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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
Hag*** Betty Lou Female White 7-Sep-21 City Earl L Hag*** Ruth Hyatt M W Woodhull
Hager Helman Mark Male White 19-Sep-12 Cottonwood Falls Archie Hager Winfred Burnette C M Owen
Hager William L Male White 18-Oct-26 Cottonwood Falls Clarence Hager Nellie Carver
Hager Florence Female White 6-Apr-28 City Harry Hager Florence McClean
Hager Veda Jane Female White 1-Apr-29 Cottonwood Falls Harry E Hager Florence McClean
Hager George Charles Male White 13-Sep-30 Cottonwood Falls Harry E Hager Florence McClean M W Woodhull
Hagwerd Floyd E Male White 16-Jun-21 Falls Twp Clarence Hagwerd Bessie Britain M W Woodhull
Hain Helen Aluria Female White Sep 21 1918 Cottonwood Falls Frank V Hain Ida Walle M W Woodhull
Hall Gladys Florence Female White 7-Sep-11 Cedar Point John Lee Hall Grace Freeborn W Park Irwin
Hamilton Elvia Female White 1-Feb-12 Falls Twp Peter Hamilton Mary Boyer C L Conaway
Hamilton Grace Irving Female White 5-Aug-19 Cottonwood Falls Alva L Hamilton Grace West M W Woodhull
Hamilton Ellen Female White 1-Jul-21 Falls Twp John T Hamilton Edith Barrett M W Woodhull
Hamilton Robert Dale Male White 17-Oct-21 City Robert Lee Hamilton Blanche Hudson M W Woodhull
Hamme Harriet G Female White 24-Jun-25 City J W Hamme Pearl Hamme A E Titus
Hammond Dorothy Alice Female White 7-Dec-14 Cottonwood Falls Sidney E Hammond Carrie Maney A E Titus
Hanna Rose Lee Female White 10-May-12 Cedar Point John Boyd Hanna Myrtle Cress W P Irwin
Harman Helen Letitia Female White 28-Jul-12 Cottonwood Falls Ralph Harman Nannie McDowell Chas McKinley
Harris Margaret F Female White 14-Jan-21 Falls Twp Orville J Harris Lilly M B M W Woodhull
Harris Female White 1-Jun-28 Cottonwood Falls Laurence H Harris Zella M Bechlemayr A E Titus
Harris  Male White 30-Apr-17 Falls Twp Orval J Harris Lilly M Bender M W Woodhull
Harrison Carl James Male White 2-Nov-15 Falls Twp Walter J Harrison Pearl S Hudson M W Woodhull
Hartig Edna Louise Female White 11-Jan-20 Falls Twp Herman Hartig Rose Crouch M W Woodhull
Hartig June Female White 2-Jun-29 Toledo Twp K Hartig Glenna Crouch
Hays Richard Eugene Male White 12-Jul-15 Cottonwood Falls Henry C Hays Laura V Naylor A E Titus
Hays Jr John J  Male White 6-Sep-26 Falls Twp Jno D Hays Lillian R Rathke
Heathman Female White 24-May-12 Bazaar Ray Heathman Hattie McCracken Charles McKinley
Heckendorn Frank Howard Male White 24-Oct-11 Clements Frank H Heckendorn Rosella Deering J Hinden
Heer Stillborn Male White 10-May-16 City Chris Heer Georgia Dickerhoff A E Titus
Heimerchour Joseph James Male White 3-Dec-21 City J J Heimerchour Grace Farrell A E Titus
Hennessey Everet Lee Male White 26-Aug-29 Toledo Twp Wm E Hennessey Grace Wauldine J C F Hoover
Hensley Charlie W Male White 5-Jul-25 Homestead C Hensley Clare Carpenter L A
Hensley Robet W Male White 23-Sep-28 Matfield Green Walter L Hensley Vera Laughridge
Henson Jenney Female White 21-Aug-13 Cedar Twp thomas Henson Lana Lemons
Herbsh Edward M Male White 16-Apr-15 Cottonwood Falls Henry Herbst Minnie Gaden A E Titus
Herman Freddie Jewell Male White 29-Jul-30 Cottonwood Falls Jos Herman Gladys Smith M W Woodhull
Herr Male White 1-Mar-29 Falls Twp H E Herr Lillie Barber A E Titus
