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History of Chase County, Kansas
Professor D A Ellsworth's Abstracts
1853 - 1899

     Professor D. A. Ellsworth was hired by Mr. W. Austin to abstract the history of Chase County from the Chase County Leader News. 1863 - 1899. His intent was to build a history of the county and its citizens taken from the newspapers published during this period. The work is a small book with 200 pages, and a forward of four pages. It was published around the turn of the century but never bound or sold. At the death of Mr. Austin, it was stored in the family garage for years.

     Several years ago, his son finding it, donated the old boxes to the Chase County Historical Society. Each manuscript was circled with a band of paper. It contained no index.

     It was indexed in 1999 and transcribed in 2002 by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator

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Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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