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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Townley John 282 III
Township Cemetery 248 III
Trayer Charles    226 III
Trayer Chloe Ann 226 III
Trayer Dale 226 III
Trayer Danny 226 III
Trayer Dorothy Arnold 226 III
Trayer Harold 226 III
Trexel Dennis Wayne 31 III
Trexel Richard Baird 31 III
Trexel Sylvia Leigh 31 III
Trexel W L 31 III
Trexel Wm Ralph 31 III
Trigg Chloe Ann 226 III
Trigg Harold 226 III
Triplett Babe 216 III
Triplett Cora    216 III
Triplett Dick 216 III
Triplett Dollie Iles Kinney 216 III
Triplett Gertrude 216 III
Triplett Gertrude Park 215 III
Triplett Goldie 216 III
Triplett Guy 215 III
Triplett Herbert 216 III
Triplett Jane Flott 215, 216 III
Triplett Maude 216 III
Triplett Richard 216 III
Triplett William 216 III
Triplett William H 215 III
Trombla Marjorie June 159 III
Trombla Nancy Sue 159 III
Trombla Richard 159 III
Trowbridge C W Mrs 367 III
Truex Billie Louise 46 III
Truex Byram 46 III
Truex Everett 46 III
Truex Frank Idol 46 III
Truex Jennie 46 III
Trusler Harold P 394 III
Trussell Cathie Jean 177 III
Trussell Cathy 377, 378, 380 III
Trussell Gilbert 377 III
Trussell Gilbert H Jr 177 III
Trussell Gilbert Jr 378 III
Trussell Larry Gilbert 177 III
Trussell Lee Ann 377, 378, 380 III
Trussell Lela Ann 177 III
Trussell Lela Elizabeth 177 III
Tucker Bethel Cipia  38 III
Tuckett Evelyn Bird 96 III
Turkey Springs Ranch 307 III
Turner Claudia 378 III
Turner Claudine 380 III
Turner Helen Mrs 380 III
Turney Bonnie Lee 164 III
Turney Brent Alan 164 III
Turney Charla Lee 164 III
Turney Charles Edwin 164 III
Turney Wade Alan 164 III
Tuttle J M & Mrs 303 III
Tuttle Nettie Mrs 304 III
Tweedale Parker Rock Crusher 327 III
Tweedy Rachel 93 III
Twining E C 272 III
Twining H H 272 III
Twining H H Mrs 273 III
Tyler Cora 186 III
Uhl Caroline 102 III
Uhl Ethel 103 III
Uhl Marguerite    102 III
Uhl Val 102 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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