Kansas " A " Counties

THOMAS JEFFERSON RUTLEDGE No one knows which cemetery.
b. June 14, 1838 Jacksonville, Morgan, Illinois. d. November 11, 1926 Iola, Allen, Kansas. Private in Company F, 8th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry
Thomas Jefferson Rutledge was buried in Iola Cemetery Iola Allen County Kansas.
Almon Newton Foster Buried Dewitt Cemetery near Humboldt Allen Co, Kans
b.10Jul1828  Athens, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania  d.near Humboldt, Allen Co, Kan  Farrier and Blacksmith ,9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. Almon Newton Foster died in 1884  Thank you.
From Leon Manson a great grandson of A. N. Foster
Samuel Benjamin Booth Buried Iola Cemetery, Iola, Allen, KS
.b. 25 Oct 1844 Carroll Co., IN.   Reg 16 Co Hd. 28 June 1869 Iola, Allen, KS.
Daniel Deal buried:  Evan Young Cemetery near Humboldt, Allen Co., KS.
son of William and Susannah (Yount) Deal  b. 21 Aug. 1834 in Morgan Co., IN. Enlisted and mustered in on 24 July 1862 at Paragon, IN Co. D, 70th IN Vol. Infantry. Wounded at Resaca, GA on 15 May 1864. Rank:  First Duty Sergeant. Mustered out near Washington, D. C. on 8 June 1865. d. 11 Feb. 1870 at Humboldt, Allen Co. KS Military G.A.R. headstone.
Note:  In 1970's this Evan Young Cemetery was found abandoned.  Through the efforts of Mrs. Eva Kranenberg, a descendant of Daniel Deal, the deed was located in the courthouse that set aside this land as a cemetery.  Judge  Leslie Norton of Allen Co. then issued the required access. Mrs. Kranenberg cleaned the cemetery and fenced it herself. The "Humboldt Union" newspaper ran an article with a photo of the Cemetery at this time, about Oct. 1975.
Martin Van Buren Deal  buried:  Evan Young Cemetery near Humboldt, Allen Co., KS
son of William and Susannah (Yount) Deal  b. 3 March 1840 in Morgan Co., IN Enlisted 19 Dec. 1961 at Iola, Allen Co., KS Mustered in on 16 Jan. 1862 at Iola, Allen Co., KS Co. E, 9th KS Cavalry Rank:  Pvt. d. 11 March 1862 at hospital in Iola, Allen Co., KS of measles while in service Military headstone. Note:  Martin V. Deal is also listed in Iola, Allen Co., KS cemetery in book on Allen Co., KS cemeteries published around 1970. The military headstones for Martin Van Buren Deal and Daniel Deal were applied for and erected in the early 1900's in the Evan Young Cemetery by Lafayette Deal, Daniel's son, and Paris Deal,  nephew of both Daniel and Martin.
Andrew Marcus Deal  son of William and Susannah (Yount) Deal b. 27 June 1832 in Morgan Co., IN Enlisted in 1862 Co. E, 9th KS Cavalry Rank: Pvt.  d. 17 June 1863 at "Westport Massacre" near home of Alexander Majors at Westport, MO buried:  from a memorial or newspaper article entitled "On the Death of  A. M. Deal" is the following: Then in military uniform To the burying ground were conveyed. He with thirteen others in one grave, Side by side are laid.
