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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
R**chler Robert Lee Male White 3-Jul-24 City LeRoy R**chler Cora A Maynard M W Woodhull
Ramsford Mary Maybell Female White Aug 24 1918 Cottonwood Falls J M Ramsford Elsie Baldwin M W Woodhull
Ransford Harold August Male White 2-May-14 Cottonwood Falls Joseph M Ransford Elsie May Baldwin M W Woodhull
Ransford Lester B Male White 7-Aug-16 Cottonwood Falls Joe Ransford Elsie Baldwin A E Titus
Ransford Martha E Female White 13-May-21 City Jas Ransford Elsie Baldwin M W Woodhull
Ransford Earl Manly Male White 15-Jul-25 City Joe M Ransford Elsie Baldwin M W Woodhull
Ransford Georgia Female White 5-May-27 City J Ransford Elsie Baldwin
Reese Female White 9-Nov-28 Falls Twp John M Reese Amber Filder A E titus
Replogle Margaret Female White 16-Feb-21 City Sidney Replogle Helen Barrett J Hinden
Replogle Bunett Female White 18-Apr-25 Falls Twp S B Replogle Helen Bunett J Hinden
Replogle Charles Male White 28-Apr-27 City S B Replogle Helen Replogle
Resseter Flora Alice Female White 22-Sep-30 Cottonwood Falls M Rissiter Mable F Wagoner M W Woodhull
Rhodes Catherine Female White 27-Oct-29 Cottonwood Falls Ray F Rhodes Mary C Ryan M W Woodhull
Rhodes Inez I Female White 24-Oct-30 Cottonwood Falls Elmer Talbert Erma M Rhodes A E Titus
Richardson Female White 27-Oct-27 City A D Richardson Francis Hager J Hinden
Rider Turyla Joy  Female White 17-Mar-25 Falls Twp Fred C Piper Rosalie Jackson M W Woodhull
Riggs Male White 30-Jan-12 Cottonwood Falls Jess Riggs Unknown C L Conaway
Riggs Male White 6-Feb-12 Cedar Twp James Riggs Bertha Weston E S McIntosh
Riggs Velma Elizabeth Female White 23-Sep-12 Cedar Twp Crawford Riggs Etta Sidener E S McIntosh
Riggs Virgil Male White 13-Oct-12 Cedar Twp Rodney Riggs Freeman E S McIntosh
Riggs Jack Dean Male White 25-Aug-21 City Ollie Riggs Helen J M W Woodhull
Roberts William D Male White 14-Jun-27 Cottonwood Falls Dan Roberts Ida R Bett
Rockwell Patsy Ruth Female White 1-Jan-30 Falls Twp Theon Rockwell Anna B Trussell J Hinden
Ronigh Marguerite Female White 9-Jun-17 Falls Twp Fred E Ronigh Carrie Harder A E Titus
Rouse Helen Irene Female White 1-Apr-29 Bazaar Twp Chas A Rouse Mabel I Parrish
Rufener Male White 22-Jun-16 Falls Twp B b Rufener Rosie E Fugener M W Woodhull
Rufener Besie E Female White 16-Dec-19 Falls Twp B B Rufener R E Rufener M W Woodhull
Rumbaugh Donald Allen Male White 3-Dec-28 Cottonwood Falls Dan T Rumbaugh Katherine Walker
Rupert Mary E  Female White 29-Apr-27 City Lynn Rupert Hazel Linaberry
Rupert Paul David Male White 5-Dec-28 Cottonwood Falls Lyman H Rupert Hazel L Linabery
Russell Geo N Male White 4-Apr-15 Cottonwood Falls Geo N Russell Helen M Wright A E Titus
S Leo Drummond Male White 7-Sep-20 City W D S Francis  M W Woodhull
Sampson Robert Earl Male White 7-Jul-30 Toledo Twp Albert W Sampson Bertha L Martin C F Hoover
Sanford Male White 29-Aug-27 Cottonwood Falls Burl K Sanford Leila R M W Woodhull
Scharenberg Emma Carrell Female White 18-Oct-12 Cedar Twp Scharenberg Charles F Freida Heif W Parker Irwin
Schrump Male White 9-Aug-11 Cottonwood Falls Augusta Schrump Ola Hudson Chas McKinley
Schrumpf Wm Levi Male White 10-Aug-15 Cottonwood Falls August P Schrumpf Ada D Hudson M W Woodhull
Schwilling Janet Female White 20-Sep-12 Bazaar Twp Joseph Schwilling Polly Johnson F T Johnson
Schwilling Bernice Jean Female White 18-May-30 Bazaar Twp J V Schwilling Esther Twining J Hinden
Sciver Alva Male White Jul 01 1918 Cottonwood Falls Geo W Sciver Maud Schoyer M W Woodhull
Scribner Elizabeth Marie Female White 5-Jul-20 City Jno C Scribner Gertrude L Howard C F Hoover
Seager George Irvin Male White 6-Mar-25 Falls Twp George I Seager Ethel Law J Hinden
Selves Female White 1-Mar-29 Toledo Twp Arthur D Selves Ruby Hulett C F Hoover
Selves Wheeler Dean Male White 9-Dec-29 Bazaar Twp Wm B Selves Emily Wheeler A E Titus
Selves Arthur David Male White 25-Sep-30 Toledo Twp Arthur D Selves Ruby I Hulett C F Hoover
Settle Allan Eugene Male White 9-Dec-14 Strong City Claytong Settle Faith Martin C M Owen
