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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Yenzer Leona Payton 234 III
Yenzer Lois 234 III
Yenzer Mack 234,254 III
Yenzer Maggie 233 III
Yenzer Margaret 231 III
Yenzer Margaret Audrey 234 III
Yenzer Margaret Wilson 233 III
Yenzer Patricia 233 III
Yenzer Robert 233 III
Yenzer Ronald 234 III
Yenzer Russell 234 III
Yenzer Sandra 234 III
Yenzer Seward 231 III
Yenzer Seward A 233 III
Yenzer Sylvia 234 III
Yenzer Vyrel 234 III
Yenzer Wayne J 234 III
Yeoman Emmerson Mrs 340 III
Yette James Joseph 164 III
Yette Leo Joseph 164 III
Yette Rebecca Annette 164 III
Yoakem Betty Rae 162 III
Yoakem Bus 162 III
Yoakem C O & Mrs 162 III
Yoakem Donald 162 III
Yoakem Donald Ray 162 III
Yoakem Elmo R 162 III
Yoakem Kathleen 162 III
Yoakem Lucille 162 III
Yoakem Ronald 162 III
Yoakem Ronald Dean 162 III
Yoders 99 III
Yoho Martha E Mrs 395 III
Yost Doris    65 III
Young Henrie Lou  89 III
Young Pearl Adaline 173 III
Yowl Creek 183 III
Zehner Burth Everett 178 III
Zehner Marguerite Daisy 178 III
Zehner William James 178 III
Zeidler Cecil 279 III
Zeigler R J Rev 291 III
Zerboni Margaret Hope 52 III
Zerboni William 52 III
Zickefoose Alyson 103 III
Zickefoose Anna C  103 III
Zickefoose Brett 103 III
Zickefoose Charles Frederick 103 III
Zickefoose Charles Henden 103 III
Zickefoose Donna Esther 173 III
Zickefoose Gregory Alan 103 III
Zickefoose Margaret 46 III
Zickefoose Robert Charles 103 III
Zimmerman Pamela 380 III
Zimmerman Susan    376 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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