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Chase County
Doctor's Birth Register
1911 - 1924

Prepared Dec, 2003 by Chase County Host

Lorna Marvin

Please email me with corrections. The doctor's handwriting is like they were filling out a prescription.
However, I am not a pharmacist and it is very difficult to read.

Surname Given Sex Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Doctor
Waddell William Male White 15-Sep-12 Cottonwood Falls Lewis Waddell Mabel McNee M W Woodhull
Waddell Kirkland Harris Male White 11-Nov-12 Cottonwood Falls K F Waddell Joannice Harris F T Johnson
Waddell Edward Augustus Male White 15-Apr-14 Cottonwood Falls Everett Waddell Mary May Wilcox M W Woodhull
Waddell Robert Male White 24-Nov-14 Cottonwood Falls Lewis E Waddell Mabel McNee M W Woodhull
Waddell Jack Meredith Male White 5-May-16 City L E Waddell Mabel McNee M W Woodhull
Waddell Ray Winfield Male White 21-Aug-20 City Lewis E Waddell Mabel McNee J Hinden
Waddell Female White 28-Dec-26 City L E Waddell Mabel McNee M W Woodhull
Wagoner Junior J Male Q 12-Apr-23 Falls Twp Clay Wagoner Florence Wagoner J Hinden
Wagoner LaVeta Ardelle Female White 20-Dec-28 Strong City Fred E Wagoner Gladys A Sampson
Wagoner Samy G Male White 8-Jul-30  Strong Fred E Waonger Gladys Sampson A E Titus
Walsh Female White 24-Jan-27 City Laurence J Walsh Genevievie Shrmip M W Woodhull
Walter Harold West Male White 11-Nov-26 Cottonwood Falls H J Walter Leola Hunt
Ward Edith M Female White 7-Oct-28 Falls Twp Marvin E Ward Ella Carruth
Warner Karl Wilheim Male White 24-Feb-12 Cedar Point Henry Warner Marie Altman W P Irwin
Warren Geo Miles Male White 5-Sep-30 Toledo Twp Wm T Warren Laura P Niles C F Hoover
Watchous Violetta Irene Female White Apr 10 1918 Cottonwood Falls Arthur Watchous Gertrude Sanform A E Titus
Watchous Opal L Female White 31-May-27 Falls Twp Clarence Watchous Jennie Harlan
Watchous Male White 23-Nov-27 City Robert Watchous Ruth Carpenter M W Woodhull
Watchous Robert Owen Male White 17-Sep-29 Matfield Green S R Watchous Inez Thomas A E Titus
Watchous Juanita Joyce Female White 20-Dec-29 Cottonwood Falls Clarence Watchous Jennie Harlan A E Titus
Watchous Rosemary Female White 19-Oct-30 Falls Twp Robt W Watchos Ruth V Carpenter M W Woodhull
Watson Female White 4-Mar-12 Cottonwood Falls James Watson Bell Anderson C L Conaway
Watson Jas Lewis Male White 28-Mar-17 City William Watson Grace Maltby A E Titus
Watson David M Male White 27-Apr-20 City Jas E Watson Emily Howard M W Woodhull
Way Robert Jaes Male White 6-Oct-24 Falls Twp Jas W Way Augusta Ricter A E Titus
Weaver Francis Eilene Female White 13-Nov-30 Cottonwood Falls Paul E Weaver Sarah F Love A E Titus
Wheeler Female White 4-Jun-28 Toledo Twp Chas W Wheeler Effie D Martin C F Hoover
Wheeler Silva Ann Female White 29-Aug-30 Toledo Twp Charles W Wheeler Effie D Martin C F Hoover
Whitcomb George H Male White 29-Apr-30 Cedar Twp Geo L Whitcomb Enid Redden M W Woodhull
Whitcomb Gerald R Male White 29-Apr-30 Cedar Twp Geo L Whitcomb Enid Redden M W Woodhull
White Mildred Female White 26-Feb-12 Cottonwood Twp Joseph M White Iva A James A E Taylor
White LeRoy Male White 13-Nov-20 City Robert White Catherine Daub A E Titus
Whitlock Mildred Female White 11-Aug-12 Cottonwood Twp Carl C Whitlock Mina Shwart W P Irwin
Whitlock Charles Willard Male White 3-May-20 Falls Twp Glen R Whitlock Olive McGregor M W Woodhull
Wilcox Constance Eve Female White 24-Jun-30 Cottonwood Falls Ray A Wilcox  Lillian Kretsinger A E Titus
Wilhite Male White 1-Dec-28 Diamond twp D R Wilhite May Blackburn A E Titus
Williams Reggie V Female White 15-Jun-27 Cottonwood Falls Roger Williams Florence Brecht
Williams Gertrude Janet Female White 5-Nov-30 Cottonwood Falls Roger Williams Florence J Brecht J Hinden
Wilson Ruth Mary Female White 3-Sep-18 Cottonwood Falls Edward Wilson Ethel M Gardner Chas McKinley
Wilson Billy Male White 5-Nov-19 Cottonwood Falls Edward Wilson Ethel Gardner Chas McKinley
Wilson Guy Male White 8-Dec-20 Falls Twp Bruce E Wilson Iva Lewis J Hinden
Winchell Nada Jean Female White 3-Apr-29 Falls Twp Hollis E Winchell Juanita Wartick
Woodring Mildred Viola Female White 6-Oct-13 Cottonwood Falls Chester Woodring May McDowell
Wright Male White 5-Oct-12 Cottonwood Twp Harve L Wright Elsie M Worthington W Parker Irwin
Wright Male White 6-Feb-29 Cottonwood Falls R D Wright Grace Simon A E Titus
Wyatt Ivan Wayne Male White 20-Mar-29 Falls Twp Carl Wyatt Gladys Stout J Hinden
Zurbrecken Rudolph Male White 30-Jun-25 City Rudolph Zurbrecken Alta Morris A E Titus