George Myers He is buried in the Evan Young Cem., northwest of Humboldt, Allen Co. KS. son-in-law of William and Susannah (Yount) Deal; husband of Sara Ann Deal b. about 1837 in Morgan Co., IN.  Enlisted 12 Dec. 1861 at Iola, Allen Co., KS Mustered in 16 Jan. 1862 at Iola, Allen Co., KS Co. E, 9th KS Cavalry Rank:  Pvt. Discharged on 24 Oct. 1862 with Certificate of Disability by Medical Director from U.S.A. General Hospital at Fort Scott, KS because of consumption. died 5 April 1864 at home in Allen Co., KS (Post office given as Humboldt,KS) The Evan Young Cemetery is located slightly west of the intersection of Hawaii and 1000th (one thousandth) streets in Humboldt.  It may be the same shown as Giffert/or Gefford on USGS maps. In June 1998, Jack Bender III of Halstead, KS and Jerry A. Puckett of Newton, KS visited Evan Young Cemetery and located the tombstone of Daniel Deal, Martin VanBuren Deal, and GEORGE MYERS.  They took photos of the 3
tombstones; these were the only tombstones still standing.  Jerry Puckett drew a detailed map of the cemetery and location of tombstones.  The cemetery has had no recent care. Submitted by Suzanne (Deal) Sellers,
great granddaughter of Daniel Deal,

James Burns b. 26Feb1825, Beaver Co., Pa. d.19Nov1862 Elsmore Twp. (Elsinore until the 1880s), Allen Co. Ks. Place of burial Humboldt, Allen Co. Ks., cemetery unknown. Elisted Company "C", Sixth Regiment Volunteer Cavalry 11Dec1861. Discharged 1Nov1862. Submitted by a gggrandson des@ckt.net.

 Submitted by: Mr. Jack Rogers   Mr Rogers and his wife have spent many hours walking, researching, and compiling this information for us. I truely appreciate his sharing. kwh

Oates, John G.   Jan 24, 1833-Oct 7, 1867. Battery K, 2nd PA Heavy Artillery
Ellis, William   Apr 22, 1845-Apr 12, 1911. Co. A, 12th Kan Inf
Foster, A.N.   Co. C, __ Kan Cav
Hawkins, G.W.   Aug 16, 1827-Jan 5, 1896.  Co. K, 43rd Wisc Inf
Heryford, Henry   Co. L, 6th Kan Cav
McCausland, James    Co. I, 5th Kan Cav
Stacy, John L.   Oct 11, 1828-Jan 21, 1903.  Co. E, 12th IL Cav
Swan, John W.   Co. B, 150th IL Inf
Williams, L.C.   Co. H, 84th IL Inf
Churchill, J.F.   Oct 13, 1833-Sep 6,1909. Co. K, 15th Kan Cav
Wallace, James M.   1828-1882.  Lieut.  Co. C, 11th IL Inf
Bettes, Thomas   Jun 6, 1836-Jun 8, 1907. Co. G, 12th Kan Inf
Barr, Charles A.   1848-1936.  Co. G, 138th IL Inf
Bramer, Charles B.   d. Jun 21, 1881.  4th __ Inf
Finley, William G.   Jan 3, 1830-Nov 8, 1907.  Co. B, 64th IL Inf
French, Jacob H.  d. Oct 28, 1911. 81y8m11d.  Co. E, 18th Iowa Inf
Gibson, George   Apr 11, 184-Aug 19, 1907.  Co. F, 68th IL Inf
Gilbert, Edward G.   1831-1910.  Co. F, 34th Ohio Inf
Gillham, Willima    Dec 8, 1829-Feb 14, 1920.  Co. G, 83rd IL Inf
Henderson David B.   1832-1896.  2Lieut. Co. K, 101st IL Inf
Hickman, Hardy H.   Oct 4, 1840-Jul 22, 1914. Co. D, 25th IL Inf & Co. G, 28th IL Inf
Hosley, R.P.   1833-1904.  Co. A, 11th Mich Inf
Reynolds, C.R.   1836-1906.  4th MO S.M. Cav
Smith, Charles   Mar 22, 1823-Feb 12, 1909.  Co. E, 18th Ind Inf
Hyskell, J. Fletcher   1839-1918.  9th PA Inf
Deal, Martin Van Buren  Mar 3, 1840-11 Mar 1862.  Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Deal, Daniel  Aug 21, 1834-Feb 11, 1870. Co. D, 70th Ind Inf
