Civil War Veterans Buried in Oregon

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Sometime ago I sent this list of Civil War veterans buried in our little Pioneer Cemetery. Bandon OR is a small town of about 2900 on the south coast of OR. I thought this was quite a number for a small town. So, am sending it out again just in case some new people have joined the lists and are looking for a lost CW soldier.  In case one of these soldiers belong to you, I just want you to know they have a beautiful final resting place, on a bluff overlooking Bandon and a view out the mouth of the Coquille River to the
These soldiers were from IA, OH, MO, NY, CA, IL,KS,MINN,MICH, OR, KY, MASS, ME, WIS, TN, PA, so if any of you are on these states lists, feel free to forward this on, just in case.
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ALLENBAUGH, S. A    2 IA L.A.  (Light Artillary?)
BARRINGTON, James P.  Corp., Co. G, 9 Ohio Cal.
BARRINGTON, Mary. L. 1868-1941 wife of
BINGAMAN, Samuel C.     Co.A, 2 MO S.M. Cav
BLUMENROTHER, Emilia L. M. 8/8/1850-3/10/1957, Wife of Col. C. T.
BLUMENROTHER, Charles, Drummer, Co. H. 68 NY Inf.
BLUMENROTHER, Thomas, J. G. CA 1st Sgt. 62 Coast Arty. 5/8/1943
BLUMENROTHER, Frank H., 10/21/1886-1/6/1901 son of C.T. and E. L. M.
BLUMENROTHER, Charles F. 1873-1956
BUTTON, James A. Co. M, 12 MO Inf.
COATS, Sarah Ann 11/9/1862-4/20/1933   wife of:
COATS, Thomas U.S. Navy (same old type CW stone)
COVELL, Sabelle, 1859-1921, wife of:
COVELL, Charles E.  Co. D, 44 IL Inf
COX, Henry A.  Co.F, 4 IL Cav.
DAVIDSON, E. G.   Co. F.  14 IL Inf.
FELTER, Mary A.  1857-1946 wife of
FELTER, John W.,   Co.L, IA Cav.
FELTER, David A. 1815-1910 (father?)
FILLMORE, Millard, Co. M, 16 Kans. Cav
FISH, Martha, 1844-1917   wife of
FISH, Hiram M.   Co. H. 6 Minn. Inf.
FLANDERS, Alfred   Co. M, 1 Mich. Vet. Cav.
GOOD, Edward,   Co. C, 1 OR Cav.
HENRY, F. Amelia, 1867-1952 (daughter)
HENRY, Antle A. 1879-1971 (son)
HENRY, Antle Co. A, 1 Wis. N. A.
HENRY, Harriett A, 1842-1940 wife of:
JONES, Leroy Co.F, 1 OR. Inf
LIGGETT, C. W.   Co. H, 45 KY Inf.
LITTLEFIELD, Capt. R. S.  Co. L, 1 Mass. H. A. (Heavy Artillary)
MILLER, W. T.  Co. E, 5 MO S.M. Cav
MORSE, Albert D.   Co. B, 9 ME Inf.
OSBORN, A. R. Co.F, 1 OR. Inf.
OSBORN, wife of, 10/3/1869-5/23/1917
PAINER, L. L. B.    Co. F, 28 Wis. Inf
POTTORFF, John W.  Co. H, 41 IL Inf.
RODGERS, C. A.   Co. D, 13 U.S. Inf
RODGERS, Charles A.  Co. F, 28 IL Inf.
ROWAN, Marcellus, Co. B, 6 TN Inf.
SABIN, Alonzo Co. H, 52 NY N.G.
SANFORD, Capt. Henry E.  Co. G, 24 IA Inf.
SHANNON, Alice A.  10/16/1857-11/11/1903 wife of
SHANNON, Richard F.  Co. H, 1 PA Inf
SHOEMAKER, Mary A. 1829-1918 wife of Capt. Horace Shoemaker
SMITH, Nelson Co.G, 122 IL Inf.
SMITH, Minnie Iona, 1866-1949 wife of:
SUMNER, Cpl. Arthur,   Co. A. 66 IL inf.
SWIFT, M. I.   Co. D, 6 IA Inf
TAFT, Alford Co.A, 1 Wis. H. A.  (Heavy artillary?)
TIMMONS, Crosman 1840-1910 Co. B, 7 Reg. ME Vol. Inf
TIMMONS, Jeanie R. 1847-1923, wife of
TOPPING, B. F.   Co. C.   2 IL Cav
TREMBLAY, Paul Co. A, 7 Cal. Inf.
WELCH, George C. 7/3/1851-12/27/1928
WELCH, Catherine, d. 11/10/1918
WELCH Martha R. 2/12/1818-4/30/1910 wife of
WELCH (Welsh) Moses A.     Co. I, 31 ME Inf.
WELLS, Thomas  Co. A, 1 Cal.Mount'RS (Mounted Rifles ?)
WILOOK, Henry Co. L., 3 Wis. Inf.
YOUNG, Sgt. John W.   G.A.R. 12/5/1842-12/18/1908  Co. D, 9 NY Cal.
Enlisted in Co. D. 9 NY Cal, Sept. 20, 1861, served 3 yrs, 10 mo. 1 day.
YOUNG, Deborah, 11/22/1844-12/22/1918, Beloved wife of John W.

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