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Volume II - Stanbough - Stephenson

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Stanbough Bessie McClennan 220 II
Stanbough Elaine 220 II
Stanbough Ella 220 II
Stanbough Ella Springer 219 II
Stanbough Gilbert 220 II
Stanbough Hazel Dixon 220 II
Stanbough Irene 221 II
Stanbough John Bond 220 II
Stanbough Lester 220 II
Stanbough Luther 220 II
Stanbough Nannie Smith 220 II
Stanbough Opal Hester Prichard 221 II
Stanbough Raney Jane Pendergraft 220 II
Stanbough Rosetta 220 II
Stanbough Susan Philbrick 220 II
Stanbough Warren 221 II
Stanbough Willa Smith 220 II
Stanbough Zarion 220,221 II
Stanbrough's Elaine Beauty Shop 418 II
Standbridge D M 416 II
Standbridge Mrs 417 II
Stanley J S 12 II
Stanley Hannah 88,89 II
Stanley Hannah Holloway 88 II
Stanley John 298 II
Stanley Rebecca Jane 88,89 II
Star Meat Market 418 II
Star Bros 373 II
Starkey Elmo 442 II
Starkey Frederick 80 II
Starkey George 68,78,82 II
Starkey George Mrs 82 II
Starkey George W 450 II
Starkey Jesse 247 II
Starkey Jesse L 247 II
Starkey Jesse Mrs 246 II
Starkey Lela Mrs 86 II
Starkey Leland 248 II
Starkey Mildred Low 248 II
Starkey Nelda 247 II
Starkey Nelda Elizabeth Rembe 248 II
Starks Alice Kay 106 II
Starks Burley Mrs 106 II
Starks Laverne 61 II
Starns Galen 354 II
Starr M D 372 II
Steadman Burials 303 II
Steadman Dow 298 II
Steadman Hensley 303 II
Steadman Joyce Granger 245 II
Steadman Leona 107 II
Steadman Leona 108 II
Steadman Rachel  298 II
Steadman Rubie Baker 108 II
Steele Frank L 434 II
Steele Ruby 353 II
Steele Samuel J Dr 365 II
Steigh Jennie Ross 111 II
Stenzel Bessie McClennan 223 II
Stenzel Caroline 221 II
Stenzel Charles Mrs 222 II
Stenzel Cleo 223 II
Stenzel Emma Flora 221 II
Stenzel Erma 223 II
Stenzel Flora Emma 221 II
Stenzel Flora Emma Simpson 223 II
Stenzel Helen 221,223 II
Stenzel Helen Huth 223 II
Stenzel Helen Louise Frey 222 II
Stenzel Katherine Rose Brauner 222 II
Stenzel Kathrine Rose 221 II
Stenzel Lee 223 II
Stenzel LeRoy 223 II
Stenzel Louise 221 II
Stenzel Lula Ella May 222 II
Stenzel Minnie Bosa 221 II
Stenzel Minnie Caroline Pflager 222 II
Stenzel Otillie Clara 221 II
Stenzel Otillie Clara Englert 222 II
Stenzel Rhoda 223 II
Stenzel Richard LeRoy 223 II
Stenzel Sandra Jean 223 II
Stenzel Sophia Flueler 223 II
Stenzel Sophia Mrs 223 II
Stenzel Vernon 223 II
Stenzel Walter Scott 221,223 II
Stenzel Wilhelmina C. Frederick 223 II
Stenzel Wilhelmina Caroline F 223 II
Stenzel William 221 II
Stenzel William Carl 221,222 II
Stepanek Arlene  213 II
Stephen Theodore Rev 381 II
Stephens A A 266 II
Stephens Allen 264,288 II
Stephens Allen Mrs 264 II
Stephenson Allen 306 II
Stephenson Brothers 306 II
Stephenson F O 275 II
Stephenson Family 108 II
Stephenson H C 444 II
Stephenson Martha A Miss 162 II
Stephenson Mary 138 II