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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Kanak Ivan 264 III
Kanon Eric 132 III
Kanon Gregg  132 III
Kanon Jay J 132 III
Kanon John C 132 III
Kanon Merle D 132 III
Kansas Press 310 III
Keilshuner Mr 272 III
Kellam Benjamin Harrison 139 III
Kellam Bert 139 III
Kellam Cora Alice 139 III
Kellam Dovie Elizabeth 139 III
Kellam Florence Josophene 139 III
Kellam Grace 139 III
Kellam Harmon 138 III
Kellam Harmon Bertram 139 III
Kellam Kate Myrtle 139 III
Kellam Kenneth Theodore 139 III
Kellam Luella 139 III
Kellam Mary Jane 139 III
Kellam Minnie Bell 140 III
Kellam Nathan Arley 139 III
Kellam William H 139 III
Keller Martha 230 III
Keller Martha Wilson 233 III
Keller Mrs 393 III
Keller Nancy 233, 250 III
Keller Roger 66 III
Keller Selma 66 III
Keller Wayne J 233 III
Keller Wayne J Mrs 393 III
Keller Wayne Mrs 396 III
Kelley Bud Mrs 38 III
Kelley D Kenneth 180 III
Kelley Joan  38 III
Kelley John Kenneth 180 III
Kelley Paula 38 III
Kelley Peggy 38 III
Kelley Sarah Mrs 340 III
Kelley Troy Allen 38 III
Kellogg Mr & Mrs 304 III
Kelly D S 285 III
Kelly Louise Mrs 285 III
Kelly O J 293 III
Kelsey Lois 22 III
Kent Veva Fannie 86 III
Kenyon Arthur 193 III
Kenyon Byran 193 III
Kenyon Carolyn 193 III
Kenyon Inez Elizabeth 193 III
Kenyon Philip   193 III
Kern Anna 229 III
Kerr Mary Alice 178 III
Kessler Dorothy 74 III
Kettle Wyllie 36 III
Kieferle Busselle 118 III
Kilgore John 198 III
Kilmer Anna 103 III
Kilpatrick George S 119 III
Kilpatrick Katherine 119 III
Kimberling J W 285 III
King Dorothy 77 III
King Rosa Belle    200 III
Kingsbury Marion Florence 101 III
Kinney Catherine 175 III
Kinney Dollie Iles    216 III
Kintzel Jerry 293 III
Kirk Family 392 III
Kirk Meredith   252 III
Kirk Victor Mrs 394 III
Kissel Eldon 49 III
Kissel Ruth Emma 49 III
Klamm Ralph 250 III
Kleinsorge Earl 251 III
Kline Billie 140 III
Kline Betty 141 III
Kline Charles 140 III
Kline David C 141 III
Kline Emma   140 III
Kline Ethel 133,141 III
Kline Eva 217 III
Kline Evangeline "Eva" 141 III
Kline Harry S 141 III
Kline Helen   141 III
Kline Howard M 141 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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