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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Johnson Mabel 24 III
Johnson Mabel Beedle 26 III
Johnson Mathe Lucile 137 III
Johnson Nancy Jo 137 III
Johnson PhyllisVey 137 III
Johnson Rebecca Marie 137 III
Johnson Richard Allen 137 III
Johnson Roma Skinner 24 III
Johnson Roy E 136 III
Johnson Ruby Irene 24 III
Johnson Samuel 135 III
Johnson Steven Edward 24 III
Johnson W D 181 III
Johnson W H 279 III
Johnson  William H 278 III
Johnston Bruce Mrs 368 III
Johnston Clyde 373 III
Johnston Elmer Mrs 367 III
Johnston Maud 231 III
Jones Artie 99 III
Jones Bertha Crystal 168 III
Jones C K 331 III
Jones Clarence    139 III
Jones Dr 386 III
Jones Edwin D 139 III
Jones Edwin Mrs 138 III
Jones Estella 99 III
Jones Ethel 139 III
Jones Evan 371 III
Jones Frances May 97 III
Jones Fred 77 III
Jones Gene Sherman 97 III
Jones Gertrude 99 III
Jones Grace 139 III
Jones Guy 99 III
Jones H H 308 III
Jones Howel Corbet 394 III
Jones Howel H 394 III
Jones Jann Clariene 97 III
Jones Junior 256 III
Jones Katherine 180 III
Jones Leota Laura 97 III
Jones Loreen 139 III
Jones Lorena Maybelle 95 III
Jones Lucille 139 III
Jones Mabel 139 III
Jones Marshall D 97 III
Jones Mary Alma 149 III
Jones Mattie K Mrs 394 III
Jones Neveta June 97 III
Jones Pearl 139 III
Jones Pleasant 151 III
Jones Ralph 99 III
Jones Ray 93 III
Jones Raymond Lee 97 III
Jones Ruth 58 III
Jones Sherman Charles 97 III
Jones Stan Colin 97 III
Jones Stephen F 145, 372 III
Jones Stephen Ray 97 III
Jones Susan Debra 97 III
Jones Thomas 279 III
Jones Wilma Winifred 97 III
Jones   243 III
Jones   267 III
Jordan Zoe Channel 74 III
Jorgensen Anna   96 III
Joy Donald 33 III
Joy Linda Lu 33 III
Joy Michael 33 III
Judd Connie 377, 379 III
Judd Roberta 376 III
Judy Alexander N 199 III
Judy Caroline 199 III
Judy Rachel Stauffer 199 III
Junkins Janette Isabel 174 III
Junkins Ralph C 174 III
Kaffe Klatch 237 III
Kafir Pink 251 III
Kaltenbacher Alice 65 III
Kaltenbacher Gertrude 65 III
Kaltenbacher Gus 65 III
Kaltenbacher Joy Lee 65 III
Kaltenbacher Sherri 65 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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