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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Sayre Mabel 187 III
Sayre Mabel Clare 188 III
Sayre Martha A 187 III
Sayre Merlyn 188 III
Sayre Myrtle 189 III
Sayre Owen Thomas 188 III
Sayre Richard 187 III
Sayre Richard Thomas 188 III
Sayre Sue Frances 187 III
Sayre T E 307 III
Sayre Thomas 189 III
Sayre Thomas Bonapart 187 III
Sayre Thomas Ellsworth 187 III
Sayre Tommy    187 III
Sayre W J 308 III
Sayre W R 308 III
Schaeffer Dee Ann 103 III
Schaeffer Iva Sue 103 III
Schaeffer Linda Sue 103 III
Scharenburg Louise Mrs 295 III
Scharenburg Paul 295, 366 III
Schinner Bros 88 III
Schlupe Floyd 253 III
Schmidl Edna 69 III
Schmidt Lillian 79 III
Schneider F W 394 III
Schnert Robert 141 III
Schnider Frieda 103 III
Schoap Henry 331 III
Schoap Shirley 264 III
Schoap Shirley Mrs 259 III
Schriver E V   308 III
Schriver Mill 54 III
Schroeder Darlene Georgianna 116 III
Schroeder George 116 III
Schroeder Virginia 116 III
Schubert Henry Mrs 345 III
Schultz Dianne Claire 126 III
Schultz E A 253 III
Schultz Hugo 345 III
Schuluraff Frank   205 III
Schwilling Blanche 396 III
Schwilling Charles 396 III
Schwilling Etta 396 III
Schwilling Joe 111 III
Schwilling  Schoolhouse 298 III
Schwilling  Seppie Janette 65 III
Schwilling  Shirley 250 III
Scott E M 279 III
Scott Edna 376 III
Scott Elmer 174 III
Scott Gary 261 III
Scott Harriet R  174 III
Scott Hilda 226 III
Scott James Mrs 378 III
Scott M E 282 III
Scott Myrtle 30 III
Scott Sharon Kay 174 III
Scott Shirley 264 III
Scott Sue 376 III
Scribner A Z 340 III
Scribner Beverly June 127 III
Scribner Bonnie Lou 127 III
Scribner Burt C 237 III
Scribner Elizabeth "Betty" 127 III
Scribner Elizabeth Maxine 127 III
Scribner Gertrude "Peg" 127 III
Scribner House 374 III
Scribner John C 126, 371 III
Scribner John C & Mrs 374 III
Scribner John H 371 III
Scribner N B 237 III
Scribner Nat 127 III
Scribner Ula Luma 150 III
Self Bessie 191 III
Self Frank E 190 III
Self Frank Edward 191 III
Self Grace Myrtle 190, 191 III
Self Martin Edward 190 III
Self Myrtle 191 III
Self Sarinda 190 III
Self William H 190 III
Self William Henry 191 III
Sells 388 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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