Myers, George  ab. 1837-Apr 5, 1864. Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Childs, Lucus L.   1843-1909.  136th NY Inf
Clark George W.   1839-1919.  Co. D, 8th MO Inf
Conant, John E.   d. Dec 1, 1862. 21y8m12d.  Co. D, 9th Kan Inf
Gates, Peter   Co. A, 102nd Ohio Inf
Musgrove, John H.   Oct 17, 1836-Jul 6, 1907.  Co. C, 146th Ohio Inf
O'Dell, J.H.   Sgt.  Co. E, 5th IL Cav
Wilson, G. L.   Co. E, 5th IL Cav
Seymour, John W.   1834-1909.  Co. F, 11th MO Inf
Cramer, Hamilton   Sep 25, 1841-Apr 18, 1916.  Co. A, 12th Iowa Inf
Myers, Hiram A.   Co. D, 11th Kan Cav
Smith, Felix R.   Co. C, __ KY Cav
Abrams, Albert   Bugler  Co. I, 16th Kan Cav
Anderson, Theodore T.   Aug 15, 1844-Nov 12, 1916. Co. A, 3rd IL Cav
Askren, Jno.   Co. B, 9th Kan Cav
Averett, James A.   Co. B, 9st IL Inf
Axley, Uriah   Co. C, 120th IL Inf
Bailey, Jackson C.  U.S. Soldier
Baker, George V.   1834-1898.  Co. D, 125th IL Inf
Banks, James R.   Co. G, 11th Ind Cav
Barnes, Thomas J.   May 13, 1840-May 28,1910.  Co. C, 42nd IL Inf
Barnett, William T.   Nov 20, 1844-Jan 27, 1933. Co. A, 28th Ind Inf
Bassett, David L.   1840-1910.  Co. D, __ Ohio Inf
Barton, W.R.   Co. H, 136th Ohio Inf
Bird, William   19th Kan Cav
Bolin, William B.   1844-1919.  Co. H, 103rd IL Inf
Boltz, Dan L.   Co. G, 138th Ohio Inf
Brace, Albert   Co. I, 47th Wisc Inf
Brant, Stephen   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Briggs, A.G.D.   Co. A, 6th Ind Inf
Brown, Joseph L.   May 20, 1838-Jul 22, 1916.  Co. L, 1st MInn Inf
Brown, Marion   d. Dec 1, 1863. 17y4m24d. Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Brown, D.B.   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Cain, Edward   Oct 3, 1833-Mar 12, 1915. Co. F, 8th Kan Inf
Cain, Robert   1827-1899.  Co. D, 65th Ohio Inf
Carroll J.W.   Aug 1, 1826-Dec 11, 1907.  Captain   101st IL Inf
Carter, John W.   Co. D, 19th MO Inf
Chollette, Cornelius M.   1834-1889.  11th PA Inf  -  Lieut.  4th U.S. Artillery
Christy, George W.   1849-1879.  Co. C, 19th Kan Cav
Clark, J.W.   Captain   Co. A, 21st IL Inf
Clark, A.S.    Co. C, 11th Mich Inf
Coffield, James C.   1845-1923.  Co. H, 9th Kan Cav
Collins, Arthur Lynn   Co. E, 3rd Iowa Inf
Cox, William G.   U.S. Soldier
Cozine, W.A.   1835-1924.  Co. F, 11th Kan Cav
Crow, F.S.   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Davis, David   Co. F, 11th Ind Cav
Davis, William E.   Co. H, 47th Iowa Inf
Day, David   Co. F, 11th Ind Cav
Deal, M.V.   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Decker, Martin L.  Dec 8, 1837-Oct 8, 1913. Bugler  Co. C, 9th Kan Cav
Drake, James W.   jan 26, 1831-Oct 10, 1901.  Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Draper, Edward A.  Co. G, 18th MO Inf
Dugan, Peter   Co. F, 159th Ohio Inf
Dunlap, James R.   Aug 10, 1841-Mar 22, 1934 Co. F, 7th Ind Inf
Dunn, Justus   1838-1902.  Co. E, 3rd Iowa Inf
Durant, R.   Co. E, 1st Kan Inf
Eakin, Francis M.   Sgt.  Co. O, 3rd IL Cav
Edgar, Jacob   U.S  Soldier
Eldridge George J.   May 19, 1833-Jun 29, 1917.  Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Ellis, Sandy   Co. E, 83rd U.S.C.I.
