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Hey there!

How're y'all doin'?  I'm sure glad you've stopped by!  Welcome to the Cheyenne County KSGenWeb pages!  My name is Kenny Thomas and I'm the county coordinator for Cheyenne County on the KSGenWeb Project.  I've added a new Drop Down Menu that I hope will allow you to quickly find the pages you're looking for!  I've also placed a set of links at the bottom of each page also to enhance your visit here.  I have also created a Cheyenne
 County Query/Surname Email Form to hopefully make it a tad bit easier to send you queries and surnames with!
Please note that I'll be trying something new, I'm creating a page for Family Reunion News and Genealogy/Historical Society news!  So hopefully if you have an upcoming Family Reunion or happening at the local Genealogical or Historical Societies, you'll let me know so I can post it and help you to spread the news!
As always, make yourselves at home, browse around, see if there is anything that may help you in your search for your Cheyenne
 County ancestors.  I would also like to ask of you, if you have anything that pertains to Cheyenne County, (i.e., census records, tombstone transcriptions, cemetery records, marriage records, obituaries, etc) that may be of assistance to others.  Do you have books or other reference materiel pertaining to Cheyenne County?  Would you like to be a Lookup Volunteer?  Please give me a holler, I'll be more than happy to help you in anyway that I can!  Enjoy your visit!   If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!
Most importantly.... Good Luck!

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Where to Start?

Are you new to genealogical research?  If you are just starting out in search of your ancestors, I've provided some links below that may help you.
Your local library will also have helpful books to guide you through the many avenues of your search.  You may also want to visit your nearest genealogy library, and/or a nearby Family History Center.
Roots-L Resources: Info and Tips for Beginning Genealogy
Genealogy "How-To" Guide   From the fine folks at Family Tree Maker
Kansas Vital Records - How and where to obtain Kansas birth, death, marriage and divorce records.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet   You name it, Cyndi has a link to it

Great Starting Places!

 County Query Lists
   Queries submitted from July 1996 through current

 County Surname Lists
   Surnames submitted from July 1996 through current

 County Lookup Volunteers List
  Volunteers to provide 'Lookups' in the materiel they possess

 County Query / Surname Entry Form
  A new twist on the way you can send your surnames and Queries to be posted!  Come On, Give it a spin!

The KSGenWeb Project   The Home Page to our Great Project!

The USGenWeb Project

KS-KIN-L Discussion List

Do you want to belong to a discussion list that is exclusively for Kansas genealogical researchers?  The KS-KIN-L list is a great place for everyone that has genealogical interests in Kansas.
To subscribe, send a message to listproc@raven.cc.ukans.edu, and in the Body of the message type the following command:  SUBSCRIBE KS-KIN-L Firstname Lastname  (Please note, that you need to replace Firstname and Lastname with your own first name and last name.)  You must include your name when subscribing.  No other information should be typed before or after the command.   Ensure that you leave off any auto-signature line(s) that you may have, and to make sure to leave the subject line blank.

If you would like to host one of the "orphan" counties for The KSGenWeb Project, contact Debbie Wafford, the Kansas 'Orphan' County Coordinator. Information about the responsibilities of a county host can be found by clicking here.

For Comments and/or Suggestions please contact Kenneth Thomas

Last update: 2015

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