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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Blackburn Katherine E Bell 27 III
Blackburn Katherine Frances 33 III
Blackburn Katie L Canty 33 III
Blackburn Lavina Heath 29 III
Blackburn Lavina L Heath 33 III
Blackburn Lena Mae 30 III
Blackburn Mary 30, 35 III
Blackburn Mary Jean 27, 32 III
Blackburn Mary Ruth  34 III
Blackburn Mary Ruth Baker  17 III
Blackburn Myrtle 30 III
Blackburn Nina Belle 30, 32 III
Blackburn R Z 395 III
Blackburn Rev 34 III
Blackburn Richard Arthur 17, 34 III
Blackburn Robert Z 30, 32 III
Blackburn Russell 30 III
Blackburn Ruth 17, 34 III
Blackburn Ruth Pfooff 17 III
Blackburn S R 32, 33 III
Blackburn Sue 33 III
Blackburn Theodore 30 III
Blackburn William R 30 III
Blackmore J A 285 III
Blackshere Harriet 252 III
Blackshere Harriet Rhoda 35 III
Blackshere J R 307 III
Blackshere J R Farm 222 III
Blackshere Jacob Ramer 372 III
Blackshere Jennie Baker 14, 368 III
Blackshere Jesse Ramer 35 III
Blackshere Jesse Ramer Tot 35, 36 III
Blackshere John 252 III
Blackshere John Ramer 35 III
Blackshere Mable Klein 35, 36, 368 III
Blackshere 243 III
Blankenship Dorotha Beedle 23 III
Blankenship Dorothea Lea 25 III
Blankenship Flint Norton 26 III
Blankenship Jerry Jay 25 III
Blankenship Jerry Jay Jr 25 III
Blankenship Leigh Ann 26 III
Bledsoe Art 347 III
Blender Howard J 321 III
Bloomberg Leona 46 III
Blount Karen Sue 32 III
Blount Kimberly Kay 32 III
Blount Robert S  32 III
Bluck Barbara Ann Wadell 125 III
Bluck John Jr 125 III
Blue Stem 309 III
Boarding  House 339 III
Boatwright Norval 282 III
Boblitts Bessie    191 III
Boblitts Charles 191 III
Boblitts Ethan Allen 59 III
Boblitts Mae Cress 59 III
Boblitts Nancy Pinkston 191 III
Bock John 251, 289 III
Bock John Mrs 290 III
Boenitz Carl H 248 III
Boenitz 248 III
Boersma Elizabeth Ann 83 III
Boethwick Frederick Seward 16 III
Boethwick Gerald Wayne 16 III
Boethwick Harold Mason 16 III
Boethwick Harold McCartney 16 III
Boethwick Helen 16 III
Boethwick Joann 16 III
Boethwick Larry Richard 16 III
Boethwick Marvin Bryan 16 III
Boethwick Nancy Diane 16 III
Boethwick Rozelene Black 16 III
Bogan Clara Piper 220 III
Bogue Sam Mrs 388 III
Bolen Ray F Mrs 141 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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