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Volume II - Rettiger, Maggie - Riggs, Perl

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Rettiger Maggie 363 II
Rettiger Margaret Kabler 240 II
Rettiger Margaret Senior 240 II
Rettiger Mary "Molly" Armagott 240 II
Rettiger Mary Baker 240 II
Rettiger Nicholas 240 II
Rettiger Norton 423 II
Rettiger Orchard 439 II
Rettiger Rose 208,240,242 II
Rettiger Rose Harvey 240 II
Rettiger Rose Mrs 367 II
Rettiger W P 240,378,419 II
Rettiger William 240,360 II
Rettiger William P 240 II
Rettiger Wm 359 II
Rettiger 98,365 II
Reyer Darwin K 194 II
Reyer David 233 II
Reyer Jeminma Adela 233 II
Reyer Olive 194 II
Reyer Ralph J 194 II
Reynard Francis Elizabeth Daub 330 II
Reynard Nora 89 II
Reynolds Ephraim 19 II
Reynolds 266 II
Rhea J H Rev 324 II
Rhea Ralph & Mrs 251 II
Rhea Rev 298 II
Rhea Ruth 251 II
Rhoades Frank 199 II
Rhoades Millie 199 II
Rhodes Lois 353 II
Rhodes Susanah Hartman 252 II
Rice William 15 II
Rice C R Rev 432 II
Rice Dr 394 II
Rice Elsie Ruth McDonald 226 II
Rice F L 369 II
Rich Rev   275 II
Rich Wm Dr 398 II
Richards   325 II
Richards A D 39,40,133 II
Richards Al 36 II
Richards Al 315 II
Richards Arthur D 40,133 II
Richards Brothers 35,39 II
Richards Cecil 40 II
Richards Davis Harrison 39,40 II
Richards Edward 39 II
Richards Elizabeth A 35 II
Richards Family 35 II
Richards Faye 129 II
Richards Grace 40 II
Richards Grandmother 36 II
Richards Harrison 39,40,315 II
Richards Hode 40 II
Richards Hode Mr & Mrs 129 II
Richards James A 40 II
Richards James C "Clee" 40 II
Richards Jennie 40 II
Richards Jerry Dee 40 II
Richards Julia C 40 II
Richards Luther 40 II
Richards Mary Alice 40 II
Richards Mrs 35 II
Richards Naomi Mrs 435 II
Richards Newt farm 156 II
Richards Newton 39,315 II
Richards O H Mrs Lehman 40 II
Richards Otis N 40,133 II
Richards Raleigh 40 II
Richards Royce 39 II
Richards Rubiferne 39 II
Richards Shirley Mae 40 II
Richards Viola Mae 40 II
Richardson Buel 18 II
Richmond Fritz 23 II
Rick Catherine Weibrecht 249 II
Riddle James Q 357 II
Ride George Mrs 223 II
Rider Birdie 116 II
Rider C C 147 II
Rider Hope 226 II
Rider Keith 224 II
Rider Myrtle 61,62 II
Ridge Frances Miss 107 II
Ridge Frances C 107 II
Ridgeway Drugstore 306 II
Ridgeway Lily Miss 307 II
Riggle Elizabeth Miss 90 II
Riggle Elizabeth 91 II
Riggs Clifford 200 II
Riggs Dora Grace 218 II
Riggs F W 346 II
Riggs Frank  346 II
Riggs Frank Allen 213 II
Riggs Fred Mrs 115 II
Riggs James D 323 II
Riggs Mahlon 316 II
Riggs Mary Sabina 316 II
Riggs Perl 213 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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