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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
Eastman Female White 4-Mar-29 Matfield Green Dan W Eastman Emma Selves A E Titus
Edmunds Clyde Male White 30-Aug-19 Cottonwood Falls Frank Edmunds Rosie C Archer M W Woodhull
Edwards Bertha V Female White Sep 29 1918 Falls Twp Earl Edwards Ella Fetter A E Titus
Edwards Marjorie Female White 6-Oct-19 City Ben Edwards Freida Payne A E Titus
Edwards Benjamin Earl Male White 7-Mar-24 City Ben F Edwards Frida Payne A E Titus
Edwards Elizabeth Jane Female White 12-Feb-30 Matfield Green Richard E Edwards Frances L Moffett A E Titus
Edwards Ella Jane Female White 15-Jul-30 Matfield Green Chas Glen Edwards Nellie W Pri? A E Titus
Ellis Helen Elizabeth Female White 30-Jun-14 Cottonwood Falls Geo C Ellis Anna E Mitchell A E Titus
Ellis Lucian Fred Male White 8-Mar-17 City Harvey Ellis Anna Wootan A E Titus
Ellis Claire Male White 15-Apr-29 Diamond twp Arthur Ellis Hattie E Lovelace
Emery Francis Edith Female White 16-Dec-21 City Evert F Emery Josephine Carter M W Woodhull
Evans Elma Estella Female White 8-Aug-13 Cottonwood Falls Elma P Evans Sabre E Willhite
Evans Lilah Marie Female White 24-Nov-13 Cottonwood Falls Albert Ross Evans Bertha May Wyatt H E Titus
Evans Lelah Jane  Female White 24-Nov-13 Cottonwood Falls Albert Ross Evans Betha May Wyatt H E Titus
Evans William Earl Male White 4-Mar-14 Falls Twp Will George Evans Mary A Lansbury A E Titus
Evans Doris Female White 27-Aug-14 Cottonwood Falls Cal Evans Ethel Gillispie A E Titus
Evans Clauda Geraldine Female White 7-May-15 Cottonwood Falls Del P Evans Sabra C Wilhite A E Titus
Evans Paul Wilhite Male White 2-Nov-16 City Delma P Evans Sabra C Wilhite A E Titus
Evans Lavoda Geraldine Female White 26-May-20 City Paul Evans Lydia Potter A E Titus
Evans Donald Jay Female White 12-Dec-23 Falls Twp Dewl P Evans Sabre C Wilhite A E Titus
Fayearson Marjorie L Female White 15-May-24 City W P Fayearson Mabel F ? A E Titus
Featherkile Female White 14-Jun-30 Falls Twp C Featherkile Cordelia Mitchell M W Woodhull
Fetter Helen Irene Female White 9-Dec-29 Falls Twp George Roy Fetter Ruby Helen Sager M W Woodhull
Fillmore Male White 25-May-12 Bazaar William Fillmore Anna Judd Charles McKinley
Fillmore Baby Male White 12-Dec-22 Falls Twp Wm Fillmore Anna Judd M W Woodhull
Fink Frederick E Male White 9-Feb-19 Cottonwood Falls Louis A Fink Lucetta M Smith M W Woodhull
Finley Edgar Seaman Male White 7-Sep-13 Falls Twp Hugh Finley Blanch West
Finley Harold West Male White 22-Apr-15 Cottonwood Falls Hugh Finley Blanche West M W Woodhull
Finley Margaret Lucile Female White 25-Jun-20 City Edgar H Finley Blanche West M W Woodhull
Finley Ruth Ann Female White 14-Jan-25 Cottonwood Falls Hugh Finley Blanche West M W Woodhull
Fischer Grace Irving Female White 18-Aug-12 Bazaar Harry Fischer Grace Goring J Hinden
Fisk Marjorie Ann Female White 26-May-29 Cottonwood Falls Dudley J Fisk Elsie R Allen
Fl Georgia Francis Female White 4-Dec-20 Falls Twp Ross T Fl Nettie B Nichols M W Woodhull
Flores Joe Male Mex 22-Jun-29 Elmdale F Flores Antoria Rodriquez A E Titus
Flours Leslie Male White 2-Jan-14 Cottonwood Falls Joseph H Flours Emma Wells J Hinden
Forster Male White 16-Oct-12 Matfield Green John Forster Mary Cox H E Gerish
Francis Myrtle Irene Female White 11-Feb-21 City Noel B Francis Bessie Allbritten A E Titus
Freeman Clayton F Male White 1-Oct-28 Falls Twp Frank P Freeman Velma Morris
Frew Female White 10-Sep-27 Cottonwood Falls Robert B Frew Audra Weaver M W Woodhull
Frey Ona Lou Female White 3-Jul-29 Diamond twp F S Frey Hazel Talkington A E Titus
Friesen Lura Female White 18-Oct-24 Falls Twp Ben W Friesen Sarah Kruger A E Titus
Frisbee Maxine Female White 2-Aug-21 City Arthur Frisbee Ella Howard Titus