Ewing, Henry A.  1841-1934. Lieut.  Co. B,  14th IL Inf
Finley, James   Jan 6, 1842-Aug 10, 1923. Co. A, 125th IL Inf
Flesher, James A.   1844-1899.  Co. H, 62nd IL Inf
Friend, W.M.   5th IL Heavy Artillery
Fronk, C.A.   Feb 26, 1844-Feb 6, 1911.  Co. A, 9th PA Cav
Funston, Edward H.   1836-1911.  16th Ohio Artillery
Gard, Jacob   1837-1903.  Co. H, 12th IL Inf
Gilbert, Perry E.   d. May 7, 1888. 46y5m1d.  Co.F, 7th Wisc Inf
Gilchrist, David   U.S. Soldier
Gillihan, Clemens  Hosp. Steward   6th Kan Cav
Green, Webser   1834-1920.  Co. C, 86th IL Inf
Griffis, Noah H.   1835-1919.  1stSgt.  Co. G, 15th Iowa Inf
Grund, Christian  Co. E, 107th PA Inf
Ham, James E.   Co. C, 46th Iowa Inf
Hammond, William E.   Co. F, 16th KY Inf
Haney, William M.   Co. I, 10th Kan Inf
Hankins, Nimrod   Mar 1, 1831-Feb 22, 1905.  Lieut.  Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Harris, Thomas B.   Co. H, 23rd Ohio Inf
Harris, John H.   Oct 2, 184-Jun 7, 1909.  Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Hart, Jno. A.  Hospital Steward   9th Kan Cav
Hart, Marshall M.  Co.E, 9th Kan Cav
Hayes, Joel P.   1841-1913.  Co. H, 118th NY Inf
Hays, John P.   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Hazzard, D.H.   1836-1876.  Co. D, 9th Kan Cav
Hendeson, Julius   1846-1926.  Co. B, 60th Ohio Inf
Hiles, Jacob   d. Mar 23, 1895. 62y4m27d. Co. A, 90th Ohio Cav
Hoads, Orin R.   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Hobart, Lewis  Mar 12, 1843-May 18, 1910.  Co. I, 16th IL Inf & Co. H,151st IL Inf
Ihrig, W.J.   1842-1929.  Co. C, 79th PA Inf
Jennings, S.M.   Co. F, __ MO S.M.Cav
Johnson, Joel Webster   1841-1926. Co. D, 44th Ind Inf
Johnson, Charles M.   Co. C, 19th Kan Cav
Jolliff, Reuben W.  b. Nov 23, 1823.  Captain   Co. G, 111th IL Inf
Joslin, Thomas   8th Kan Cav
Keith, Corwin B.  Jul 24, 1841-Apr 21, 1909. Co. A, 2nd IL Cav
King, Bennett   d. Sep 1, 1875.  49y. U.S. Soldier
Kingsburg, Elisha   Lieut.  Co. D, 39th IL Inf
Logan, William   Co. H, 9th Kan Cav
McClure, William H.   Co. I, 71st Ohio Inf
McDonald, Jno. M.  Sgt.  Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
McKenzie, T.W.   Co. A, 26th IL Inf
Martin, Richard S.  Dec 14, 1833-Jun 11, 1899.   Co.D, 12th Iowa Inf
Meek, A.S.   Sep 7, 1827-oct 20, 1919.  Co. I, 99th Ind Inf
Miller, Henry M.  1838-1913.  Co. I, 99th Ind Inf
Miller, William T.   1849-1919.  Co. F, 149th Ind Inf
Minor, E.P.   Co. F, 5th Kan Cav
Mitchell, Asa Nelson   1840-1917.  16th Ohio Artillery
Moore, George W.   Co. E, 107th IL Inf
Moore, John W.   Oct 15, 1845-Feb 11, 1906.  Co. F, 20th Ohio Inf
Morehouse, S.B.   Co. D, 121st Ohio Inf
Morrison, T.H.   Cpl. Co. I, 2nd NY Cav
Munger, Louis G.   May 15, 1847-May 1, 1908.  Co. D, 9th Kan Cav
Myers, R.A.   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Peed, Henry D.   Feb 7, 1833-Jul 27, 1900.  Co. K, 86th Ind Inf
