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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Emslie 266 III
Engle Lyle 264 III
Engle N Ferd 285 III
Engleman Alice J Blackburn 33 III
Enlow Carrie 156 III
Epley Elsie Cox 96 III
Espey Christopher Lee 144 III
Espey Clara Thakla 143 III
Espey Deloris 144 III
Espey Doc Smith 143 III
Espey Marvin Doc 144 III
Estes George    384, 385 III
Estes Mabel   207 III
Estes Mrs 385 III
Eubank J R Rev 291 III
Eureka Hotel 55 III
Evans Ben 165 III
Evans Debra 21 III
Evans Del 173 III
Evans Diane 380 III
Evans Diane Maurine 25 III
Evans Don J 25 III
Evans Don Mrs 380 III
Evans Elizabeth Jane 165 III
Evans Ella 165 III
Evans Geraldine "Gene" 173 III
Evans Gladys    202 III
Evans Goldie 216 III
Evans Helen Maurine  25 III
Evans James 21 III
Evans Jeraldine Elizabeth 165 III
Evans Lester 374 III
Evans Lumber Co 136 III
Evans Lydia Ellen 151 III
Evans Martha 21 III
Evans Mary Jane 165, 166 III
Evans Michelle 21 III
Evans Nell 178 III
Evans Pearle Iamba 151 III
Evans Robert W 165 III
Evans Rosa 30 III
Evans Sabra Wilhite 173 III
Evans Teresa 21 III
Evans W J 23 III
Evans W P 151, 341 III
Evans Wally 347 III
Evans Wayne J 374 III
Evans  Wilma Bechelmayr 21 III
Evergreen 309 III
Eye Pat    381 III
Fagard Child 132 III
Fagard Gene 132 III
Fagg Dorphus 67 III
Fagg Julia 67 III
Fairchilds Fathers 286 III
Falls Township Cemetery 154 III
Farber Beverly Joan 62 III
Faris Fred C 326 III
Faris Yoland L 326 III
Farvue 309 III
Farvue Farm 374 III
Fear Merle C 321 III
Feetere John 385 III
Fenn F W  277 III
Fenn James 277 III
Ferguson Agnes 167 III
Ferguson Bird 241 III
Ferguson Janet McNee 167 III
Ferlet Bessie Howard 367 III
Ferree Ethel 139 III
Ferree Frank 139 III
Ferrell Andrew Wood 49 III
Ferrell John Keith 49 III
Ferrell Karen 62 III
Ferrell Michael 62 III
Ferrell Molly Kathryn 49 III
Ferrell Olive Pauline 49 III
Fetrow Harry 381 III
Fetty Virginia 117 III
Feuerborn Jane Elaine 141 III
Feuerborn Nancy 141 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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