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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
Laloge Vera Fern Female White 11-Jan-12 Cottonwood Twp Peter Laloge Susan Della Hyde W Barker Irwin
Laloge Pearl Ardell Female White 28-Jan-25 Cottonwood Falls Emil Laloge Florence McClean M W Woodhull
Lamb   Beth June Female White 9-Feb-25 Cottonwood Falls Giles H Lamb  E May Ireland A E Titus
Lambel Mina Female White 27-Jan-12 Cottonwood Twp Andres Lambel Amy Crawford J Hinden
Lambert Female White 7-Nov-28 Toledo Twp Edgar Lambert Ruth Stone Hoover
Laurence Male White 26-Feb-29 Falls Twp Geo J Laurence Agnes M Berry M W Woodhull
Lauver Norman Dee Male White 11-Oct-24 Cottonwood Falls Dee S Lauver Alma Nafsinger M W Woodhull
Lawrence George W Male White 13-Oct-11 Bazaar Twp William Lawrence Martha Peyton Jacob Hinden
Lawson Wilma Maxine Female White 20-Dec-28 Toledo Twp Harvey Lawson Zolla Ann Stevenson
LeMay Della May Female White 1-Apr-29 Diamond twp Clyde O LeMay Harriet Hadley
Lewis Dixie Ann Female White 1-Oct-30 Toledo Twp Ramond Lewis  ? P Hamilton A E Titus
Link William Lew Male White 21-Dec-28 Falls Twp Walter L Link Ruth I Garrison
Linsea Dorothy Elaine Female White 29-Mar-16 City Linsea M M Laura Greenwood A E Titus
Linsea Henry M Male White 16-Sep-19 City Manley Linsea Laura Greenwood M W Woodhull
Linsea Male White 17-Dec-27 City Alfred Linsea Myrtle Fetter M W Woodhull
Littler Lucile Female White 5-Jul-13 Cottonwood Falls Ernest G Littler Edith Richards
Littler Sarah Effie Female White 5-Jan-23 Cottonwood Falls E G Littler Adaline Wilson J Hinden
Littler Ruth Mary Female White 15-Jun-29 City E G Littler Adaline Wilson A E Titus
Littler Richard L Male White 25-Oct-30 Falls Twp Clude F Littler Katheryn Tipton A E Titus
Lolerudge Robert Male White 14-Jun-12 Cottonwood Twp Edward V Loleridge Cleo Ice W Parker Irwin
Lolridge Lemuel Wren Male White 29-Apr-12 Cottonwood Twp William S Lolridge Flo Byram W P Irwin
Loney Betty Jo Female White 12-Aug-25 Falls Twp Harry Loney Lillie L Buffington M W Woodhull
Loney Marjorie Lee Female White 7-Mar-28 City Harry B Loney Lillie L Buffington
Long Helen Marie Female White 21-Aug-21 City Jesse Long F Britain M W Woodhull
Long Bettie Louise Female White 28-Dec-23 Falls Twp Jesse L Long Flora O Britain A E Titus
Lucas Thelma Alice Female White 9-Jan-12 Cedar Twp Jesse E Stonby Mabel Lucas E S McIntosh
Ludwig Erma Laura Female White 10-Oct-12 Cedar Twp Samuel Ludwig Alvina Paetka W Parker Irwin
Ludwig Carol Mae Female White 15-Mar-30 Homestead Sam A Ludwig Blanche M Pinkston A E Titus
Lutt Earl Male White 29-Jun-12 Cottonwood Falls George Lutt Anna Elston J Hinden
Lutt Dorothy May Female White 21-Mar-16 Cottonwood Falls George Lutt Anna Elston J Hinden
Lyons Male White 4-Sep-12 Matfield Green Howard Lyons Alta Naylor A E Gerish
Macias Female White 6-Apr-27 Falls Twp Vidal Macias Flera Guienez M W Woodhull
Maciel Elmira Female Mex 17-Apr-29 Bazaar Twp Jesus Maciel Marietta Alacarez J Hinden
Mallby Female White 14-Jan-12 Cottonwood Falls Louis Mallby Sadee Pherigo C M Owen
Maltbie Female White 31-Jan-15 Cottonwood Falls Wm L Maltbie Sadie B Plherrigo A E Titus
Maltby Irene Lucile Female White 8-Jun-17 Falls Twp Lewis Maltby Saide B Pherigo J Hinden
Maltby Chas B Male White Jul 27 1918 Cottonwood Falls W L Maltby Sadie B Pherigo M W Woodhull
Mann Liel Leslie Male White 29-Nov-11 Falls Twp John Mann Munse C L Conaway
Mann Frd Male White 10-Oct-12 Toledo Twp Fred Mann Stella Mann M W Woodhull