Phillips, W.F.   d.  Oct 15, 1904. 66y9m15d. Co. D, 145th IL Inf
Pousley, Geroge   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Ratliff, Eli   Co. H, 130th Ind Inf
Reagan, H.L.W.   1836-1895. Co. D, 9th Kan Cav
Rees, Jacob F.   d. Sep 5, 1900. 56y. Co. B, 94th Ohio Inf
Reest, H.C.   U.S. Soldier
Reimert, John   1841-1898.  Co. D, 12th PA Inf
Riley, William  d. Sep 21, 1887. 51y. Co. D, 26th IL Inf
Ross, W.F.   U.S. Soldier
Sanders, W.W.   U.S. Soldier
Scott, Daniel   Co. A, , 23rd MO Inf
Sell, Thomas    Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Servey, Lafayette W.   Co. D, 15th Minn Inf
Servey, A.J.   Aug 31, 1841-Sep 25, 1916. Lieut.  Co. J, 4th PA Cav
Sims, J.D.   1843-1903.  Co. F, __ IL Inf
Sims, T.T.   1846-1904.  Co. O, 10th IL Cav
Spree, S.W.   U.S. Soldier
Stebene, W.S.   Co. E,  9th Kan Cav
Stoddard, Carlos L.   Jan 6, 1823-May 27, 1908.  Co. C, 42nd Wisc Inf
Stonebrook, David   Co. E, 73rd Ohio Inf
Sullivan, James W.   Feb 28, 1841-oct 21, 1927.  Co. D, 136th IL Inf
Sweet, J.A.   Co. K, 27th Ohio Inf
Thayer, Edmond J.   1840-1895.  Co. D, 39th IL Inf
Thomas, John W.   Co. K, 27th Ohio Inf
Thomas, Urian .   Co. E, 2nd Ind Cav
Thompson, David T.   Apr 27 1837-May 16, 1885.  Co. G, 75th Ind Inf
Vaught, Wilson   Jan 29, 1840-Nov 20, 1908.  Co. I, 70th Ind Inf
Walker, Daniel D.   Nov 7, 1842-Jul 21, 113.  Co. E, 123rd IL Inf
Wallis, E.L.   Oct 21, 1833-Sep 18, 1918.  Co. C, 46th Ind Inf
Walters, John H.   1844-1924.  Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Welch, Isaac S.   Sep 15, 1840-Apr 17, 1896.  Co. F, 8th Kan Inf
Wolverton, W.M.   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Yoder, Julius   Co. D, 9th Kan Cav
Zike, George W.   d. Oct 16, 1904.  Co. I, 18th Kan Cav
Baker, Jeremiah   1842-1927-  72nd Ohio Inf & 9th Ohio Cav
Catlin, William H.   Jun 10, 1837-Jul 25, 1902.  Co. F, 22nd Ohio Inf
Coe, Isaac S.  d. Apr 18, 1908. Lieut. Co. I, 33rd MO Inf
Conner, Elisha   1844-1932.  Co. B, 118th Ind Inf
Dow, Isaac N.  1832-1899  Co.F, 41st ___ ___
Hamersly, M.G. Co. A, 66th Ind Inf
Holliday, William H.  1842 - ___   Co. C, 119th IL Inf
Kennedy, William C.  Co. K, 5th Kan Cav
Limes, Harvey E.   1843-1917.  Co. G, 73rd Ohio Inf
Lytle, George W.   18401916.   Co. E, 11th MO Inf
Mason, Abram   Dec 2, 183-Jan 14, 1924.  Co. D, 48th NY Inf
Menefee, C.K.   1842-1920.  Co. K, 7th Iowa Inf
Mullenix, Jesse W.   Dec 14, 1844-May 6, 1916.  Co. A, 15th Kan Cav
Nash, David T.   Co. C, 4th Ohio Inf
Nickleson, Andy   Apr 10, 1842-Jul 15, 1928.  Co. G, 33rd IL Inf
Ohlfest, Otto   Co. G, 157th Ind Inf
Peters, Isaac   Co. G, 35th IL Inf
Shull, Solomon   Co. E, 122nd Ohio Inf
Unger, Jeremiah   1840-1927.  Co. A, 36th Ohio Inf
Voorhees, A.   Feb 16, 1827-Apr 28, 1905.  Co. A, 5th Kan Cav
Bilbee, A.P.   Co. E, 75th Ind Inf
Bryant, Jeremiah H. Co. E, 12th IL Inf
Peroy, J.H.  Cpl.  Co. F, 1st MO Engineers
Reynolds, W.C.   Co. F, 23rd Wisc Inf
