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Jan. -

Bailey, Bier/Beer, ?Chase Illinois (town), Drinkwater, Gauvey, Lawrence, Makin, Mosier, Park, Peterson, Peyton, Peyton, Purcell, Rider, Ross, Smith, Watson, Weaver


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Jan. -
Feb. 14

Blackburn, Campbell, Danner, Drummond, Flora, Hinkley, Horn, Jackson, Peterson, Tietz

Feb. 14 -

Allison, Arnett, Balcom, Belton, Beverlin, Blackburn, Bray, Campbell/A>, Cole, Coons, Danner, Dellenbach, Delong, Dozer/Dozier, Fisher, Gardner, Garrison, Hamilton, Handy, Harvey, Herring, Horn, Larkin/Larkins, Lowe, Lubitz, Lund, Lutt, Martin, McNee, Patton, Piles/Pyles, Prendeville, Riley, Ring, Robbs, Smalley, Smith, Stone, Taylor, Turner, Walle, Watchous, Witson



Allen, Apgar, Bare, Best, Biggs, Bradburn, Cahoone, Cooper, Davidson, Dickerson, Drinkwater, Endicott, Everett, Granger, Harvey, Heckendorn, Hinckley, Holland, Jackson, Lindsay, Link, Lowe, Mackey, Osborn, Park, Perkins, Rennie, Riggs, Ringgenberg, Scott, Spurgeon, Stephens, Stogsdill, Sullivan, Talkington, Trussell, Underwood, Walker, Watchous, Watson, Wright


Jan. -

Allen, Armstrong, Brace, Brent, Chesney, Columbia, Crawford, Crous/Crouse, Dody, Doney, Dubois, Dunkin, Evans, Gott, Hicks, Jager, Johnson, Jones, Klotz, Loney, Lutt, Mize, Nicholas, Nichols, O'Dell, Owens, Reese, Rockholds, Shaw, Sherffius, Spawr, Stewart, Talkington, Tilson, Upperman, Van Deren, Vinson, Welsh

July -

Bastin, Beverlin, Blackburns, Bocook, Brooks, Coffman, Burd, Daggett, Dancer, Ferguson, Frazee, Funk, Gardner, Green, Grinstead, Harris, Loomis, Mann, McElfresh, Mercer, Nairn, Owens, Patton, Pyles/Pyle, Reese, Rima, Rist, Robbs, Smith, Stogsdill, Stotler, Talkington, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Underwood, Wright



Berkshires, Carpenter, Childs, Crouthers, Dunaway, Dunkin, Estes, Foote, Forbes, Forbs, Gann, Hale, Hoke, James, Kiddoo, Lovall, Luke, Lutz, Maxwell, Moree, Ready, Steele, Morrow, Newman, Trescott, Trussel, Walker, Wests

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