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Volume II - Penny - Peyton

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Penny Bill 417 II
Penny Clenora Mrs 431 II
Penny John C 125 II
Penny Laura 430 II
Penny Laura Belle 125 II
Penny Margaret Anna 125 II
Penny W B 125,302,398,399, II
Penny W B 437,441,447 II
Penny W B Mrs 430 II
Penny Wm 417 II
Penny Wm F 125 II
Peoples Cash Grocery 418 II
Peoples Nellie Thompson 178 II
Perkins Chester 217,354 II
Perkins Chester I 217 II
Perkins Chester L 228 II
Perkins Edith 352 II
Perkins Edith Conner 217 II
Perkins Elmer 217 II
Perkins Elsie 217 II
Perkins Frances 342 II
Perkins Francis 217,321,336,337,341 II
Perkins Francis Mrs 341 II
Perkins Inez Park 217 II
Perkins J F 319,321,340 II
Perkins J F 353,358 II
Perkins James F Mrs 216 II
Perkins Laura 133 II
Perkins Laura Carpenter 217 II
Perkins Leonard 217 II
Perkins Louella 217 II
Perkins Ruby Bell 217 II
Perkins Ruth Banks 217 II
Perkins Samantha Barkis 217 II
Perkins Virginia 217 II
Perkins 343 II
Perrier Father 380 II
Perrier James Rt. Rev 381 II
Perrigo Bertha 198 II
Perrigo C H 170 II
Perrigo Caroline Louise 197 II
Perrigo Ella Marsh 197 II
Perrigo Esther Louise Miller 197 II
Perrigo Fred 197 II
Perrigo Katherine Koupal 198 II
Perrigo Louise 198 II
Perrigo Madge Hays Mrs 170 II
Perrigo Norman Frederick 198 II
Perrigo S A 390 II
Perrigo S H 448 II
Perrigo Samuel Frederick 197 II
Perrigo Stephen 197 II
Perrigo Stephen A 196 II
Perrigo Stephen Arnold 196 II
Perrigo Stephen Miller 197,198 II
Perrin D A Rev 433 II
Perry Alice Vickrey 199 II
Perry Grace E Parker 198 II
Perry Gulia Elliott 199 II
Perry J E 323,344 II
Perry Jacob 198 II
Perry John E 49 II
Perry Martha Hammer 199 II
Perry Mary Kellam 199 II
Perry Millie Rhoades 199 II
Perry Minnie Johnson 199 II
Perry Restore 199 II
Perry Sadie Moon 199 II
Perry William 199 II
Perry Phoebe Burnett 345 II
Peterson Bert 307 II
Peterson Gary Eugene 115 II
Peterson Orville Max 115 II
Peterson Orville Pete 115 II
Peterson Shirley Mrs 351 II
Petford Jason 368 II
Petit 324 II
Petty J C 368 II
Petty J C 368 II
Petty J C 369 II
Petty J C  387 II
Petty J C Mrs 387 II
Peyton Betty Swift 228 II
Peyton Creek 401 II
Peyton Dennis 21 II
Peyton Esther Estella 218 II
Peyton Helen 218 II
Peyton Jackson 21 II
Peyton Jacob 218 II
Peyton Leonard 218 II
Peyton Louisa 21 II
Peyton Manda 21 II
Peyton Martha 21,157 II
Peyton Phil 157 II
Peyton Philip 21 II
Peyton Silas 21 II
Peyton Thomas 21 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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