The Chautauqua County, Kansas Historical and Genealogical Society
- founded April 1999 -

Officers & contact people are:
Vera MillerPresident620-725-3408millerv@ksok.biz
Don DilleyVice President620-725-3020MrD@kans.com
Freida Wells Secretary . freida49@yahoo.com
Melodee Wolfe Treasurer . .
Cheryl HurstResearch Secretary . .

The society maintains a web site at URL:

The address for the Chautauqua County Kansas Historical and Genealogical Society is, 115 W. Main, Sedan, Kansas 67361-0227. They meet the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Beginning April 5, 2006 the library will be staffed on Monday 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Tuesday through Thursday 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Other times may be arranged by calling one of the officers whose names and phone numbers are posted on the outer door. Please give them a call for assistance.

Research assistance is available by U. S. mail for a small hourly fee. They can be contacted using the address above. Furnish as much detail as possible to enable them to correctly identify the surname/givenname or subject of interest. Please enclose a SASE in all correspondence if you wish a reply.

The CCH&GS adds new resource material to their collections on a continuing basis, if you haven't visited them for a while please drop by to browse new material, to seek assistance or to just say hello.

The society will be completing the photographing of all tombstones in the next month or so. If you find an entry of interest and would like a copy, contact the society to determine if the photograph is available.

They also have the following publications available for sale

  • Chautauqua County Kansas "Its Pioneers, Beginnings,Towns,
        People and Places of Interest" 183 pgs. (May 2004)

  • CEMETERY DISTRICTS #9, Alford, Casement, Greenwood, Mt. Vernon,
        indexed, 160 pages, published 2000.

  • 1903 CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY ATLAS, indexed by ownership, 61 pages,
        published 2002.

  • 1921 CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY ATLAS, indexed by ownership, 69 pages,
        published 2001.

  • FUNERAL HOME DEATH LISTING INDEX, Jan. 13, 1914 to Nov. 13, 2002,
        120 pages, published 2001.

        indexed by bride and groom, 189 pages, published 2000.

  • SCHOOL CENSUS, 1916-1923, District #44, Sedan, Kansas, indexed,
        120 pages, published 2000.

  • SEDAN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI, 1889-2001, sorted by year, 27 pages,
        published 2002.

    All books have soft covers, and all publications are available on CD.

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