush W Roy 445 II
Mutterer Anna 68,69 II
Myers R K 25 II
Myers Albert 134 II
Myers Alfred 164 II
Myers Anna Elizabeth Armstrong 193 II
Myers Burials 303 II
Myers C W Mr 373 II
Myers Casabianca 193 II
Myers Dapha Underwood 194 II
Myers Daphne Underwood 243 II
Myers Doyle Williams 243 II
Myers Ellen 89 II
Myers Emmeline Mrs 319 II
Myers Ethel Lenora 193 II
Myers Ethel Osborn 194 II
Myers Francisco 193 II
Myers George Pomeroy 193 II
Myers Irving 194 II
Myers Irving Lt 414 II
Myers Isabelle Stewart 194 II
Myers James 324 II
Myers Jennie Bibbert 195 II
Myers John 89 II
Myers Laverta Viola Jackson 193 II
Myers Lillian Gertrude 193 II
Myers Lola Marie 193 II
Myers Lola Marie Crowder 194 II
Myers Lydia Ryan 208 II
Myers Mabel 193 II
Myers Mabel Spearman 194 II
Myers Martha Thurston 194 II
Myers Maude 193 II
Myers Maude Mitchell 194 II
Myers Olive Irving 193 II
Myers Olive Reyer 194 II
Myers Ralph 243 II
Myers Ralph Neale 193,194 II
Myers Robert K 236 II
Myers Robert King 193 II
Myers Robert King Bob 194 II
Myers Sarah Lorraine 164 II
Myers Sarah Sarepth Kanard 193 II
Myers Talbert 324 II
Myers Toll 327 II
Myers Welsey K 236 II
Myers Wes  193 II
Myers Wesley Kavanaugh 193 II
Myers Wesley Mrs 435 II
Myers 343 II
Myrers 155 II
Myser Minnie 295 II
Nash Arthur Mrs 208 II
Nash Bertella Mrs 241 II
Nash Katherine Ryan 208 II
Nash Mike 377 II
Nay Fannie 71 II
Naylor Algred 194 II
Naylor Andrew 195,315 II
Naylor Andrew Mrs 340 II
Naylor Arval 243 II
Naylor Beryl 195 II
Naylor Cora Watchous 195 II
Naylor Cortes 195 II
Naylor David 195 II
Naylor Delia Underwood 243 II
Naylor Dora 194 II
Naylor Edna North 195 II
Naylor Floyd 194 II
Naylor Hattie 123,195 II
Naylor Ida Stewart 195 II
Naylor Ira 195 II
Naylor Jacob 194,315 II
Naylor Jane 194 II
Naylor John S 243 II
Naylor Lillibel  315 II
Naylor Lillibel Pixley 195 II
Naylor Lillibell 123 II
Naylor Lillie Bell Pixley 341 II
Naylor Louisiana Mrs 194 II
Naylor Margaret Brannon 194 II
Naylor Martha 124,315 II
Naylor Martha Jackson 195 II
Naylor Mary 107 II
Naylor Mary Landsbury 348 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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