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Volume II - North - Olsen

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

North Alvin 334 II
North Brothers 412 II
North Clarence 333 II
North Clarence P 130,377 II
North Dick Mrs 343 II
North Edith 52 II
North Edna  195 II
North Elizabeth Mrs 353 II
North Junior 354 II
North Neva 295 II
North R C Mrs 336,337,350 II
North Richard 321 II
North Vernon 130 II
North 343 II
Norton Burials 303 II
Norton Catherine Mrs 431 II
Norton Elizabeth 19 II
Norton Jacob 366 II
Norton John 19,23,303 II
Norton Michael 19,23 II
Norton Minnie 295,302,430,431,450 II
Norton Minnie Miss 429 II
Norton P J 166,423,437,445,446 II
Norton Pat 291 II
Norton Pat J 377 II
Norton Patrick 20 II
Norton Thomas 19,23 II
Norton W F 301 II
Norton William 20,303 II
Norton Wm 391 II
Nowlan Jeremiah 23 II
Nowlan A I 357 II
Nowlan Dollie Covalt 357 II
Nowlan Mike 141 II
Nowlan Minnie Johnson 357 II
Nowlan Olive E Nichol 357 II
Nowlan 343 II
Noyes Amos 436 II
Nye Ben  81 II
Nye Ernest 81 II
Nye Etta 81 II
Nye Eugene   81 II
Nye J N 391 II
Nye Lizzie Rettiger 240 II
Nye Mabel 81 II
Nye Milton 81 II
Oakdale School 51 II
Oakshott Thomas W 393 II
Oberst Frank 195 II
Oberst Kathrina Bibbert 195 II
Oberst Sophia Allison 195 II
Obley Oscar 429 II
Obley William 429 II
O'Brian Bernice 63 II
O'Conner Edith Perkins 352 II
O'Connor James 352 II
O'Connor Lula Mrs 85 II
O'Daniel Carl 159 II
O'Daniel Carl Mrs 158 II
O'Daniel Eva Mae 159 II
O'Daniel James 159 II
Odle John Mrs 108 II
Ogden David Jr 48 II
Ogden Philo 305,311 II
Oglesby Richard 274 II
Ohm Burials 303 II
Old Timber Claim 70 II
Oldberry Ed 196 II
Oldsberry George 19 II
Oldsberry Louisa 19 II
Oldsberry Matilda 19 II
Oldsberry R E 19 II
Oldsberry Sarah 19 II
Oles Brother 432 II
Oles Burials 303 II
Oles Fred 294,298 II
Oles Maurice 317,350 II
Oles Paulina 298 II
Oles Perley 298 II
Oles Russell 293,298 II
Oles W N 301 II
Oles William 298 II
Oles William & Mrs 300 II
Oles Willie 296 II
Olinger Ida Underwood 243 II
Olinger 323 II
Olinger Bertha 358 II
Olinger Emma Wilcox 358 II
Olinger Holland D 358 II
Olinger Ida Underwood 358 II
Olinger Laura Cayton 358 II
Olinger Maggie Grigsly 358 II
Oliver Charlotte Miss 119 II
Oliver J H 275 II
Oliver J W Rev 324 II
Oliver John H Mrs 274 II
Oliver Olga Berlin Proeger 274 II
Olla Fae's Beauty Shop 418 II
Olson John 84 II
Olson Marie Mrs 104 II
Olson Nels 84 II
Olson Rose 84 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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