Mann Male White 10-Jan-15 Cottonwood Falls L E Mann Abbie May Eldred M W Woodhull
Mann Bert Lee Male White 7-Mar-15 Cottonwood Falls Albert J Mann Elizabeth Stewart M W Woodhull
Mann Wilber L Male White 22-Aug-16 Cottonwood Falls Jno Mann Jr Frieda McFarland A E Titus
Mann Allen Cleo Male White Nov 29 1917 Cottonwood Falls John Mann Jr Frieda McFarland A E Titus
Mann Howard   Male White 1-Oct-19 City John Mann Jr Frieda McFarland A E Titus
Mann Mary Jane Female White 13-Feb-25 Cottonwood Falls Leslie E Mann Beth Byram M W Woodhull
Mann Male White 15-Nov-26 City John Mann Jr Freda McFarland J Hinden
Mann Jolene Female White 8-Oct-29 Cottonwood Falls L E Mann Beth Byram A E Titus
Mann Lorraine Agnes Female White 25-Mar-30 Cedar Ralph L Mann Agnes M W H O Williams
Martin Lawrence Allen Male White 7-Jan-12 Cottonwood Twp Clement Allen Martin Fannie Elwood J F Shelley
Martin Frances Female White 1-Nov-12 Cedar Twp Raymond Scott Martin Edith Blanch Bray H G Graham
Martin Anna Ruth Female White 7-Dec-14 Falls Twp Welda Martin Elreen Massey M W Woodhull
Martin Male White 27-Feb-29 Bazaar Twp W e Martin L Harlan A E Titus
Martin Beatrice Female White 12-Jun-29 City Bert Martin Bertha Steadman M W Woodhull
Marvin John M Male White 7-Nov-12 Cottonwood Falls John M Marvin Anni L Mosier F T Johnson
Mastin Male White 15-Jun-27 Cottonwood Falls Bert S Mastin Bertha E Steadman M W Woodhull
Matti Marian Lee Male White 21-Mar-30 Falls Twp Ernest F Matti Ethel Byram A E Titus
Mauderly Male White 22-Oct-28 Diamond twp Carl Mauderly Eemma Mow Mrs Bruce Wiebold
Maybell Ray K Male White Aug 04 1918 Falls Twp Ray Maybell Ruth Grim A E Titus
Maybell Chs G Male White Aug 04 1918 Falls Twp Ray Maybell Ruth Grim A E Titus
Maybell Abbie Lorraine Female White 30-Sep-22 City Bruce Maybell Mildred Stone A E Titus
McCabe Beatrice Female White 16-Feb-12 Bazaar L McCabe Ida Minnie McCracken J Hinden
McCabe Ruby Female White 20-Feb-12 Bazaar James McCabe  Verna Heathman Charles McKinley
McCabe Female White 3-Aug-12 Bazaar Not Known Maggie McCabe J Hinden
McCabe Eugene Edward Male White 21-Sep-12 Bazaar Twp Thomas H McCabe Ellen Baraba Miezlly
McClean Female White 18-Jun-22 City Edward McGarver Florence McClean M W Woodhull
McClelland Ida May Female White 16-Sep-29 Homestead H L McClelland Ida Nadine Broth M
McClelland Barbara L Female White 20-Aug-30 Cottonwood Falls John I McClellan Bessie L H A E Titus
McClure Willie Belle Female White 21-Dec-29 Cottonwood Falls Cecil McClure Bessie Pinkston J Hinden
McCord John A Male White 25-Aug-12 Clements Ruben M McCord Leila M Day J Hinden
McCracken Male White 6-Jun-28 Falls Twp Jseph S Mccracken Irene P Shaw A E Titus
McCracken Carol Lea Female White 20-Sep-30 Bazaar Twp Frank McCracken Annbelle Bowman A E Titus
McFall Sylvia Marie Female Color 11-Oct-12 Cottonwood Falls Alva McFall Ida Duncan J H Hinden
McFall Ursula  Female Color 13-Sep-14 Cottonwood Falls Alva W McFall Ida Duncan M W Woodhull
McKee Margaret Female White 2-Aug-28 Cottonwood Falls Thos F McKee Nell Miles
McKee Richard Miles Male White 8-Oct-29 Cottonwood Falls John F McKee Nellie Miles A E Titus
McLinden Female White 18-Nov-11 Cedar Point Hugh McLinden Cora Heckendorn W Park Irwin
McNee Geo Conaway Male White 30-Jul-13 Cottonwood Falls G A McNee Myrtle Conaway
McNee Maurine Female White 29-Dec-14 Cottonwood Falls G A McNee Myrtle Conaway M W Woodhull
McNee Elreene Female White 16-Aug-16 Cottonwood Falls Geo A McNee Myrtle Conaway A E Titus
McNee Male White 13-Oct-27 City James McNee I Campbell A E Titus
