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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
Bafford Lorene Ann Female White 10-Nov-24 Falls Twp J R Bafford Viola Talkington J Hinden
Bafford Male White 15-Jan-27 Falls Twp John Ray Bafford Viola Law Talkington M W Woodhull
Baier Betty Jane Female White 7-Jun-25 Falls Twp Joseph Baier Mildred Rufener M W Woodhull
Bain George Lanley Male White 16-Sep-16 City Sam Bain Mary Linsea A E Titus
Baker Wanda May Female White 9-Apr-28 Falls Twp Fred L Baker Z M Brown
Baker Elsie Marie Female White 4-Apr-29 Falls Twp Willis E Baker Nettie M Bedvig
Baker Alice Margurite Female White 26-Aug-30 Homestead Fred R Baker Zola M Brown A E Titus
Baker Jr Glen William Male White 29-Mar-29 Cedar Glen William Baker Nellie P Linley A E Titus
Ballew Patty Female White 18-Jun-12 Cedar Twp Gerge W Ballew Mary Obrine W Parker Irwin
Ballew Wm Owen Male White 3-May-29 Diamond twp Owen W Ballew Helen M Plumer
Barrett John Richard Male White 18-Nov-17 Falls Twp Raymond Barrett Mabel A Hunter M W Woodhull
Barrett Russell Hunter Male White 30-Jan-19 Falls Twp Raymond Barrett Mabel Hunter A E Titus
Barrett Glenden B  Male Q 5-May-23 Falls Twp Raymond Barrett Mable Hunter M W Woodhull
Barrows Female White 14-Feb-29 Diamond twp Lee Barrows Marie A Wollam A E Titus
Barrows Thain Allen Male White 21-Nov-30 Diamond Creek Lee A Barrows Marie A W A E Titus
Barton Helen Lucile Female White 31-Oct-20 City W L Barton Pearl Featherkile A E Titus
Barton Ethel Belle Female White 27-Nov-21 city Wm Lonnie Barton Pearl Featherkile M W Woodhull
Bastin Robert Merle Male White 7-Jun-30 Matfield Green Ray L Bastin Victoria Mercer A E Titus
Beach Beryl Jean Female White 3-Oct-15 Cottonwood Falls Glenn Beach Bernice Wilhite M W Woodhull
Beardmore Pauline Grace Female White 22-Jan-25 Cottonwood Falls Earl Beardmore Leeta Park A E Titus
Beardmore Glen E Male White 22-Apr-30 Diamond Creek E L Beardmore Eula L Merritt A E Titus
Beardmore Barbara Jean Female White 3-Aug-30 Elmdale W C Beardmore Esther Faye Miller M W Woodhull
Bechelmayr Female White 30-Dec-26 Falls Twp W J Bechelmayr Vera Laughridge M W Woodhull
Bechelmayr Wilma Maxine Female White 10-Mar-29 Elmdale W J Bechelmayr Vera Laughridge
Beck Virginia Lea Female White 22-Jun-15 Cottonwood Falls Edw H Beck Frances Merritt A E Titus
Beck Jean Irene Female White 8-May-29 Cottonwood Falls John E Beck Ehtel L Forrester
Beedle Dorothy Lea Female White 28 Se[ 1928 Bazaar Twp Roy C Beedle Grace Norton
Beemer Laura Female White 10-Oct-13 Cottonwood Falls Ralph Beemer Ella Howard
Bell James Richard Male White 8-Jun-20 City James Bell Jessie Pedigo A E Titus
Bell Jas G Jr Male White 20-Aug-23 Cottonwood Falls Jas G Bell Verda Pearl Bumgardner M W Woodhull
Bell Robert O Male White 10-Apr-25 City James G Bell Pearl Bumgardner M W Woodhull
Bennett Female White 7-Nov-28 Diamond twp Carl O Bennett Georgia Ewing A E Titus
Berends Velma Fae Female White 21-Jul-30 Homestead Everett Berends Thelma Trussell A E Titus
Bice Ruth Elizabeth Female White 12-Mar-25 City Vernon L Bice Ruth Lois Law J Hinden
Bilyou Katherine Female White 9-Jul-12 Cottonwood Falls John Bilyou Ella Payne J H Hinden
Blackburn Walter George Male White 13-Oct-11 Chase County Joseph F Blackburn W P Irwin
Blackburn Eva Caroline Female White 9-Nov-13 Cottonwood Falls Robert Z Blackburn Grace G Hays M W Woodhull
Blackmore James Frank Male White 7-Jun-12 Matfield Green John Blackmore Mame Golden A F Meyer
Blackshere Fred Baker Male White 30-Jul-12 Cottonwood Falls Harold M Blackshire Jennie Bake J F Shelly
Blackshere Junior Male White 24-Feb-23 Cottonwood Falls Harold Blackshere Jennie Baker M W Woodhull
Borwn Keith   Male White 26-May-28 Toledo Twp O Brown Mary Yoder
Bourland unamed son Male White 26-Apr-17 City Wm Felix Bourland Alice Bryan M W Woodhull
Bourland Stillborn Male White 13-May-27 City Lester Bourland Blanche Featherkile
Bourland Marjorie M Female White 19-Jul-29 Falls Twp Leslie Bourland Blanche Featherkile M W Woodhull
Bourland Ava Lee Female White 21-Dec-30 Elmdale Fred T Bourland Gladys Opal Ballew M W Woodhull
Braden John Altman Male White 28-Mar-17 City Sam'l R Braden Mary E Altman M W Woodhull