Settle Barbara J Female White 25-Sep-25 City Clayton Settle Faith Martin A E Titus
Shaffer Claude Male White 2-Nov-20 City Wesley Shaffer Goldie Gublin A E Titus
Shaft Ida Jane Female White 20-Mar-12 Clements Frank Shaft Mary Flowers S W Billingslea
Shaft Robert H Male White 11-Jun-27 Cottonwood Falls Wm H Shaft Eva Gillespie
Shaft William Harold Male White 19-May-29 Falls Twp William H Shaft Eva Gillaspie
Sharp John Jay Male White 10-Oct-12 Bazaar Twp J P Sharp Bessie Carns M W Woodhull
Shepperd Myrtle Lousie Female White 4-May-29 Cottonwood Falls Wm H Shefferd Myrtle I Fetter
Sheridan James Edwin Male White 21-Jul-30 Cottonwood Falls J R Sheridan Ada V Smith A E Titus
Sheriden Alden Morris Male White 18-Jul-12 Clements William Sheriden Etta Morris J Hinden
Sieber Daniel L Male White 24-Jan-23 Cottonwood Falls Daniel Sieber T Murphy A E Titus
Slade ? L Male White 31-Dec-29 Cottonwood Falls Harold W Slade Lois E Williams A E Titus
Slead Wilma Kirene Female White 9-Mar-14 Falls Twp Jno Slead Ella S Whitlock M W Woodhull
Smalley Jack Eugene Male White 4-Feb-24 City E A Smalley Abbi Powell A E Titus
Smith Rolen Male White 25-Apr-12 Cedar Twp Bertie Smith Pearl McIntosh E S McIntosh
Smith Audrey Alberta Female White 17-Aug-12 Bazaar Joseph Smith Dora Langendorf J Hinden
Smith Elaine A M Female White 25-May-21 Cotu Fred E Smith Viola Lattin A E Titus
Smith Ronald K Male White 11-Aug-22 City Fred Smith Viola Lattin M W Woodhull
Smith Donald F Male White 11-Aug-22 City Fred Smith Viola Lattin M W Woodhull
Smith James Taylor Male White 3-Aug-24 Cottonwood Falls Fred Smith Viola Lattin A E Titus
Smith Nellie Louise Female White 20-Nov-30 Hymer Tom Albert Smith Margaret E Trover M W Woodhull
Spence Clara Lea Female White 22-Aug-29 Chas W Spence Carrie Tarrant J Hinden
Spring Muriel Female White 10-Oct-20 city Thos G Spring Carol G Hurst A E Titus
Spring Shirley J Female White 13-May-22 City T G Spring Carol G Hurst A E Titus
St Wiley August Male White 1-Nov-29 Elmdale E L St Ida M Koch A E Titus
Stafford Beverly Jean Female White 21-May-20 City Richard Stafford Beatrice Horl A E Titus
Stanbrough Elaine Alvina Female White 24-Oct-16 Falls Twp Alvin Stanbrough Ella A Springer A E Titus
Stanford Melvin Allison Male White 12-Nov-20 City Clarence Stanford Effie Allison A E Titus
Starkey Leeland Webster Male White 20-Sep-14 Elmdale Jesse Starkey Ethel Webster F T Johnson
Starkey Hugh Male White 27-Sep-15 Cottonwood Falls Geo W Starkey Nellie J Tedrow J F Kelley
Starkey Don Lee Male Q 23 Apr 19259 Falls Twp Ira E Stark Hazel E Shook
Steadman Female White 29-Jul-28 Cottonwood Falls Admiral Steadman Elda Martin A E Titus
Steadman Ella Elaine Female White 23-Feb-30 Cottonwood Falls Edwin Steadmen Elda Mastin J Hinden
Steadman John Henry Jr Male White 22-Jul-30 Cottonwood Falls John H Steadman Mary A Fetter J Hinden
Stephens Vivian Female White 2-Nov-15 Cottonwood Falls Jas W Stephens Gabrielle Cupp M W Woodhull
Stephenson Millard Calvin Male White 16-Apr-12 Clements Jacob C Stephenson Katy Constance Walhite S W Billingslea
Stephenson George Shaft Male White 15-Apr-12 Clements Richard Stephenson Jessie Shaft C L Conaway
Stewart Belle Lea Stewart Female White 12-Jul-21 City Wm E Stewart Mabel Howard M W Woodhull
Stewart Frank Howard Male White 10-Jan-25 Cottonwood Falls Wm E Stewart Mable Howard A E Titus
Stone Grove Rex Male White 3-Jul-29 Diamond twp Howard O Stone Viola E Stone A E Titus
Stout Wilbar A Male White 14-Sep-13 Falls Twp A Everett Stout Maud L Jones
Stout Donald Andrew Male White 3-Nov-29 Falls Twp A J Stout Marian C Young J Hinden
Stubenhofer Paul Jean Female White 26-Dec-28 Falls Twp Paul Stubenhofer Margaret Martin
Swanson Wayne Leroy Male White 19-Oct-30 Elmdale Chas LeRoy Swanson Ruth Bernice McCabe M W Woodhull
Swift Forester Male White 14-May-12 Matfield Green Fred Swift Jennie Cox W F Meyer
Swift Male White 1-Aug-28 Matfield Green Wm Swift Ruth G A E Titus
Swift George L Male White 11-Aug-28 Matfield Green Fred Swift Jennie Cox
Swift Virginia Ruth M Female White 27-Jul-29 Matfield Green William Swift Anna Ruth Grenger A E Titus
Swift Bruce Jr Male White 6-Mar-30 Matfield Green Bruce A Swift` Isla M Hull A E Titus