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Volume II Randall - Rettiger, Louise

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Randall Burials 303 II
Randall John 93,298 II
Randall Lewis 432 II
Randall Polly Mrs 93 II
Randolph E L  102 II
Randolph E L Mrs 101 II
Randolphs of Virginia 48 II
Rannel S C 307,308 II
Rannels C S Dr 398 II
Ratcliff Mildred 230 II
Ravenet Louis 17 II
Rawley Burials 303 II
Rawlins J 317 II
Rawlins   325 II
Ray Dora 348 II
Reames John W 23 II
Record Joe 262 II
Rector A T & Mrs 398 II
Rector Victor 396,398 II
Rector William 216 II
Rector William and Mrs 319 II
Rector 155 II
Reeve Martha 22 II
Reeve Roxana 22 II
Reeve Sarah 22 II
Regler Henry 337 II
Reidel Erie May 348 II
Reidel Erie Mrs 348 II
Reidel Henry 350 II
Reidel John 122 II
Reifsnyder Billy 370 II
Reifsnyder D M 149 II
Reifsnyder Davilla 376 II
Reifsnyder J A 397 II
Reifsnyder William 149 II
Reifsnyder 400 II
Reinhart Jack   445 II
Relves Henry 271 II
Rembe Boyd Dr & Mrs 248 II
Rembe George Nelson 248 II
Rembe Nelda Starkey 248 II
Remer J H 398 II
Remlinger E Rev 385 II
Remlinger Eugene Rev 386 II
Remmers Fred Mrs 149 II
Remmers Maggie L 149 II
Remy Charles 400,418 II
Remy Charles Mrs 107 II
Remy Chas 378,409 II
Remy Gerald 419 II
Renfro Tom 354 II
Rennison James C Capt 178 II
Rensin Edityh 348 II
Reploge Helen Mrs 428 II
Replogle E D 239,394,395,397,399 II
Replogle E D 403,444 II
Replogle E D Mrs 413 II
Replogle Family 96 II
Replogle Margaret Breese 240 II
Replogle Sidney 402,405 II
Replogle Sidney B 418 II
Replogle Sidney Breese 240 II
Resler E K 388 II
Rettiger and Norton Quarries 399 II
Rettiger and Taylor 364 II
Rettiger Barbara  240 II
Rettiger Barbara Duria 240 II
Rettiger Birdie 69 II
Rettiger Brothers 208,359 II
Rettiger Charles 240 II
Rettiger Charles Ervin 241 II
Rettiger Clara Haley 240 II
Rettiger Clara McCabe 240 II
Rettiger David 136,240,363 II
Rettiger David Mrs 241 II
Rettiger Dennis 240 II
Rettiger Elizabeth "Birdie" Daub 241 II
Rettiger Elizabeth Frances 69 II
Rettiger Elizabeth McDonald 240 II
Rettiger Ella 240 II
Rettiger Emma "Mamie" Ryan 208,240 II
Rettiger Esther O'Reilly 241 II
Rettiger Farm\ 60 II
Rettiger Francis Elizabeth Daub 240 II
Rettiger Gertrude Stubenhofer 225,241 II
Rettiger Goldie Fogarty 240 II
Rettiger Hubert 240,367 II
Rettiger Huldah Sister Fidelis 240 II
Rettiger Joe 240 II
Rettiger John 240,242 II
Rettiger John Mrs 369 II
Rettiger Joseph 370 II
Rettiger Katherine Lewis 240 II
Rettiger Katherine Plumberg 240,242 II
Rettiger Lizzie  363 II
Rettiger Lizzie Nye 240 II
Rettiger Louisa 240 II
Rettiger Louisa Helferrich 240 II
Rettiger Louise Walker 240 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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