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Volume II - Riggs, Reta - Rollins

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Riggs Reta Belle 115 II
Riggs Robert 7 II
Riggs Roy 218 II
Riggs Susie Hangerford 213 II
Riggs Velma Fink 200 II
Riggs Veronika 213 II
Riggs Veronika Lon 213 II
Riggs Wanda Ray 200 II
Rigler Josephine Mrs 104 II
Ringenberger Florence 267 II
Ripley Farm 206 II
Robar Florence Miller 211 II
Robbins Lara Mrs M 201 II
Robbins N O 116 II
Robbins Nellie 104 II
Roberson Donald 354 II
Roberson Kenneth 354 II
Roberson Stanley 354 II
Roberts Edwin 83 II
Roberts Homer 361 II
Roberts Hoover Plumbing Co 418 II
Roberts S L 307,311 II
Robertson Geo Mrs 410 II
Robertson George 447 II
Robertson George Mrs 450 II
Robertson James 446 II
Robertson Lena Mrs 201 II
Robertson W M Rev 433 II
Robins Bascom 432 II
Robins Burials 303 II
Robinson C A 366 II
Robinson Charles A  445 II
Robinson Charles Mrs 219 II
Robinson Goldie Elizabeth 157 II
Robinson Grace Smith 219 II
Robinson Mary Miss 105 II
Robinson Rex 234 II
Robinson Susie Thompson 234 II
Robison Ralph G 101 II
Rock  Creek 401 II
Rock Creek School 59 II
Rockhold A E Mrs 373 II
Rockne Knute 300,415 II
Rockwood & Estes 390 II
Rockwood Alice 309 II
Rockwood Anna 434 II
Rockwood M J Mrs 400 II
Rockwood Sophia Stubehofer 225 II
Rockwood W F 399,400,403 II
Rockwood Will 225 II
Rockwood William 225 II
Rockwood 239 II
Rodgers Rev 324 II
Roe Albert 23 II
Roe Benjamin 22 II
Roe James 23 II
Roe Mary 22 II
Roger Wayne 144 II
Rogers Forrest M 29 II
Rogler Anna 115 II
Rogler Ada 421 II
Rogler Adeline 294,298,344,348 II
Rogler Albert Mrs 319 II
Rogler Albert 407 II
Rogler Bessie Lee Thompson 234 II
Rogler Catherine 21 II
Rogler Charles 21,156,352 II
Rogler Charles Mrs 291 II
Rogler Chas   389 II
Rogler Chas W 123,151,444 II
Rogler Elsie 138,344 II
Rogler Emily  347 II
Rogler Henry 415,449,450 II
Rogler Henry 325,329,332,346,376 II
Rogler Henry Farm 333,341 II
Rogler Henry Mrs 331,353 II
Rogler Irene 352 II
Rogler James 138 II
Rogler James C 350 II
Rogler James Mrs 344 II
Rogler John 21 II
Rogler K L (Adeline_ 21 II
Rogler L C 358 II
Rogler L W 21 II
Rogler Laurence 234 II
Rogler Lawrence 228,347,350 II
Rogler Lawrence C 350 II
Rogler Lawrence Mr & Mrs 115 II
Rogler M L 350 II
Rogler Maud Mrs 450 II
Rogler Nettie Harris 344 II
Rogler Nicol G 350 II
Rogler Place 239 II
Rogler Roland C 350 II
Rogler Wayne 49,314,325 II
Rogler 343 II
Rohwedder Harry 103 II
Rohwedder Linda Jane 103 II
Rollins James C 25 II
Rollins Mildred Mrs 139 II
Rollins James 405,429 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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