Brainard Dorothy Maxine Female White 10-Nov-21 Falls Twp David W Brainard Mabel Wyman Dorothy Maxine F W 10-Nov-21 City
Brainard Grace Ann Female White 25-Feb-23 Falls Twp D W Brainard Mabel Irene Wyman M W Woodhull
Branson Virginia Belle Female White 6-Aug-22 City R A Branson Irene C Case J Hinden
Brant Billie Benson Male White 28-Dec-24 Falls Twp Paul Brant Wilma E Benson A E Titus
Brant Paula Lee Female White 7-Mar-29 Falls Twp Paul Brant  Wilma E Brant
Brecht Bonnie J Female White 27-May-21 Falls Twp John Brecht Grace Brooks M W Woodhull
Brecht Marvel H Female White 21-Nov-21 City William F Brecht Arilla Pennington J Hinden
Brecht Lloyd Adam Male White 18-Aug-26 Cottonwood Falls W F Brecht Aurelia Pennington
Brecht Selma Christina Female White 31-Dec-29 Bazaar Twp Henry B Brecht Martha W M W Woodhull
Brecht Walter Harry Male White 19-Jul-30 Falls Twp Wm F Brecht Arella Pennington A E Titus
Britain May Ella Female White 20-Dec-14 Cottonwood Falls Arbery Britain Alta Bourland M W Woodhull
Britain Male White 9-Aug-17 Falls Twp Arbery F Britain Alta T  C F Hoover
Britain Male White 25-Nov-19 Falls Twp Arbey F Britain Tabitha Bourland Hoover
Britain Bertha V Female White 8-Jan-22 Falls Twp A f Britain Alta Bourland A E Titus
Britain Vera Ruth Female White 31-Oct-26 Falls Twp T R Britain Neva White
Britain Orville Leo Male White 19-Oct-29 Falls Twp W A Britain Grace Harder A E Titus
Britain Albert Robert Male White 11-Jan-30 Falls Twp Ted Britain Neva White M W Woodhull
Brock Male White 21-Sep-12 Bazaar Twp Lewis Brock Merle Martin S E Gerish
Brown Female White 13-Jul-12 Cedar Twp Henry Brown Lewella Thomas E S McIntosh
Brown John Wm Male White 29-Mar-15 Cottonwood Falls Wm Brown Jr Dolly E Swope A E Titus
Brown Anabelle Female White 19-Feb-16 James C Brown Willa C Beck A E Titus
Brown Julia Carol Female White 16-Mar-17 City Wm Brown Jr Dolly Swope A E Titus
Brown Keith William Male White 7-Apr-20 Falls Twp Frank Brown Pearl Wyatt M W Woodhull
Brown Wyatt W Male White 27-Apr-21 Falls Twp J F Brown Pearl Wyatt M W Woodhull
Brown Chas L Male White 6-Oct-21 City Geo L Brown Hazel Cowley M W Woodhull
Brown Catherine Blanche Female White 29-Nov-22 Falls Twp J Frank Brown Pearl Wyatt M W Woodhull
Brown Robert Maurice Male White 15-May-24 City Geo L Brown Hazel Cowley M W Woodhull
Brown Wella Lee Female White 29-Sep-26 Falls Twp J C Brown Willa Carey
Brown Female White 2-Nov-28 Falls Twp Wm T Brown Maude Wilson M W Woodhull
Bruce Charles Edward Male White 19-Aug-12 Falls Twp Samuel R Bruce Annie E Hulett M Woodhull
Bruce Almo Louisa Female White 6-Jul-14 Cottonwood Falls Samuel R Bruce Anna Hulett W W Hulett
Bruce Ralph Gilbert Male White 20-Mar-16 Falls Twp Sam Bruce Eliza Hulett S N Mathson
Bruce Dale Marian Male White 29-Aug-20 Falls Twp Chas Bruce Maude Daughty A E Titus
Bruce Emma Jane Female White 13-Jan-23 Falls Twp S R Bruce anna Hulett J Hinden
Buckbee Lavada Female White 20-Jan-24 Falls Twp Gabriel Buckbee Nellie Robinson A E Titus
Buckbee Mary Jane Female White 23-Jun-25 Falls Twp Gabe Buckbee Nellie Robinson J Hinden
Buckbee William W Male White 17-Aug-26 Falls Twp Gabriel Buckbee Nellie Robinson
Buckbee Jr Gabriel Cletus Male White 16-Jan-30 Falls Twp Gabe C Buckbee Nellie Robinson M W Woodhull
Buffington Female White 13-Mar-28 Toledo Twp W Buffington Sophia Warner A E Titus
Buffington Robert O Male White 15-Jul-30 Falls Twp Walter O Buffington Sophia C Warner M W Woodhull
Bullock Mary Ellen Female White 8-Mar-29 Diamond twp Richard E Bullock Fanni H Jones
Bumgardner Pearl Nadine Female White 3-Oct-21 City Geo W Bumgardner Blanche Bowen A E Titus
Bumgardner Alvern Bernice Female White 25-Apr-30 City Dean Bumgardner Opal Cope A E Titus
Burns Female White 4-Jun-12 Clements James C Burns Milla M Clark S W Billingslea
Burns Robert Lee Male White 29-Apr-29 Homestead Lester J Burns Goldie Swafford
Burton John Edward Male White 28-May-12 Bazaar Twp Leaf Burton Irene Habor J H Hinden
Burton Mary Margurite Female White 7-Jun-12 Cedar Twp Glen Burton Gladdis Criblity J A Shonkunler
Burton Female White 10-Jan-29 Salem Greenwood Co Earl F Burtin Hilda O Prerity A E Titus
Butcher Male White 7-Jan-27 Falls Twp Wm Butcher Mary Hamel M W Woodhull