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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Wilcox H M Dr 396 III
Wilcox Harry Martin 225, 227 III
Wilcox Hazel Viola 227 III
Wilcox Lela 227 III
Wilcox LeRoy 227 III
Wilcox Lillian Kretsinger 228 III
Wilcox Loretta Matti 228 III
Wilcox Mae 218, 226 III
Wilcox Marie Russell 227 III
Wilcox Mary Mae 226 III
Wilcox Mina Brant 228 III
Wilcox Olive Elizabeth 227 III
Wilcox Rebecca Norris 225 III
Wilcox Robert 227 III
Wilcox Roy 225, 228 III
Wilcox Roy Albert 228 III
Wild Cate Creel 142 III
Wildemere Henry 250 III
Wiles Frances Rosa 232 III
Wiley Ira 279 III
Wilhite Constance 202 III
Wilhite Sabra    173 III
Wilkerson Anna 205, 207 III
Wilkerson Roy 207 III
Wilkerson Sidra Vonn 207 III
Willey Alice Amanda Watson 224 III
Willey Blanche 224 III
Willey Dorothy    71 III
Willey Edna 224 III
Willey Florence 224 III
Willey Nea  224 III
Willey Roy    224 III
Willey Samuel James 224 III
Willey Warren "Bud" 224 III
Willhite D R 31 III
Willhite Barbara Lynn 31 III
Willhite Brenda Sue 31 III
Willhite Carol Elizabeth 31 III
Willhite Charles Glenn 31 III
Willhite Dale Russell 31 III
Willhite Dalena Ann 31 III
Willhite David Robert 31 III
Willhite Desmond Lynn 31 III
Willhite Iris Dennis 31 III
Willhite James Boyd 31 III
Willhite Jean Anne 31 III
Willhite June Bryce 31 III
Willhite Karen Wynne 31 III
Willhite LeAnn 31 III
Willhite Lori Ann 31 III
Willhite Marchetta 31 III
Willhite Marjorie 31 III
Willhite Mark Dennis 31 III
Willhite Mattie West 31 III
Willhite Merle B 31 III
Willhite Michael 31 III
Willhite Patricia Joan 31 III
Willhite Paul Grant 31 III
Willhite Steven 31 III
Williams A R 279 III
Williams A R Rev 290 III
Williams Alice Elizabeth 229 III
Williams Anna Embree 229 III
Williams Anna Kern 229 III
Williams Bertha Alice 229, 230 III
Williams Christoher Simon 229 III
Williams Christopher Caton 230 III
Williams Christopher Columbus 229 III
Williams Christopher Simon 230 III
Williams David Llewellyn 208 III
Williams Diana Lucille 208 III
Williams Eliza Emaline 57 III
Williams Emily Caton 230 III
Williams Esther Elizabeth 229, 230 III
Williams Frank    230 III
Williams Franklin Embree 229 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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