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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Chapman Babara 257 III
Chapman Barbara Joan 161 III
Chapman Brett Dawson 61 III
Chapman Carol 161 III
Chapman Dorothy 161 III
Chapman Dorothy Marie 61 III
Chapman H L 161 III
Chapman Howard II 161 III
Chapman Howard Lewis 61 III
Chapman Howard Lewis Jr 61 III
Chapman Howard Louis II 161 III
Chapman Jeffory Mark 61 III
Chapman John Elmer` 52 III
Chapman Joy Lynn 161, 377 III
Chapman Joy Lynn 378, 380 III
Chapman Kelly Jo 61 III
Chapman Marion 52 III
Chapman Richard  161 III
Chapman Sarah Mrs 230 III
Chappelle Ada  131 III
Chappelle Arthur    132 III
Chappelle Arthur Bertram 129 III
Chappelle Benton   129 III
Chappelle Benton M 129 III
Chappelle Carrie Belle 129 III
Chappelle Florence Abbie G 129 III
Chappelle Florence Ada 128, 129 III
Chappelle Frank Benton 129 III
Chappelle Granville Morgan 129 III
Chappelle Mamie 131 III
Chappelle Marcus Guthrie 129 III
Chappelle Mary Corena 129 III
Chappelle Virgie 130 III
Chappelle Virginia Helen 129 III
Chase 181 III
Chase S L Rev 287, 290 III
Chase Co Chorale Society 250 III
Chase Co State Lake 265 III
Chase County Leader News 55 III
Chautaugua Grounds 340 III
Chautauqua Program 340 III
Cheever Denise Lynn 50 III
Cheever Floyd 50 III
Cheever June Louise 50 III
Chelberg Charles   35 III
Chelberg Jane 35 III
Chelberg Jerry Wayne 35 III
Chelberg Kay Marie 35 III
Chelberg Steven Robert 35 III
Chelley Charles 17 III
Chelley Jane Ellen Blackburn 17 III
Chelley Jerry Wayne 17 III
Chelley Kuz Marie 17 III
Chelley Steven Robert 17 III
Childers Mabel    119 III
Childs Bessie J 326 III
Childs Dewey (Lura) 63 III
Childs Ed Mrs 340 III
Childs Edwin Dean 63 III
Childs Gary 64 III
Childs Larry 64 III
Childs Lura 63 III
Childs Maxine 63 III
Childs Waneta    63 III
Childs Wayne    289 III
Childs Wayne Mrs 290 III
Chills 270, 271 III
Chisum Kelly Mrs 46 III
Chrisco Jo Anne 197 III
Chrisco Melvin Mrs 197 III
Chrisco Michael A   197 III
Chrisco Patricia J 197 III
Christlieb Barbara 71 III
Christlieb Donald   71 III
Christlieb Glen Mrs 71 III
Christlieb Lela May 71 III
Christlieb Leroy 71 III
Cipia Craig 38 III
Cipia Jan Elwyn 38 III
Cipia Kim  38 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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