Heskett Anna Marie Female White 11-Dec-15 Cottonwood Falls Wm Heskett Osa Howard J Hinden
Heskett Lela Maxine Female White 7-Feb-21 City Wm Heskett Osa Howard M W Woodhull
Hewes Laura Bell Female White 15-Mar-20 Cottonwood Falls Henry Hewes Mary Linsea M W Woodhull
Hewes Calvin H Male White 22-Aug-22 City Henry Hewes Mary Linsea M W Woodhull
Hewes Marjorie Ruth Female White 22-Mar-25 City Henry Hewes Mary Linsea M W Woodhull
Hilton Della Mary Female White 17-Aug-12 Cottonwood Falls Arthur Hilton Della Councillor C M Owen
Hilton Clarke Howard Male White 15-Oct-24 Cottonwood Falls Howard Hilton Leila V Clarke A E Tituts
Hilton Willard Kuffman Male White 30-Jul-25 City Willard Hilton Eulala Huffman A E Titus
Hinden Violet Female White 14-Jul-12 Bazaar Frank G Hinden Cora Blanchard J Hinden
Holderman Loyd Marion Male White 3-Jan-12 Cedar Twp Holderman David K Kittie Spitter J F Shelley
Holsinger Alvin George Male White Jun 29 1918 Falls Twp Neal Holsinger Myrtle Busse A E Titus
Holsinger Enid H Female White 31-Oct-19 Cottonwood Falls Neal Holsinger Myrtle Burst A E Titus
Holstein Flora Ellen Female White 26-Jan-19 Cottonwood Falls Albert Holstein Mary Ellen Carter M W Woodhull
Holstine Female White 11-Sep-12 Cottonwood Falls Alber G Holstine Mary Carter A E Gerish
House Anna Lee Female White 21-Dec-28 Cottonwood Falls Clarence L House Roberta M Bowen
Houser Mary Ellen Female White 22-Nov-12 Matfield Twp George Houser Cora Riggs M W Woodhull
Houser unnamed Male White 3-Jun-24 City Willard Houser Pearl H A E Titus
Howard Caroline Female White 11-Jun-13 Cottonwood Falls Augustus Howard Minnie Maule
Howard Male White Nov 25 1918 Cottonwood Falls Gustin B Howard Mattie Maule A E Titus
Howard Male White Nov 25 1918 Cottonwood Falls Gustin B Howard Mattie Maule A E Titus
Howard Patricia Diane Female White 28-Mar-25 Falls Twp Fred H Howard Anna Marie Archer A E Titus
Howard Donald M Male White 26-Aug-26 Falls Twp Fred Howard A M Crocker
Howard Fred Harris Male White 19-Sep-28 Matfield Green Fred H Howard Anna M Crocker
Howard Nancy Lee Female White 19-Feb-30 Matfield Green Fred H Howard Anna Marie Crocker A E Titus
Howell Robert Lee Male White 11-Sep-28 Toledo Twp John W Howell Elura O Todd
Hudson Frances G Male White 22-Feb-16 Cottonwood Falls Harry C Hudson Mary K Hager A E Tisus
Hudson Ruth Maxine Female White 1-Dec-18 Cottonwood Falls Harry Hudson Mary Hager A E Titus
Hudson Roberta Female White 30-Sep-23 City Harry Hudson Mary K Hudson A E Titus
Hudson Verna L Female White 2-Feb-28 City Harry Hudson Mary K Hager
Hulett Edna Muriel Female White 9-Feb-14 Cottonwood Falls Perry Hulett Alice Archer J Hinden
Hulett John Harsed Male White 12-Nov-16 Falls Twp John P Hulett Alice Archer J Hinden
Hulett Lillian Wanita Female White Nov 04 1918 Falls Twp Vigil Hulett Flora Baker M W Woodhull
Hulett Vicotr Carl Male White 7-Jun-20 Falls Twp Virgil Hulett Flora Baker M W Woodhull
Hulett Paul Dwight Male White 11-Jul-30 Falls Twp Virgil Hulett Flora Baker Chas McKinley
Hull Delmar Dean Male White 10-Dec-28 Matfield Green Horace L Hull Bernice Watchous
Hull Warren Eugene Male White 3-Jan-29 Matfield Green Albert G Hull Lois O Nealey
Hunter Robert James Male White 24-Aug-17 Cottonwood Falls James T Hunter Emma Mahoffey A E Titus