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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Bryant Boyd L 180 III
Bryant Dana Kay 180 III
Bryant Helen Quinby 180 III
Bryant John Morris 180 III
Bryant John Robert 180 III
Bryant Marian Wilson 236 III
Bryant Marjorie Wilson 180 III
Bryant Ruth Ann 180 III
Bryant Scott Frederick 180 III
Bryant Teresa Jane 180 III
Brych Dorothy 46 III
Buchanan John 310 III
Bucher Bill 21 III
Bucher Bob 21 III
Bucher Carol    21 III
Bucher Kathryn 21 III
Bucher Linda 21 III
Bucher Rollo R 321 III
Buchman Burton Mrs 250 III
Buchman L C 247, 340 III
Buchman L C Mrs 314 III
Buchman Mary Davis 103 III
Buchman Rex Burton 103 III
Buchman Susan Kay 103 III
Buck J J & Mrs 303 III
Buckles Beverly Miser 157 III
Buckles Ron 157 III
Buffington Harry 323 III
Buffington Harry W 329 III
Buffington Laura Mrs 329 III
Buhrer Elizabeth 205 III
Bumgardner Alverne Bernice 50 III
Bumgardner Dale Forrest 50 III
Bumgardner Dean 50 III
Bumgardner Jo Etta 50 III
Bumgardner Joe Dean 50 III
Bumgardner June Louise 50 III
Bumgardner Nadean 50 III
Bumgardner Opal 50 III
Bumgardner Virginia Ann 50 III
Bunker Phyllis 265 III
Buoy J M 262 III
Buoy John M 264 III
Burch America Harris 38 III
Burch America 38 III
Burch America Mrs 39 III
Burch Cabe 39 III
Burch James 38 III
Burch John 39 III
Burch John James 38 III
Burch Mildrd Mosier 38, 383 III
Burch Mildred   39 III
Burch Mildred Mrs 13 III
Burch Missouri 38 III
Burch Mrs    39 III
Burch Peter 38 III
Burch Reuben  38 III
Burch Robert Boone 38 III
Burch W C "Cabe" 38 III
Burch William Camallis "Cabe 39 III
Burenheide Clare Baker 15 III
Burner William 54 III
Burnett Anna Mary Fiske 39 III
Burnett C H 40 III
Burnett Charles    244 III
Burnett Charles H 40, 41 III
Burnett Charles H 338, 339, 340 III
Burnett Charles Harris 39, 42 III
Burnett E F 39 III
Burnett F G 39 III
Burnett Harriet Ellington 40, 42 III
Burnett Hattie 41 III
Burnett Helen 184 III
Burnett Helen Replogle 41 III
Burnett J C 39 III
Burnett Johnathan C Judge 39 III
Burnett Johnathan Coleman 39 III
Burnett Judge 40 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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