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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Spellman Cynthia 77 III
Spellman Everette 79 III
Spellman June 77 III
Spellman Robin 77 III
Spellman Ronald 77 III
Spellman Stewart 77 III
Spellman Terry 77 III
Spence Mary Jane Chambers 145 III
Spence Michael Hickman 145 III
Spencer Adaline 235 III
Sperling 302 III
Spicer Mr & Mrs 386 III
Spillman J 356, 358 III
Spring Valley 308 III
Spring Dale Farm 308 III
Springer Hazel Viola 227 III
Springer Jack    227 III
SS George E 59 III
St Anthony Catholic Church 311 III
Stahl Ruth 293 III
Stahl Terri 380 III
Stanbraugh Charles Eugene 60 III
Stanbraugh Farm 36 III
Stanbraugh Joyce 60 III
Stanbraugh Mary Jane 60 III
Stanbraugh Nadine Ada 60 III
Stanbraugh Robert Edward 60 III
Stanbraugh Sue Ann 60 III
Stanbrough Warren 60 III
Stanley J D 293 III
Stanley John 231 III
Stanley Mary Mrs 230 III
Stanton Farm 141 III
Stanton receipt 36 III
Starkey Anita 78 III
Starkey Arthur 216 III
Starkey Bernice Jean 65 III
Starkey Betty 163 III
Starkey Deanna Sue 64 III
Starkey Eldon 78 III
Starkey Elmo   371 III
Starkey Geo W 394 III
Starkey George Tedrow 163 III
Starkey Georgia 163 III
Starkey Harriet 163 III
Starkey Hattie Rosa  203 III
Starkey Hattie Rosa Stephenson 63 III
Starkey Hazel Weaver 163 III
Starkey Jesse J 308 III
Starkey Karen 163 III
Starkey Kermit 375 III
Starkey Leland Webster 300 III
Starkey Mary Jean 65 III
Starkey Naoma 78 III
Starkey Paul 163 III
Starkey Rowena 252 III
Starkey Sharon 163 III
Starkey Steven 65 III
Starkey Tedrow Rueben 163 III
Starkey Timothy   163 III
Starkey Verle 78 III
Starkey Verne 375 III
Starkey Wendell 78 III
Starkey William Frederick 65 III
Starks Alice Kay 154 III
Starr Maurice "Pat" 374 III
Stauffer Grant  199 III
Stauffer Harry Beach 199 III
Stauffer Hary B Dr 199 III
Stauffer Larry 199 III
Stauffer Marjorie Steerman 199 III
Stauffer Maurice H Dr 199 III
Stauffer Maurice Jr 199 III
Stauffer Nancy 199 III
Stauffer Pearl C 198, 199 III
Stauffer Priscilla 199 III
Stauffer Samuel    198 III
Stauffer Samuel R 198 III
Stauffer Sarah Kilgore 198 III
Stauffer Sylvia 199 III
Stead   Cynthia 81 III
Stead   Dale 81 III
Stead   Jeffrey    81 III
Stead   Timothy 81 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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