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Volume II - O'Neil - Park

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

O'Neil Stella 162 II
O'Reilly C O 429 II
O'Reilly Esther Rettiger 241 II
O'Reilly Harry C 241,367,371, II
O'Reilly Henry C 429 II
O'Reilly Henry Charles Jr 241 II
O'Reilly Hugh Joseph 241 II
O'Reilly James Mrs 376 II
O'Reilly Jas 375 II
O'Reilly Philip James 241 II
O'Reilly 367 II
Orill Amanda Harlan 347 II
Orill W C 347 II
Orill W C Mrs 107 II
Orill Will 347 II
Osage Hill 401 II
Osage Hill Old Trail of the Osages 401 II
Osborn Bert 395 II
Osborn Bertella Mrs 365 II
Osborn Betty 194 II
Osborn Bonnie 194 II
Osborn Ethel Myers 193,194 II
Osborn Harvey 194 II
Osborn Harvey Roy 194 II
Osborn Helen Maxine 194 II
Osborn Jack 194 II
Osborn Juanita 194 II
Osborn Margaret Mrs 191 II
Osborn William 185 II
Osborne farm 438 II
Osborne John and Mrs 435 II
Osgood Lloyd 354 II
Osgood Warren C 353 II
Osman James 307 II
Osman Will 306 II
Osmer Charles 15 II
Osmer John 15 II
Osmer Nancy 15 II
Osmer William 15,23 II
Ott Danny 84 II
Ott John 84 II
Ott Johnny 84 II
Ott Michael   84 II
Overstreet Fred 348 II
Overstreet Mary 38 II
Overstreet Rev R M 308 II
Owens Ann Louise 33 II
Owens Arthur 32 II
Owens Boone Campbell 33 II
Owens David Arthur 32 II
Owens Mary Elizabeth 33 II
Owens R R Mrs 209 II
Owens Wallace Wood 33 II
Pack Mr & Mrs 276 II
Page David 27 II
Palace Hotel 98 II
Palenski Irene Rogler 352 II
Palenski Victor Mrs 352 II
Palmer 239 II
Palmer A R 104,299 II
Palmer Burials 303 II
Palmer Carl 299 II
Palmer Carl Mrs 140 II
Palmer Clara 299 II
Palmer Gertrude 299 II
Palmer Harry 302 II
Palmer Helen 299 II
Palmer Laura 299 II
Palmer Mrs 299,420 II
Park Berniece Jean 250 II
Park Bruce 250,251 II
Park Carl Farm 379 II
Park Catherine Ann 250 II
Park Clyde Mrs 250 II
Park Clyde Raymond 251 II
Park Edith Caress 250 II
Park Gaylan 250 II
Park Hazel Broiles 250 II
Park Inez Perkins 217 II
Park J P & Mrs 191 II
Park Jessie Fagg 250 II
Park Leah 217 II
Park Mary 251 II
Park Mary A 174 II
Park Mary A Larrish 251 II
Park Mary Agnes 175 II
Park Mary Ballard 250 II
Park Maud Kathryn Way 251 II
Park Maude K 250 II
Park Merle 250 II
Park Nettie Schorer 250 II
Park Orrin L 250,251 II
Park Prentis 222 II
Park Ray 404 II
Park Roy 191 II
Park Virginia Carol 250 II
Park Wayne 250,251 II
Park Willard 251 II
Park Willard G 250 II
Park Willard R 251 II
Park Williard Mrs 250 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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