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Volume II Romeiser - Rush

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Romeiser Carl B 130 II
Romigh Alice 98 II
Romigh Carrie Harder 106 II
Romigh Daniel 18 II
Romigh Daniel Farm 60 II
Romigh Delilah 61 II
Romigh Eliza 18 II
Romigh Elizabeth 14 II
Romigh Farm 412 II
Romigh Fred   106,397 II
Romigh Fred Mrs 104,106 II
Romigh Genevra 61 II
Romigh Harry 111 II
Romigh John 18 II
Romigh Lawrence 111 II
Romigh Lizzie  291,419 II
Romigh Louis E 111 II
Romigh Lucinda  112 II
Romigh Lucinda Mrs 111 II
Romigh Margaret 112 II
Romigh Marguerite 106,111 II
Romigh Marie 111 II
Romigh Mr 14 II
Romigh Nate Mrs 193 II
Romigh Ophelia Miss 406 II
Romigh Rose 14,18,419 II
Romigh Sarah 18,419 II
Romigh W S 14,106,301,390, II
Romigh W S 391,392,420 II
Romigh W S Mr 426 II
Romigh William S 61,111 II
Romigh Wm S 98,106,396,419,426 II
Roniger Annie 79 II
Roniger Charles 79 II
Roniger Elizabeth 353 II
Roniger Frank 79 II
Roniger Fred 79 II
Roniger Frederick 79 II
Roniger George 79 II
Roniger Katherine 79 II
Roniger Louis  79 II
Roniger Mary 79,116 II
Rookstool Ashley Rev 324 II
Root Mrs Ora 201 II
Rorick L A 387 II
Rose J M 108 II
Rose Charles I 204 II
Rose Clara Leah Koch 205 II
Rose Clarence M 204 II
Rose Dell 204,205 II
Rose H A 203,295 II
Rose Harry 405 II
Rose Harry A "Dell 204,205 II
Rose Harry E 205 II
Rose James Madison 203 II
Rose Jas 392 II
Rose Lareene Emily 205 II
Rose Loreene Emily Foster 205 II
Rose Mary Emily Jack 204 II
Rose Mertice Estes 205 II
Rose Mertice Lareene 205 II
Rose Natalie Jean 205 II
Rose Nora May 204 II
Rose Nora May Wright 205 II
Rose Sadie Kennedy 204 II
Rose Thomas Calvin 205 II
Rose William Koch 205 II
Rosebaugh R S 353 II
Rosebraugh Viola 354 II
Roselle Ashby 212 II
Roselle Callie Doering 212 II
Ross B F Rev 387 II
Roth Amanda Jacobs 257,259,279 II
Roth Carrie Brown 259 II
Roth David 257,259,261,278 II
Roth Emily Ford 255,263 II
Roth Gabriel 261,279 II
Roth J B 261 II
Roth Jacob 261,278,279 II
Roth L W 261 II
Roth Levi W   280 II
Roth Levi W Mrs 280 II
Roth Louisa Mrs 279 II
Roth Louisa Phillips 278,279 II
Roth Mines 263,264,278 II
Roth Mines J 261 II
Roth Mines Mrs 278 II
Roth Mrs 261 II
Roth Phoebe Haworth 280 II
Rothemel Mary Mrs 125 II
Roussell George R Mrs 206 II
Ruesch Walter G 29 II
Rufener Farm 440,441 II
Rufener Holdings 442 II
Rumbaugh Don  245 II
Rundell Rachel 170 II
Rupert Lynn H 388 II
Rupert Lynn H Rev 433 II
Ruse Jane Foreman Mitchell 206 II
Rush Samuel E 143 II
Rush Sam 143 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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