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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
Gallentine Alice Lucile Female White 26-Oct-29 Bazaar Twp Leslie Gallentine Martha Walker J Hinden
Gamer Eugene Leo Male White Feb 02 1918 Falls Twp Eugene Gamer Ellen Stubenhofer A E Titus
Gardner Velma Lucile Female White 26-Mar-19 Falls Twp Howard E Gardner Leona O Pyles M W Woodhull
Gardner Thelma M Female White 3-Jan-21 City Howard Gardner Leona Pyles A E Titus 03 D
Gardner Charles Irving Male White 27-Mar-23 Falls Twp Henry Gardner K Brecht J Hinden
Gardner Wilma Christine Female White 16-Oct-23 City Edw A Gadner Dorothy Brecht J Hinden
Gardner Josephine Female White 11-Feb-24 Falls Twp Floyd Gardner Anna Schmidt A E Titus
Garrison Merle Symes Male White 13-Jan-14 Cottonwood Falls Clarence Garrison Edna Symes M W Woodhull
Garrison Arch Miller Male White Dec 26 1917 Falls Twp Arch M Garrison Ollie M Arnett M W Woodhull
Gayer Edna Female White 30-Dec-13 Cottonwood Falls J Edward Gayer Elizabeth Newman M W Woodhull
Gayer Dora Elizabeth Female White 16-Jan-16 Falls Twp J Ed Gayer Tabitha Eliz. Hilton M W Woodhull
Gayer Wm Edward Male White 27-Jul-19 Falls Twp J E Gayer Tabitha Gayer M W Woodhull
Gayer Female White 7-Jul-27 Falls Twp Edw E Gayer Nettie Huff M W Woodhull
Gibb Male White 13-Nov-22 City Alex R Gibb Lillie Fuller M W Woodhull
Gibb Veverly Adele Female White 11-Apr-29 Falls Twp Robert Gibb Francis Beach
Gillette Goldie Mildred Female White 21-May-12 Cedar Twp Lawrence Gillette Cora Delong E S McIntosh
Gladfelter Robert E Male White 14-Feb-28 City C F Gladfelter Victoria Fry
Glanville Donald D Male White 1-Dec-29 Falls Twp Jack Glanville Janet Mailen A E titus
Gonzalez Male Mex 5-Oct-19 City Jesus Gonzalez Marie Amader M W Woodhull
Goodell Betty Lou Female White 5-Apr-28 Toledo Twp Geo W Goodell Maude Henry
Graham Earl Male White 9-Nov-11 Cottonwood Falls James Graham Maggie Carruthers J Hinden
Gray Jane Evett Female White 19-Dec-21 Falls Twp Unknown Pearl Coffelt J Hinden
Greene Dorothy A  Female White 14-Dec-29 Bazaar Twp M W Greene Zula Bennington M W Woodhull
Greenwood Laura Janett Female White 8-Jul-14 Cottonwood Falls James Greenwood Nellie M Callohan A E Titus
Greenwood Clyde E Male White 29-May-27 Falls Twp Elza Greenwood Jessie Butler
Gresham Dorothy Eloise Female White 31-Dec-14 Cottonwood Falls Walter J Gresham Eula F finley A E Titus
Gresham Jr Walter Jonathan Male White 5-Nov-16 City Walter J Gresham Eula F finley A E Titus
Grewell Male White 28-Sep-16 City E A Grewell Nannie Sieker M W Woodhull
Griffiths Male White 3-Jan-12 Cedar Twp George W Griffiths Cora F Riggs W S Hass
Grogan Hazel Alice Female White 14-May-12 Cottonwood Falls Harry Grogan Bessie Birchem C M Owen
Grogan Blanche Female White 19-Sep-12 Cottonwood Falls Joe Grogan Anna Zane C M Owen
Grogan Mildred Anna Female White 20-Jun-16 City Harry B Grogan Bessie Burcham M W Woodhull
Grogan Junior Male White Dec 25 1917 Cottonwood Falls Harry W Grogan Bessie Burcham M W Woodhull
Grogan Alta Elaine Female White 30-Jun-19 Cottonwood Falls Harry B Grogan Bessie Burcham M W Woodhull
Grub Female White 27-Jun-12 Chase County Joseph Grub Lena Cofett E S McIntosh
Gruwell Harold August Male White 29-Oct-12 Cottonwood Falls Edward Gruwell Navvie Seiker M W Woodhull
Guillen Female Mex 1-Jul-28 Bazaar Twp Librio Guillen Amada Blea A E Titus