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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Figard S 297 III
Filinger Brenda Lu 152 III
Filinger Frank 152 III
Filinger Jefferyr Jay 152 III
Filinger Lisa Lynn 152 III
Fillmore Betty Rae 162 III
Fillmore Edward & Mrs 162 III
Fillmore Elexia Rae 162 III
Fillmore Ethel May 166 III
Fillmore Robert J 321 III
Filson 386 III
Filson Mrs 386 III
Finch Margaret 92 III
Fink Ada Caroline 171 III
Fink Alice Messer 151 III
Fink Birdie 18 III
Fink Carl H 395 III
Fink Frankie 18 III
Fink Geo   18 III
Fink Harold Messer 151 III
Fink Janet 18 III
Fink Jimmy 151 III
Fink Maria B 308 III
Fink   Maria Barnes 18 III
Finkle Cinthia Janine 166 III
Finkle Eric 166 III
Finkle Eugene D Dr 166 III
Finkle Harry Robert 166 III
Finley Edgar S 179 III
Finley Gideon E 340 III
Finley Helen Elizabeth 179 III
Finley Hugh L 15 III
Finley Janet Gayle 179 III
Finley Margaret 69, 253 III
Finley Nell Hanna 59 III
Finley Sandra Lee 179 III
Fintel H A 279 III
Fintel H A Rev 291 III
Fintel Homer A Rev 289 III
Finuf Wilma 21 III
Fishburn Florence 52 III
Fisher Bertha 66 III
Fisher Bertha Lee 84 III
Fisher Clara 67 III
Fisher Dagmar 66 III
Fisher Dora 67 III
Fisher Floyd 66 III
Fisher Glenn 44 III
Fisher Helen 66 III
Fisher Inez 67 III
Fisher J C 236, 362 III
Fisher James 309 III
Fisher James H 310 III
Fisher James Walter 84 III
Fisher John 44, 65 III
Fisher John Edmund 84 III
Fisher Judy   24 III
Fisher Julia 67 III
Fisher Karl 66 III
Fisher Lannie 44 III
Fisher Mable 44 III
Fisher Marianna 67 III
Fisher Mary 67 III
Fisher Mary Diana 66 III
Fisher Ruth 67 III
Fisher S G 236 III
Fisher Stella 44 III
Fisher Tom 67 III
Fiske Anna Mary 39 III
Flear Thos H 284 III
Fletcher Berneice 38 III
Flick Christine 46 III
Flick John William 46 III
Flick Marguerite   46 III
Flick William Mrs 46 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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