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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Umberger Bruce Elden 217 III
Umberger Bruce Martin 217 III
Umberger Caroline R 217 III
Umberger Caroline R Collett 216 III
Umberger Cecil Collett 217 III
Umberger Cecil Mrs 141 III
Umberger Dona Jean 217 III
Umberger Earl Houston 217 III
Umberger Eva 217 III
Umberger Gail Morris 217 III
Umberger Georgia 217 III
Umberger Glen Owen 217 III
Umberger H 340 III
Umberger Harry & Mrs 203 III
Umberger Ila Jane 217 III
Umberger Jeanette 217 III
Umberger John 216 III
Umberger John Fredrick 217 III
Umberger John Ray 217 III
Umberger Lewis C 216, 217 III
Umberger M D 216 III
Umberger Orpha M 217 III
Umberger Ottie 217 III
Umberger Susan 216 III
Umberger William C 141 III
Umberger William Collett 217 III
Umstead Georgia   156 III
Underwood Allen B 321 III
Ure  Myrna Mayo 154 III
Vail Jacob 317, 318, 319 III
Vail Jacob Rev 44 III
Van Darin Mr 370 III
Van Deren Dick 240 III
Van Natta Jeffrey Lynn 27, 33 III
Van Natta Mary Jean 27, 32 III
Van Netta Patricia Ann 27, 33 III
Van Netta Ruth 46 III
Van Netta W W 27, 33 III
Van Patten W E Rev 291 III
Van Sickle H D 347 III
Van Sickle Alice 350 III
Van Sickle Alice Mrs 370 III
Van Sickle Jack Mrs 350 III
Van Sickle John 370 III
Vanderpool Martha A 53 III
Vandervelde Jacob 52 III
Vandervelde John Jacob 52 III
Vandervelde Joseph Paul 52 III
Vandervord Cindy 67 III
Vandervord Kale 67 III
Vandervord Richard 67 III
Vandervord Steven 67 III
Vandervord Tina 67 III
Vanill C W 278 III
Varner James 206 III
Vaughn Laverna 188 III
Vaught Colleen Kay 170 III
Vaught Elisabeth Carol 170 III
Vaught Kathleen Ann 170 III
Vaught Laura Marie 170 III
Vaught Robet L 170 III
Veatch Harry 381 III
Veburg A 272 III
Veburg May 272 III
Veit William 318 III
Vickers J V 115 III
Vincent Sarah 365 III
Vincent Thomas 365 III
Vinnedge Libbie 292 III
Vinnedge J W 293 III
Vinson Ida M 366, 394 III
Vosper Jo Ann 154 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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