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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Ronsick Jim Mrs 314 III
Rookstool Ashley Rev 288, 290 III
Roosevelt Sara Delano 128 III
Root Genece M 177 III
Rose H A 232 III
Rose J M 282 III
Rose Rachel Best 199 III
Ross Maria Jane 43 III
Ross Wiley 43 III
Ross 386 III
Roth Jacob 316 III
Rowe Alvin Rev 291 III
Rufener Louis 253 III
Ruhlen C L 279 III
Rumsey Becky 141 III
Rumsey Cindy 141 III
Rumsey Debbie 141 III
Rumsey Jacqueline Schnert 141 III
Rumsey Mike 141 III
Rusk Carol Ann 228 III
Russell Bertha 252 III
Russell Clara Brandley 395 III
Russell Inez 67 III
Russell J S 290 III
Russell J S Rev 287 III
Russell Marie 227 III
Russell Nate 247 III
Rydle Esther 180 III
Sack Joan Dianne 84 III
Sack John Edmund 84 III
Sack Norma Jane 84 III
Sadler Mary Kathleen 159 III
Sadler Myrtle 159 III
Sadler Retha Mrs 290 III
Sadler Retha Rev 291 III
Safford C W Rev 273 III
Saffordville 348 III
Salisbury Ruth Ann 101 III
Salley Ruth 264 III
Salts R M Rev 285 III
Sampson A L 279 III
Sampson Ed 195 III
Sampson Frank 351 III
Sanders John Mrs 312 III
Sanders Mable G 368 III
Sands Emma Jean 220 III
Sands L Dean 220 III
Sands Mable Loraine 220 III
Sanford F C 293 III
Sanford Floyd 293 III
Sanford J W 293 III
Sanford Thaine 253 III
Santa Fe Place 307 III
Santy Hamell   115 III
Santy Hamell Company 114 III
Santy L P 266 III
Sargo Atlas 253 III
Sauble David 370 III
Sauble David Edward 25 III
Sauble Edna 25, 26 III
Sauble Frank 26 III
Sauble Frank E 25 III
Sauble Frank Eugene 25 III
Sauble Frankie 370 III
Sauble John C 370, 395 III
Sauble Pat 331 III
Sauble Patrick & Mrs 370 III
Sauder Tank Company 171 III
Savlor Corey 46 III
Savlor Jolene 46 III
Savlor Kim 46 III
Savlor Mary Jane 46 III
Savlor Ted Mrs 46 III
Sayre Charles 307 III
Sayre Dale 68 III
Sayre Edna 68 III
Sayre Ellsworth 189 III
Sayre Elmer 68 III
Sayre Ernest 250 III
Sayre Florence 188 III
Sayre Helen 189 III
Sayre Irene 189 III
Sayre Laverna 188 III
Sayre Lulu 190 III
Sayre Lulu Deering 188 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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