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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
Jackson Harold LeRoy Male White 11-Aug-20 City Lee Ray Jackson Alice Steadman J Hinden
Jackson John Russell Male White 23-Sep-21 Falls Twp Jackson alice Stedman J Hinden
Jackson Leona Irene Female White 3-Sep-24 Falls Twp Larry Jackson Alice Steadman J Hinden
Jacobs T R Female White 1-Apr-29 Toledo Twp Chas W Jacobs Levinia S Pegg
James Vernon Houston Male White 6-Oct-14 Cottonwood Falls Light P James Gussie L Houston A E Totus
James Erma   Female White 20-Jan-24 Cottonwood Falls Ernest James Rose Lukensky M W Woodhull
James Ernest   Male White 20-Jan-24 Cottonwood Falls Ernest James Rose Lukensky M W Woodhull
James Eugee Male White 3-May-25 City Everet I James Rose Lukaskey M W Woodhull
James Imogene Jane Female White 15-Apr-30 Cottonwood Falls Wm H James Marguerite Greene M W Woodhull
Johnson Ester Grace Female White 18-Sep-12 Matfield Green Had L Johnson Mamie Selves A F Meyer
Johnson Female White 26-Jul-28 Falls Twp D A Johnson Mary Hunter J Hinden
Jones Male White 24-Oct-11 Cottonwood Falls William Jones Julia Emma White C M Owen
Jones Chester Wayne Male White 23-Nov-22 City Olin A Jones Gladys Sheffius M W Woodhull
Jones Eugene Dale Male White 6-Sep-25 City David P Jones Lois G Martin M W Woodhull
Jones Wilma Winifred Female White 4-Nov-30 Toledo Twp Marshal D Jones Winifred Harvey C F Hoover
Judd Clifford Jesse Male White 1-Oct-15 Cottonwood Falls Sidney Judd Besie Mailen M W Woodhull
Judd Male White Jul 18 1918 Cottonwood Falls Sidney Judd Bessie Mailen M W Woodhull
Judd Zella May Female White 5-Dec-20 City Sidney Judd Bessie Mailen A E Titus
Kaufman Oreen Female White 18-May-16 Falls Twp Louis Kaufman Ida Martha Monk J F Thedlay
Kaufman Edward M Male White 19-Nov-23 Falls Twp Louis Kaufman Ida M Monk A E Titus
Keener Earl Clifford Male White 20-Nov-13 Cottonwood Falls Robert L Keener Hester L Hulett H E Titus
Keener Charles Robert Male White 1-Apr-24 Cottonwood Falls Robert Keener Hester Hulett J Hinden
Kemp Lewis Augustus Male White 23-Aug-12 Cottonwood Falls Lewis A kemp Saarah Goffrey J Hinden
Ketch Dorothy A  Female White 4-Aug-21 City R Knight Ketch Gladys Swift Titus
Kieferle Female White 9-Apr-27 City W F Kieferle Margaret Frazier A E Titus
King Male White 21-Nov-12 Cottonwood Twp Walter Henry King May Anna Travis J F Shelly
King Wm Kinney Male White 20-Apr-19 Falls Twp Wm Perry King Frances Holsinger M W Woodhull
Kingary Geo G Male White 22-Feb-12 Clements Ira G Kingary Mary R Currie J H Hinden
Kingery Female White 30-Oct-12 Cottonwood Twp Walter Kingery Gracie Park W Parker Irwin
Kinkade Iris Evelyn Female White 11-Jul-12 Bazaar George H Kinkade Ora D Shever J H Hinden
Kinsinger Marie A Female White 12-Feb-15 Cottonwood Falls Riley G Kinsinger Edna A Schrumpf A E Titus
Kinsinger Jack Isaac Male White 17-May-16 City Riley Kinsinger Edna Schrumpf A E Titus
Klaus Milo Theodore Male White 16-Jan-12 Cottonwood Falls T S Klaus Jennie Strail C M Owen
Klotz Eugene Male White 31-Jan-12 Cottonwood Falls Charles Klotz Jennie Ewing J Hinden
Klotz Emma   Female White 6-Nov-19 Cottonwood Falls Ralph Klotz Ivy Stapleton J Hinden
Klotz Female White 13-Sep-27 Cottonwood Falls David B Klotz Ruby B Fall A E Titus
Klotz Jr David B Male White 11-Jul-29 City David B Klotz ruby S Fail A E Titus
Koch Maria A Female White 9-Jun-29 Diamond twp Albert Kch Fern Wright A E Titus
Koch Ruth LuJean Female White 12-Oct-29 Elmdale Frederick Koch Hope L Patton A E Titus
Kohrs Robert Ray Male White 26-Jan-30 Diamond Creek Geo R Kohrs Doris I Grubbs A E Titus
Krerker Elum L Male White 14-Mar-28 City Krerker Jacob Mary Becker
Kuhl William Michael Male White 26-Nov-13 Cottonwood Falls Wm M Kuhl Harriet May Horner M W Woodhull
Kuhl Mary Kathryn Female White Apr 10 1918 Cottonwood Falls Wm M Kuhl Hattie M Horner M W Woodhull
Kuhlman Harold Wayne Male White 24-Sep-30 Elmdale Walter C Kuhlman Alta Marie Keck M W Woodhull