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Volume II Thompson, Nelle - Trich

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Thompson Nelle Mrs 117 II
Thompson Nellie Buffington 234 II
Thompson Nellie Mrs 112 II
Thompson Nellie Peoples 178 II
Thompson Orville 22 II
Thompson R L 352 II
Thompson Ralph E 234 II
Thompson Ruth Nicholson 234 II
Thompson Susan Kinsinger 233 II
Thompson Susie Robinson 234 II
Thompson Tiny Shipley Mann 178 II
Thompson W E 233,234 II
Thompson W G 340 II
Thompson W J 234 II
Thompson W R 422 II
Thompson Willis 412 II
Thompson Willis Lee 234 II
Thorne Alden Addison 354 II
Thorne Gladys 134 II
Thorne T E 329,336,337,350 II
Thornton Nellie Mrs 124 II
Thorp John 447 II
Thurston Charles C 235 II
Thurston Ed 408 II
Thurston Edward 236,370 II
Thurston Edward Breese 236 II
Thurston Hilda Wood 236 II
Thurston Ivy Breese 236 II
Thurston Julia Guyton 235 II
Thurston Martha Myers 194,236 II
Thurston Mary E Allen 234,235 II
Thurston Mary Myers 236 II
Thurston Osha J Jack 236 II
Thurston P S 234 II
Thurston Prentice S 235,236 II
Thurston Prentis 222 II
Thurston W O 235 II
Thurston William Owen 234 II
Tice I N 210 II
Tilton Burials 303 II
Timmons Brothers 229 II
Timmons Carrie Weserhaus 231 II
Timmons Donald 231 II
Timmons Dorothy Mae 231 II
Timmons Edward 231 II
Timmons Elizabeth Amelia 229 II
Timmons Elizabeth Waldman 231 II
Timmons Francis 229 II
Timmons James 231 II
Timmons James Harmon 229 II
Timmons John 231 II
Timmons John Jr 231 II
Timmons John Ratcliff 229 II
Timmons Mary Thompson 229 II
Timmons Mary Towler 229 II
Timmons Mildred Ratcliff 229 II
Timmons Mildred Theresa 229 II
Timmons printing 448 II
Timmons Robert 231 II
Timmons Ruth Shipley 231 II
Timmons Samuel Edward 229 II
Timmons W E 229,394 II
Timmons William 379 II
Timmons William Edward 229 II
Timmons William Francis 229 II
Timmons Williams 231 II
Timmons Wm E 391 II
Tinkham Josepha 284 II
Tinkham Margaret Finley 284 II
Tinnell J M 387 II
Tipton Alice 315 II
Tipton Elizabeth Carolina 286 II
Tipton John Henry 286 II
Tipton Matthew 315 II
Tipton N F Rev 433 II
Tipton White 315 II
Titus Charles 16 II
Titus A E Dr 30,143,368,399,415 II
Titus Dr 406,409 II
Titus Laura Penny 431 II
Titus Stout Farm 298 II
Toburen Elaine 146 II
Todd Helen 37 II
Todd John T 394 II
Todd Ralph 37 II
Todd 123 II
Toland Clark 44 II
Toland Lena E 44 II
Toland Lydia A 44 II
Toledo School 63 II
Tomlinson S A 298 II
Tomlinson William 298 II
Totton Nancy 23 II
Town Talk Café 418 II
Townsend Al 78 II
Trask Ed O 327 II
Trayer Jack and Mrs 435 II
Trent Mrs. Hal 37 II
Trich Anna Miss 149 II
Trich Annie 149 II