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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
Nash Shirley Ann Female White 27-Jul-29 Strong City Wilford Nash Butella Armagost A E Titus
Neighbors Charles Earnest Male White 17-Oct-17 Cottonwood Falls W V Neighbors Nellie Shaw C A Neighbors
Nelson Wanda May Female White 5-Sep-13 Cottonwood Falls Earl E Nelson Fleta Mable Hildebrand
Newman Anna May Female White 12-Sep-16 Falls Twp Wm M Newman Etta I Daub M W Woodhull
Newman Lola Viola Female White Feb 11 1918 Falls Twp Jas H Newman Viola Heller M W Woodhull
Newman Elnora Virginia Female White 22-Feb-19 Falls Twp Wm M Newman Etta Ira Daub M W Woodhull
Newman Doris Irene Female White 3-Feb-24 Falls Twp W M Newman Henrietta Daub M W Woodhull
Newman Gerald E Male White 15-Dec-28 Cottonwood Falls William Newman Etta Daub
Nichols Male White 20-Feb-29 Falls Twp T H Nichols Dottie White M W Woodhull
Nichols Doris Marie Female White 13-Mar-29 Falls Twp J P Nichols Maud L Fish
North Ronald Dale Male White 17-Jul-30 Bazaar Twp Ralph L North Hazel Cheney A E Titus
Norton Jean Elizabeth Female White 19-Nov-20 City thomas H Norton Catherine Norton M W Woodhull
Norton William T Male White 1-Feb-28 City Thos H Norton Catherine Austin
Odle Velma May  Female White 17-Apr-30 Cottonwood Twp C F Odle Hazel A  A E Titus
Osborne Helen M Female White 13-Apr-15 Cottonwood Falls Harvey Osborne Ethel Myers A E Titus
Osborne Juanita Female White 2-Jul-16 Cottonwood Falls Harvey Osborne Ethel Myers A E Titus
Osborne Elizabeth Jane Female White 6-Apr-19 Falls Twp Harvey Osborne Ethel Myers A E Titus
Osborne John Wesley Male White 3-May-20 Falls Twp Harvey Osborne Ethel Myers A E Titus
Osborne Bonnie J Female White 18-May-23 Falls Twp Harvey Osborne Ethel Myers J Hinden
Osborne Male White 3-Jul-28 Cottonwood Falls Harvey Osborne Ethel Myers A E Titus
Oxford Anna Ruth Female White 25-Feb-12 America Harry Oxford Betty Strong F T Johnson
Oxford Loella Female White 24-Aug-13 Cottonwood Falls Harry Oxford Betty Strong F T Johnson
Pa Doris Lorraine Female White 15-Sep-22 City Roy O Pa Laura E Siler M W Woodhull
Park Leonard Clayton Male White 29-Mar-12 Clements Guy H Park Cora F Goad S W Billingslea
Park Raymond Way Male White 16-Apr-12 Clements James Park Edith Johnson F L Johnson
Park Madaline Mary Female White 11-May-12 Clements Ralh L Watson Fera Alice Park J F Shelly
Parsons William Franklin Male White 24-May-30 Toledo Twp Jack Parsons Harlie Long M W Woodhull
Passmore Arthur Male White 6-Mar-23 Falls Twp E H Passmore Mary E C M W Woodhull
Passmore Male White 31-May-28 Falls Twp Theo Passmore Josephine Waidley A E Titus
Passmore Nora June Female White 16-Aug-30 Elmdale Ted R Passmore Josephine M Waidley A E Titus
Patterson Charles Eugene Male White 12-Feb-19 Falls Twp Chas Leland Patterson Edna A Watson J Hinden
Payne Virginia June Female White 31 Sep 1915 Cottonwood Falls Chas E Payne Margaret Holsinger C M Owen
Peace Evelyn Louise Female White 7-Jun-29 Salem Greenwood Co Vernon Peace Elsie M Cody
Peace Willie W Male White 29-Sep-30 Salem Greenwood Co Venron Peace Elsie M Cody A E Titus
Pease Dorothy May Female White 3-Sep-28 Salem Greenwood Co Alfred D Pease Margarent E Linden
Peek Everett J Male White 14-Sep-20 City J E Peek M J Bumgardner A E Titus
Penderfraft Keith P Male White Aug 18 1918 Falls Twp Clarence Pendergraft Elsie Pohl J Hinden
Pendergraft Maxma Eloise Female White 19-Dec-20 Falls Twp Milten Pendergraft Mabel Althouse J Hinden
Pendergraft Marjorie Female White 19-Dec-22 Cottonwood Falls James M Pendergraft Mable Althouse J Hinden
Pendergraft Harry Male White 22 A[r 1927 Falls Twp Harry Pendergraft Margaret Fillmore
Pherigo Dorie Marie Female White 30-Nov-11 Cottonwood Falls Pherigo George Barton Hattie Smith Chas McKinley
Pherigo Wm H Male White 16-Apr-25 City G B Pherigo Hattie Smith J Hinden
Pierce Merle Raymond Male White 1-Mar-30 Homestead Earl  A Pierce Martha Spitler A E Titus
Pinion Male White 18-Sep-27 Clements Walter E Pinion Cora L Brumbaugh W P Irwin
Pinkston Wilma Female White 16-Jul-29 Bazaar Twp Walter T Pinkston Helen Russell A E Titus
Piper Betty Fern Female White 3-Jun-22 Falls Twp Fred Piper Rosalie Jackson M W Woodhull
Pittman Lois June Female White 19-Aug-30 Diamond Wilber Pittman Dorothy Johnston A E Titus
Potter Letha Gay Female White 4-Jul-13 Cottonwood Falls Wm Potter Clara Archer
Potter Darl Welda Male White 8-Jan-15 Cottonwood Falls Wm A Potter Clara Archer M W Woodhull
Potter William H Male White 17-Apr-20 Falls Twp Wm A Potter Clara Archer M W Woodhull
Potter Male White 19-Jan-29 Toledo Twp Wm A Potter Clara Archer M
Powell Clyde D Male White 20-Nov-30 Matfield Green Clyde W Powell Adery V H A E Titus
Preston Jr Wallace  Male White 13-May-25 City W W Preston Rosela May Rietz M W Woodhull
Pritchell Norma Ruth Female White 10-Nov-30 Homestead Harry Pritchell Sarah L Pyle M W Woodhull