Mendoza Jesus Male Mex 2-Jan-30 Toledo Twp Nortvido Mendoza Juanita Louis J J Carlin
Merrill Robert Wadsworth Male q 13-Aug-23 Cottonwood Falls Edw W Merrill Arilla Wadsworth M W Woodhull
Merritt Merle Wesley Male White 4-Nov-15 Falls Twp Isaac Merritt Nora B Taylor M W Woodhull
Merritt Female White 15-Apr-19 Falls Twp Isaac Merritt Nua Taylor M W Woodhull
Merritt Harvey Male White 6-Jan-23 Falls Twp Dave Merritt Nora Taylr M W Woodhull
Miller Betty Ellen Female White Dec 03 1917 Falls Twp Geo M Miller Pearl Evans J Hinden
Miller Marjorie Eileen Female White 31-Mar-20 Cottonwood Falls Ellis Miller Laura Roberts J Hinden
Miller Margaret Alice Female White 21-Feb-22 Falls Twp Geo M Miller Pearl Evans A E Titus
Miner Jr Harold Male White 1-Dec-23 City Harold J Miner Bertha Ellis A E Tisus
Moffett Doris Arlene Female White 4-Apr-30 Strong City Robert B Moffett Opal L Daniel A E Titus
Monroe Donald Philip Male White 1-Jul-21 City Donald Albert Monroe Ruth Alice Phillips A E Titus
Monroe Mabel Nell Female White 14-Jun-12 Cottonwood Falls William Monroe Mary Elizabeth Pettit C M Owen
Monroe Wm Dorian Male White 6-Apr-15 Cottonwood Falls Wm Monroe Mary Elizabeth Pettit C M Owen
Monroe Ruth Ina Female White Jul 23 1918 Cottonwood Falls Ray L Monroe Carrie Helen Houser M W Woodhull
Monroe Stanley W Male White 31-Aug-21 City S W Monroe Vera Sampson M W Woodhull
Monroe Dorothy Female White 13-Dec-22 Cottonwood Falls Stanley Monroe Vera Sampson M W Woodhull
Montana Male Mex 1-Sep-30 Toledo Twp Juan Montana Juana Cameron M W Woodhull
Montario Max Male Mex 3-Sep-29 Toledo Twp Juan Montario ? C F Hoover
Moore Rob't Owen Male White 27-Dec-15 Cottonwood Falls Geo A Moore Loyette B Hilton M W Woodhull
Moore Paul Leslie Male White 30-Dec-16 City Ross Moore Beatrice Britton J Hinden
Moore Clara Berniece Female White 18-May-19 Cottonwood Falls Ross Moore Beatrice Britton J Hinden
Moore Floyd O Male White 18-Feb-22 Cottonwood Falls Russ Moore Beatrice Britton J Hinden
Moore Virginia M Female White 10-Jun-23 Cottonwood Falls Russ Moore Beatrice Britton J Hinden
Moore Ledora Lorene Female White 9-Sep-26 Cottonwood Falls Russ Moore Beatrice Brittain
Moran Male White 1-Nov-28 Elmdale W T Moran Beryl McQuillen M W Woodhull
Morgan Clifford Garth Male White 12-Aug-29 Cedar Cyrus Morgan Orpha Matilda Kinsey M W Woodhull
Morris Maria  Female White 21-Mar-12 Bazaar Twp Henry Morris Anna Paslay J H Hinden
Morris William Male White 21-Mar-12 Bazaar Twp Henry Morris Anna Paslay J H Hinden
Morris Joseph Male White 15-Oct-16 City Henry Morris Anna Pasley J Hinden
Morris Elizabeth Female White 31-Jan-20 Falls Twp Henry Morris Anna Pearby J Hinden
Morris Louie Male White 11-Jun-23 Falls Twp Leslie Atkinson Zula E Morris M W Woodhull
Morris Louis Male White 11-Jun-23 Falls Twp Leslie Atkinson Zula E Morris M W Woodhull
Mulane Robert Wayne Male White 26-Oct-29 Toledo Twp Harry Mulane Hazel Adkins C F Hoover
Mulliken Female White 26-May-28 Falls Twp H Mulliken Opal Hunsaker A E Titus
Mullin Mary Margurite Female White 20-May-12 Matfield Twp James McCarney Mullen Margarite Matilda Goodnight J R Adams
Munger Margaret Lucile Female White 21-Mar-20 Cottonwood Falls Harold Munger Julia Ewer M W Woodhull
Munsen Male White 26-Mar-27 City W D Munsen Cath Layporte A E Titus
Murray Gordon Reed Male White 23-Dec-27 City Guy Murray May L Leibold
Mushrush Lois June Female White 26-Aug-26 Cottonwood Falls W Roy Mushrush Blanche Smith
Mushrush Robert Ray Male White 15-Jun-29 City W Ray Mushrush Blanche Smith A E Titus