Sala, J.A.   Co. I, 6th VA Inf
Sanson, James L.   Sgt.  Co. E, 61st IL Inf
Stevens, George  Sgt. Co. D, 9th Kan Cav
Alsop, William   Jul 29, 1844-Jan 12, 1911. Co. G, 150th IL Inf
Anderson, Thomas M.   1841-1914.  Co. D, 4th MO S.M. Cav
Barber, Alanson   1834-1906.   Co. F, 9th Iowa Inf
Burris, James F.   1840-1918.  Cpl. Co. E, 3rd MO S.M. Cav
Coffee, John L.   Sep 21, 1928-Jun 8, 1910.  Co. G, 4th Ind Inf
Cox, Peter M.   Aug 25, 1830-Nov 22, 1882. Co. E, 133rd Ind Inf
Eastwood, John   may 1, 1832-Nov 2, 1899.  Co. F, 33rd Wisc Inf
Gillenwaters, Isaac   Oct 26, 1841-Sep 9, 1892.  Co. E, 119th IL Inf
Heatherly, D.N.   Jun 21, 1848-Nov 16, 1913.  Co. H. 11th W.VA. Inf
Ingle, Samuel   63rd Ind Inf
Jefferis, Amor   May 2, 1848-Sep 16, 1911.  Co. K, 74rd Ind Inf
Kramer, Tobias S.   Apr 5, 1840-Nov 2, 1919.  Co. I, 5th PA Cav
LaRue, David   Apr 7, 1841-Feb 13, 1915.  Co. A, 6th Kan Cav
Lawler, Thomas M   Jul 16, 1827-Mar 2, 1898.  Co. I, 119th IL Inf
Mattocks, W.M.   Sep 2, 1840-Jul 27, 1905.  Sgt. Co. I, 9th MO Cav
Merchant, William W.   Mar 29, 1832-Feb 19, 1870.  Bugler  Co. E, 1st NY Dragoons
Moore, Jacob B.   1842-1923.  Co. E, 107th IL Inf
Moules, John M.   1839-1908.  Co. F, 15th NY Heavy Artillery
McAdams, George A.   1840-1910.  Co. G, 74th Ohio Inf
O'Harra, Joseph   Feb 11, 1824-Oct 2, 1911.  Co. A, 100th IL Inf
Pyles, Joshua   1836-1919.  Co. B, 12th W.VA. Inf
Spencer, James M.   Oct 1, 1831-Dec 2, 1906.   Sgt. Co. A, 45th Ohio Inf
Stout, W.T.   1844-1927.  Co. F, 22nd IL Inf
Thompson, George R.   Co. A, 2nd Ind Cav
Walker, George S.   1832-1906.  2ndLieut. 99th Ind Inf
Wallis, J.A.   Nov 3, 1843-Oct 19, 1916.  C. G, 9th Ind Inf
Waters, John J.   Jun 29, 1833-Sep 6, 1905.  Sgt. Troop K, 1st U.S. Cav
Brady, W.M.   Co. H, 10th Kan Inf
Davis, William J.   Aug 17, 1842-Feb 24, 1904. Co. E, 5th MO Inf
Ludlum, Jos. O.   Sgt. 20th IL Inf
Tremain, James B.   Jun 5, 1845-Dec 5, 1912. Co. F, 141 IL Inf
Day, James H.   Aug 3, 1840-Mar 7, 1907. Co. F, 8th Kan Cav
Day, John W.   d. Jun 3, 1863.  Co. F, 8th Kan Inf
Delp, Samuel H.   1846-1885.  Co. E, 188th PA Inf
Fulwider, Jacob   Dec 18,1818-Oct 20, 1883. Co. C, 78th Ind Inf
Strickland, Henry C.   Sep 20, 1841-Sep 2, 1862. Sgt. Co. H, 9th Kan Cav
Welborn, Martin V.   d. Apr 17, 1889. 52y8m3d. Co. B, 9th Ind Cav
Leblang, Remi   Co. H, 43rd Mass Inf
Beard, William J.   Co. B, 89th Ind Inf
Johnson, H. H.   1840-1923. Co. D, 17th IL Inf
Johnson, John H.   Co. C, 83rd IL Inf
Larson, Nels   1834-1898.  Co. C, 43rd IL Inf

Henry Harmon -buried in Protestant Cemetary, Greeley, Anderson County, Kansas died Oct 14, 1867--Private Company H 9th Kansas Cavalry--
 Matthew AGNEW  buried St. Teresa's Catholic Cemetery, Westphalia, Anderson, Kansas d. 16 or 17 Jul 1910
