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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Peyton Dennis 311 III
Pfaff George L 34 III
Pfaff Jane 35 III
Pfaff Julie Anne 35 III
Pfaff Nancy Jane 35 III
Pfaff Richard George 35 III
Pfaff Ruth 34 III
Pfeffer Janice M 57 III
Pflager Agnes 181 III
Pflager Charles 181 III
Pflager Fred 181 III
Pflager Minnie   181 III
Phelps A D Rev 272, 273 III
Pherigo Jessie Maude 28 III
Pherigo Dan   258 III
Pherigo Joan 262 III
Phillips Mildred 376 III
Phillips Paul 339 III
Phillips Sharon 376 III
Pickard S C 317 III
Pickard Charles 317 III
Pickard Place 320 III
Pickards 99 III
Pierce J O 181 III
Pierce Aileen Laymon 182 III
Pierce David Lee 182 III
Pierce Donalda Jane 182 III
Pierce Jennie 319, 320 III
Pierce John 319 III
Pierce John Laymon 182 III
Pierce Katherine 182 III
Pierce Kimberly 182 III
Pierce Leila Rae 182 III
Pierce Leita Faye 182 III
Pierce Leroy 181 III
Pierce Leslie 181 III
Pierce Lester 181 III
Pierce Lester Charles II 182 III
Pierce Mabel   182 III
Pierce Marshall 295 III
Pierce Matthias 317 III
Pierce Mila Jeanne 375 III
Pierce Mrs 182 III
Pierce Rebecca 319 III
Pierce Tina 182 III
Pierce Walter Leroy 182 III
Pine Ridge 308 III
Pinkston C W 131 III
Pinkston Alfred "Chub" 371 III
Pinkston E W 370 III
Pinkston Oliver 365 III
Pinkston William 297 III
Pioneer Bluffs 307 III
Pioneers Chase County 342 III
Piper Cheryl 220 III
Piper Clara 220 III
Piper Richard 220 III
Piper Walter A 220 III
Pittman D L 324 III
Pitts Aldean 293 III
Plumberg Henry 386 III
Plumberg Joe 386 III
Plumberg Wilhelm 386 III
Plummer Helen Toye 125 III
Plummer Ida 200 III
Plummer Stanley 226 III
Plummer Stanley "Buddie" 226 III
Plummer Sybil 226 III
Plummer Timothy 226 III
Plummer William Edward 125 III
Plummer Winifred   226 III
Podunk 75 III
Poe 212 III
Pohlman Bryan Russel 84 III
Pohlman Curtis Richard 84 III
Pohlman Jack Richard 84 III
Poland W G 136 III
Polly Gilda Beth 46 III
Polly Joene 46 III
Polly Ray Mrs 46 III
Pool Maria Louise 58 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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