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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Gibson W B    232 III
Gibson P D Mrs 396 III
Gibson Paris D 395 III
Giddins Mildred   46 III
Giger Alan 71 III
Giger Alice 71 III
Giger Angeline Shaffer 70 III
Giger Celia 71, 72 III
Giger Celia Moore 71 III
Giger Cornelia 70, 71 III
Giger Debra 71 III
Giger Dorothy    71 III
Giger Edwin 331 III
Giger Edwin Gillett 71 III
Giger Edwin Mrs 289 III
Giger Elva Lura 71 III
Giger Elva Lura 72 III
Giger Emma May 72 III
Giger Harold Henry 71, 72 III
Giger Harold Jr 72 III
Giger Harvey 71 III
Giger Harvey M 70 III
Giger Harvey Milton 70 III
Giger Henry 70 III
Giger Inez 71 III
Giger Irma Ruth 71 III
Giger Janice Kay 72 III
Giger Joyce 71 III
Giger Julia Grace 71 III
Giger Lela May 71 III
Giger Leroy Milton 71 III
Giger Martha Cornelia 72 III
Giger Nora   72 III
Giger Orville    72 III
Giger Orville Edward 71 III
Giger Robert Moore 72 III
Giger Willie 71 III
Gigstead Gladys    233 III
Gilbert Herman Dee 87 III
Gilbert Phyllis 87 III
Gillespie H M 266 III
Gillett H F & Mrsa 71 III
Gillett Inez 71 III
Gillette Helen 226 III
Gilmore Ella Mrs 238 III
Gilmore Filling Station 303 III
Gilmore  Maria 230 III
Giltner Esther Fern 159 III
Giltner John H Dr 159 III
Giltner Johnny 159 III
Giltner June 159 III
Giltner Timmy 159 III
Gladden James Mrs 377 III
Gladfelter C F 252 III
Gladfelter C J 264 III
Glanville Barbara Ann 74 III
Glanville Barbara Jane 74 III
Glanville Betty Jo 74 III
Glanville Blanche Stone 73 III
Glanville Charles 73 III
Glanville Charles  Arthur 73 III
Glanville Dorothy 74 III
Glanville Dorothy Lyle 74 III
Glanville Evangeline 73, 395 III
Glanville Florence Roberts 74 III
Glanville Francis    73 III
Glanville Frank 74 III
Glanville Fred Leslie 74 III
Glanville Grace Tremaine 74 III
Glanville Irene 74 III
Glanville Jack 74 III
Glanville Jack Jr 74 III
Glanville James Edward 74 III
Glanville James Eric 74 III
Glanville James Tremaine 73 III
Glanville Jane Tremaine 74 III
Glanville Janet 74 III
Glanville John Bennett 73, 74 III
Glanville John Roberts 74 III
Glanville Joseph C 74 III
Glanville Joseph C Jr 74 III
Glanville Mae 74 III
Glanville Marcia Joan 74 III
Glanville Mary Ellen 74 III
Glanville Mary Frances 74 III
Glanville Mary Jean 74 III
Glanville Mary Sue 74 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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