William AYASS (AYERS)  buried Holy Angels Catholic Cemetery, Garnett, Anderson, Kansas b. 28 Aug 1828 served  14 Aug 1862-31 Aug 1865 in Co. F. 11th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry.  He fought in the battle of old Fort Wayne Cherokee Nation, October 22, 1862; the Battle of Cans? Hill, Arkansas on November 28, 1862; Prairie Grove, Arkansas on December 7, 1862; Lexington, Mo. on October 19, 1864; Little Blue, Mo. on October 21, 1864; Big Blue, Mo. on October 22, 1864; Westport, Mo. on October 23, 1864; Mound City, Ks. on October 25, 1864 d. 17 Aug 1915
James Francis BLAKE buried St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Greeley, Anderson, Kansas
b. 29 Feb 1848 served as a messenger boy in the Union Army. d. 10 Aug 1916
Antone F. BRUNS buried St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Greeley, Anderson, Kansas
b. Dec 1839 joined the 6th Ohio volunteers in the Federal Army.  He served for three years and was wounded at Chickamauga.  After the Civil War, August enlisted in the regular army and served three years in the Indian Wars in the NW. d. 27 May 1907 or 2 Jun 1907
Peter W. ECORD buried Central City  Cemetery, Central City, Anderson, Kansas served as a private in Co. F 90th Ohio Volunteers  d. 27 Jan 1890.
Thomas Randolph FAGG buried Welda Cemetery, Welda Township, Anderson, Kansas b. Aug 1841 served in the 10th KS. d. 1929. He was buried in 1929
John GROVE buried St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Greeley, Anderson, Kansas b. 28 Jan 1839 began service Oct 1862 with Co. B 12th III Cav. of the 23rd Ca. Corps and attained the rank of quarter master sergeant.  He was captured by the Confederates and held prisoner at Andersonville and Milan for four months. He mustered out 31 Jul 1865 at Pulaski, Tennessee. d. 6 Aug 1933
Philemon HICKS buried Garnett Cemetery, Garnett, Anderson, Kansas b. 5 Jan 1844 Philemon was a 1st Lt. in Co. G 76th Reg. PA Volunteers.  d. 29 May 1907
William Hamilton HUDSON buried Garnett Cemetery, Garnett, Anderson, Kansas b. 15 Feb 1840 served in Co. D, Kentucky Cav. under Gen. Nelson and was carrying dispatches for him when Nelson was killed. d. 6 Jan 1920 at age 79.
Thomas HUNT  buried St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Greeley, Anderson, Kansas b. 16 May 1834 served from 26 Aug 1862 as a private  in Co. F, 11th KS Cav He reenlisted for three months to fight Indians in Colorado.  During 1864-1865 he was the company clerk. He mustered out 31 Aug 1865 d. 8 Sep or 9 Sep 1922
Thomas H. L. KNIGHT buried Garnett Cemetery, Garnett, Anderson, Kansas b. 23 Jan 1843 at Greencastle, Indiana, USA. Served between 1864 and 24 Aug 1865 in Co. A, 26th Iowa Inf. d. 21 Sep 1931
Dr. B.M. LINGO buried Glenloch-Pleasantview Cemetery, Jackson Township, Anderson, Kansas b. 10 May 1820 served in the Kansas State Militia. d. 11 Jan 1899
Salonzo PANGBURN  buried Greeley Cemetery, Greeley, Anderson, Kansas b. 19 Apr 1852 served in Co. F 19th KS Cavalry. d. 1 Nov 1877.
