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Volume II Weight - White, Mrs

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Weight David 18 II
Welden Peter 361 II
Welling Marguerite 208 II
Welling R J Mrs 208 II
Wellinghof Father 363 II
Wellinghoff John Rev O. S. F 381 II
Wellinghoff John Father 382 II
Wells Agnes mccullam 251 II
Wells David 251 II
Wells Dorothy 251 II
Wells Flora Balmer 250 II
Wells George West 250 II
Wells Irving 250 II
Wells John   222,251,405 II
Wells John & Mrs 251 II
Wells John David 251 II
Wells John J 249,251,313 II
Wells John J and Mrs 251 II
Wells John Johnson 251 II
Wells Laura J Johnson 251 II
Wells Laura J Mrs 450 II
Wells Mary 251 II
Wells Mary Campbell 313 II
Wells Mary E Campbell 249,251 II
Wells Mary E Way 250 II
Wells Mary Frances Gregory 251 II
Wells Mary J 251 II
Wells Mary J Biehl 251 II
Wells Mary Kipling 251 II
Wells Nellie Ralston 250 II
Wells Robert J 251 II
Wells Robert R 251 II
Wells Ruth Rhea 251 II
Wells T R 373,410,449,450 II
Wells Thomas R 249,251 II
Wells Tom 250,313 II
Welte Andrew 316,321,322 II
Wemer William M Mrs 98 II
Wentworth A P 22 II
Wentworth Esther 22 II
Wentworth Jane 22 II
Wentworth John 22 II
Wesper Jimmy 354 II
West A M 412 II
West A M and Sons 402 II
West and Houghton 396 II
West Asahel 70 II
West Catherine Mrs 250 II
West Charles 416 II
West Doris 70 II
West George 250 II
West Houghton Lumber Co 397,402 II
West Vera 70 II
West Walter 70 II
West  Walter Mrs 69 II
Westerhaus Carrie Timmons 231 II
Westfall Edith 70 II
Wheat Rev G W 275 II
Wheeler Boardman 81 II
Wheeler Catherine 33 II
Wheeler Charley 187 II
Wheeler Emily 33 II
Wheeler Emily M 34 II
Wheeler Emily M Becker 35 II
Wheeler Grave 188 II
Wheeler Henry 34,81 II
Wheeler James Henry 81 II
Wheeler Lewis 34,405,429 II
Wheeler Louis 188 II
Wheeler Louis H 25 II
Wheeler Louisa 300 II
Whetherholt B E 444 II
Whetherholt Ben 115 II
Whetherholt Mrs 115 II
Whetherholt Sarah Mrs 118 II
Whipkey Ernest 68 II
Whipkey Helen 68 II
Whitaker Anna Mrs 85 II
Whitaker O B Dr 52 II
Whitcomb D E 306 II
Whitcomb Farm 76 II
Whitcomb G L 306 II
White Allen Dr 389 II
White Charles 241,242 II
White Charles Worthington 242 II
White Delia 298 II
White Emmett 242 II
White Gertrude 157 II
White H G 299 II
White Horace G 296 II
White Josephine Mrs 69 II
White Julie 264,266 II
White Katie Mrs 69 II
White Lawrence R 242 II
White Louie 298 II
White M 432 II
White Major 56 II
White Mary Elmer Jones 107 II
White Mrs 242 II