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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
Darling Verna L Female White 8-Apr-24 City Ray Darling Myrtle M Ray A E Titus
Daub Mary Elizabeth Female White 23-Feb-17 Falls Twp David F Daub Florence May Brown M W Woodhull
Daub Henry I Male White 31-Aug-19 Falls Twp David Daub Florence Brown M W Woodhull
Daub Laurence W Male White 22-Jan-21 Falls Twp David Daub Florence Brown M W Woodhull
Davis Ernest K Male White 28-Jun-19 Cottonwood Falls A Jack Davis Hallie Potter A E Titus
Davis Leona M Female White 27-Nov-19 Falls Twp C Walter Davis E Marie Speer M W Woodhull
Davis Deana June Female White 3-Aug-26 Falls Twp Arthur Davis Daisy Webster
Davison Wilma   Female White 4-Apr-20 Cottonwood Falls William Davison Hattie Osbourn J Hinden
Dean Betty Jo Female White 29-Dec-23 Cottonwood Falls E E Dean Emma Kruger A E Titus
Deering Ethel Female White Aug 25 1918 Cottonwood Falls Willie Deering Edna Dean A E Titus
Deitz Evelyn Margret Female White 28-Jun-12 Cedar Point Robert L Deitz Edna Noland W P Irwin
Deivert Marion Lenore Female White 23-Oct-24 Falls Twp Thomas Carl Deivert Suzie Chapman M W Woodhull
Dewitt Female White 9-Feb-12 Cedar Twp John Dewitt Lela Bigalow E S McIntosh
Dick Male White 29-Jun-28 Toledo Twp Orville Dick Opal Link A E Titus
Dick Donald Richard Male White 17-Sep-30 Bazaar Twp Orville Dick Opal F Link A E Titus
Dixon Daryl Raymond Male White 10-Mar-24 Falls Twp John L Dixon Ora Bruder A E Titus
Dixon Willis E Male White 13-Jun-26 Falls Twp John L Dixon Ora D Bender
Dobbins Bonnie June Female White 19-Jun-29 Cottonwood Falls David Dobbin Juanita Umbarger A E Titus
Draper Ralph Eugene Male White 15-May-29 Salem Greenwood Co Leslie R Draper Lellie I Pettyjohn
Drayon Harry Male White 26-Oct-29 Falls Twp Theodore Drayon Alice Walker J Hinden
Drinkwater Lola Marie Female White 1-Jul-17 Cottonwood Falls Clark Drinkwater Jessie M Harrison A E Titus
Drummond Lula Marie Female White 30-Aug-20 Falls Twp David Drumond Laura Foxworthy A E Titus
Drummond Male White 14-Dec-26 city Craig Drummond Susie Kyle A E Titus
Drummond Andrew H Male White 27-Jun-29 Diamond twp Andrew J Drummond Carrie H Wood C F Hoover
Drury Male White 18-Feb-29 Toledo Twp J F Drury Maggie L Cox C F Hoover
Drury Male White 18-Feb-29 Toledo Twp J F Drury Maggie L Cox C F Hoover
Dunkley Male White 9-Feb-27 City Frank Duckley Elizabeth Peny A E Titus
Dunkley Mary Elizabeth Female White 22-Oct-28 Cottonwood Falls Frank Dunkley Elizabeth Penny