Samuel ROBINETTE buried Central City Cemetery, Central City, Anderson, Kansas served with Co. D Vet Vol Cav. d. Sep 1870
John S. SWISHER  buried Holy Angels Catholic Cemetery, Garnett, Anderson, Kansas b. 9 Mar 1844 served between 15 Oct 1864 and 17 May 1865 in Co. C., 32 Reg (probably Indiana). d. 1 Mar 1920
Christopher WITCOP (WHITCOPF, WITCUP) buried St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery, Scipio, Anderson, Kansas b. 1815 enlisted 24 Aug 1862 at Garnett, Anderson, Kansas, USA in Co. F, 11th Kansas Cavalry, and lost his eyesight through the service in the army. He had just returned to from serving in the Civil War and had marched from Big Laramie station to Fort Leavenworth in July and August, and contracted scurvy and sore eyes, which later caused his blindness by1870. He mustered out Sep 1865.d. 27 Mar 1897
Smith Culler  buried in Colony Cemetery, Colony, Anderson County, Kansas. was enlisted into the Civil War at Adams County, Ilinois, on 6 August 1862.  He was a private in Capt. Davidsons, Company H, of the 73rd Illinois Infantry, a regiment of foot volunteers.  He was injured by a gunshot wound and was discharged on 6 October 1862. Sally Gustafson
Basil Gregg McCrea buried in Garnett cemetery in Anderson County.  10th Kansas Infantry --Lt.  Served with Capt. Sol Kauffman
David Watson Houston b. Coitsville, Ohio, June 13, 1827, lawyer, ardent opponent of slavery. m. Mary Agnes Johnson of Mercersburg, Pa on Jan. 13, 1854. moved to Kansas in the spring of 1858 and settled in Garnett, Anderson Co. D.W. Houston was a member of the Committee on the Platform at the 1860 Osawatomie Convention which was called to organize the Republican Party in Kansas. In 186l, he was mustered in as a private in Co. H, 7th Kansas Cavalry, Col. Jennison commanding, D.R. Anthony Lieut.-Colonel.  In 10 days was promoted to First Lieutenant.  Served in Mississippi, Georgia , Tennessee.  In 1862, was commissioned as Captain and assigned to the command of Company H, "the Black Horse Company".  In July, 1863, commissioned Lieu.-Colonel. In the fall of 1863 he came down with "swamp fever" and diarrhea, and was mustered out of military service in March 1864. He was elected to the State Senate from Anderson Co. in 1864, serving two years. In 1869, he was appointed U.S. Marshal for Kansas, serving until 1873. He returned to the Kansas legislature in 1880 as a member of the house, and an ardent prohibitionist. In his "sketch" of his life written in his 82nd year, he remembers among his accomplishments his appointment of a woman as clerk in one of the departments of the legislature in 1864 and his selection of a "colored man" to serve on a U.S. jury in 1870---"This was I believe the first time that a colored man had ever been on a U.S. jury, since the recent amendments of the U.S. Constitution.  It was amusing to see Justice Miller look at him as he took his seat." David Watson Houston died December 16, 1915 in Garnett, Kansas of "la gripe, and its complications," and is buried in the Garnett cemetery, Garnett, Anderson Co., Kansas.   Pat Stempski 

Christian Rebstock buried in Garnett, KS cemetery died 1899-11th Reg Co.F
William Rebstock buried in Richmond, KS cemetery died 1923-11th Reg Co.F Pupafran@aol.com

Col. John Alexander Martin (1839-1889) Buried at Mount Vernon Cemetery, Atchison KS
Born in Brownsville, Pa., March 10, 1839.Delegate to Kansas state constitutional convention, 1859 Member of Kansas state senate, 1859 Col. in 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry attached to the Army of the Cumberland Fought in battles of Perryville KY, Tullahoma and Chattanooga, battle of Chickamauga, siege of Chattanooga and the storming of Missionary Ridge Brevet Brigadier General 1865 Mayor of Atchison KS 1865 Governor of Kansas 1885-89 Died October 2, 1889 in Atchison KS
Judge Alfred Gideon Otis Buried at Mount Vernon Cemetery, Atchison KS
Born in Cortland NY 1827 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Judge of the United States District Court
Descendant of American Revolution patriot James Otis Grandfather of Amelia Earhart
The Otis home in Atchison KS is now the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum Died February 2, 1912 in Atchison KS. Submitted by Rebecca Chaky, MathQuilt@aol.com


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